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2nd Declaration
monticello_tj wrote in thewake_rp
This area is all rather beginning to resemble the latest renovation of Monticello in both shape and size, though admittedly not in color. I wonder if it is a measure to make me feel more at ease; if so, it is not successful in whole or part. This place is far enough removed from my experience that such superficial changes without visible cause are a source of disquiet more than they soothe with their newfound familiarity.

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Isn't Monticello the estate of Thomas Jefferson, the third of the American Presidents and one of that country's founding fathers in terms of democratic ideals and governing systems?

It is, and of my own design as well.

[give him a minute to realize that yes, you are TJ]

... Wow, really? You're Thomas Jefferson?!

I am. Is it so impossible to conceive?

I guess not. It's just an honor to meet you, sir. When we weren't busy repairing the damages we did to Detroit, I took some time to read some of your writing.

Detroit - the capital of the Michigan territory? I was unaware of damages it had sustained.

I am remiss, I think. What is your name?

Ah, well they were mostly my fault. I mean, it's not very Autobot-proof. [a chuckle]

My name is Optimus Prime. Again, it's an honor.

Autobot? I'm afraid I'm unfamiliar with the term. And with the style of your name, which seems rather Latin in origin, though Anglicized.

Oh, well, I don't know how your language evolved, but Autobots are a fact a faction of a race of mechanical beings from the planet Cybertron.

Such a being is clearly impossible. Mechanical creations are of gears and metal, not the stuff of consciousness.

It's a lot more likely than you think.

I do not understand how it could be possible. Souls are of much more ethereal stuffs.

the Allspark gave life to all Cybertronians, and our sparks are probably what you humans would call a soul. If our spark fades, then we go offline. er, that is, we die.

[a pause, and when he speaks up again, he sounds totally lost.] I'm afraid such is entirely beyond my comprehension. Are you saying you are a ... a mass of gears, gifted with impulse of your own?

Yes, plus some electronics and processors and super alloys.

I think the usage of all three terms must have begun after my time. Would you care to explain?

Think of it as highly specialized mechanics that perform more advanced functions like...

Well, it's like this. Gears are similar to what you humans think of as joints, bones and muscle. Processors are like your brains - very specialized and fine-tuned and far more advanced than gears. And alloys are a type of metal.

Hmm. That seems comprehensible enough, though I wonder ...

Processors are beyond the capacity of the time I knew, I assume.

Though I am quite familiar with the concept of alloys, for combining materials such as metals may increase elasticity, strength or any number of qualities - it seems to me that the term 'super alloy' must connote some sort of more advanced type, combining the ideal properties of dozens of metals rather than two.

And electronics - I suppose that has something to do with Doctor Franklin's experiments with lightning.

Franklin... you mean Benjamin Franklin? It does, yes.

Didn't he also invent the fire department?

He did make every effort to improve the cause of fighting fires within city limits. One may say that his efforts provided the foundation for modern fire departments.

Well, they do make nice trucks.

Do they? I have not had any experience with them.


Well, I was mostly just referencing my alt mode, but yes. Even if they aren't as advanced as our technology on Cybertron, humans have made several advances in automating their fire engines, so as to be able to douse fires and rescue civilians trapped in the buildings more efficiently.

Your 'alt form'?

Yes, my kind can transform into vehicles to travel more efficiently. So my vehicle mode is a fire truck.

[There's total silence from the other end.]

It pains me to consistently admit such ignorance, but I simply do not understand.

My estate, and my beloved home.

So the area around you is looking like your home? It's kinda doing that to me too.

Perhaps it is a measure to relieve the inevitable onset of homesickness, then; I find it, rather, only makes it worse.

That would make sense, I guess.

How has your environment changed?

Mostly just looks like things I'd see at home. Mostly lots of columns. It looks like it's a temple or something to me.

I see. Monticello likewise has several columns, set in a portico along the front.

I've read about a Monticello [writing trails off as he reads the above thread]

Thomas Jefferson. You're Thomas Jefferson Jefferson Jefferson that's not possible when did you How is that

Hello Mr. Jefferson, pleasure to meet you.

I am he. May I ask your name?

Quentin. Quentin Compson, sir.

If it's alright, sir, could I ask you a question?

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