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[Accidental Video]
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[Lo! Another post has been made to the network! This one seems to be broadcasting from the Western District, as the red sky is clearly visible, a few dark, Cybertronian buildings in the distance.]

[There's a rustling noise, and then someone half-stomps, half-stumbles backwards into view. He certainly isn't dressed for winter, as his clothes look like something out of Lawrence of Arabia His expression is confused and flustered, and he whips his head about, looking over the terrain, muttering to himself.]

Fuck... where the fuck am I? This is surreal! I go to bed, and wake up... wherever the hell I am! Or am I still dreaming? This isn't Yuba! This doesn't look like anywhere in Alabasta for that matter!

[The man stares into the red sky, teeth clenched as he hisses faintly. He cups his hands to his mouth, and starts to yell.] NAMI-SAN! VIVI-CHAN! WHERE ARE YOU!? ... OI! SHITTY CAPTAIN! MARIMO! LONGNOSE! REINDEER! .... ANYONE?! Where the hell am I? Shit... did I die in my sleep or something? [His expression now grows worried, and he looks around some more, before his eyes lock onto the camera. He walks closer to it, then the camera jostles and the man disappears from view as he picks it up. Nautilus is then treated to a close up of his face, oddly curled brow furrowed in confusion.]

Now what's this thing...?

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[What up, curly-browed man. Have a blue-haired guy with half a jawbone attached to the side of his face.]

What the hell are you screaming about?

[Sanji let out a little yelp and jumped at the sudden voice, looking around for where it came from. He realized quickly enough it came from the item he was holding, and blinked at the image of the man looking back at him. His brow furrowed in confusion. What was this strange, small device that was showing him video of a man. And who was this man, for that matter! With the half-a-jawbone stuck to his face. Or was that his OWN jawbone?! Sanji suppressed a shudder; he didn't want to dwell too much on that. He growled, lowly, confusion easily melting into anger.]

Oy. None of your business, Blueberry. Now who the hell are you, and where the hell am I?

[Grimmjow scoffs, his expression settling somewhere between a sneer and open amusement.]

You're fucked, that's what.

[Sanji let out a snort in response.]

Well that's a fat load of help, Jawbone. Tell me something I didn't already know!

Why the hell would I do that? Figure shit out yourself, human.

[Sanji folded his arms, looking clearly unimpressed.] I will.

[He narrowed his eyes, studying the man.] So you're not human? What are you then? You don't look like a fishman, or a giant...

[He's full-on grinning, now. It's not exactly a reassuring sight.]

What did I just say?

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[Maybe not reassuring, but Sanji wasn't easily intimidated.] That you're useless? Whatever, Jawbone. [And with that, Sanji's fiddling with buttons as he tries to figure out how to turn it off, then shoving his communicator into his pocket.]

Whoa, man. Deep breaths. Take a few and calm down.

First off, you're not dead. Secondly, you're in a city called Nautilus. You've more or less ascended to a higher plane of existence. Crazy, I know, but that's what happened.

[Sanji directed a glare at the new voice coming from this device he held. For as confused and frustrated as he was, though, the guy's words made sense. Panicking wasn't going to help anything. Feeling slightly embarassed for his panic (it was understandable, though!), he closed his eyes and took in a breath, then looked down at the screen again.]

Okay. You're not making any sense. So I'm not dead, but I'm still on a 'higher plane of existence'? What the fuck is that supposed to mean!? Where is this city located? What island am I on? Am I still on the Grand Line?

[Huh, well. That worked. Calm and cool was always preferable to panicky and screamy!]

Nautilus is like a place between places. A city in between dimensions. We're all from different worlds here, basically. So it's kind of like an island, but...not.

Also I have no idea what the Grand Line is, so...yeah. Sorry, dude.

[Sanji's brow knit as he tried to process this. He was familiar with fairy tales, being told stories when he was a very young kid, and this sounded like one doozy of a story! But this was still so far from his realm of understanding.]

... Like a tiny island between big islands? What do you mean 'dimensions'? When you say different worlds... you don't just mean different islands, do you? Different worlds, worlds? As in... other planets?! Are you trying to tell me I'm... not even on my own planet anymore? How the hell did that happen!?

[Sanji's forehead was throbbing, feeling a twinge of panic starting to come back. This was just too much.] Well how do I get back, then? I have to get back to Alabasta! Vivi-chan needs me!

Well, this isn't another planet, but the part about you not being on your planet anymore is exactly right.

Nautilus itself Called you to Wake up here and you answered that Call. Most people don't remember doing it because it happens on a subconscious level.

As for getting back? There are gates in every district you can go through, but it takes focusing on your home world and willing yourself to return so that it'll work. And while I hate to sound like a downer? It usually takes newly Wakened a few days to a week a least to make that work right.

[Sanji rubbed at one brow, frowning.] ah, shit. This is getting crazier and crazier...

Look, I know I went to sleep before I got here, but... that still doesn't explain how I went to sleep in one place, and woke up in another.

[At the explanation, Sanji let out a curse, hand now sliding to the back of his head.] Well at least I can get back. But shit! A week?! I don't have that kind of TIME to spare. Things are kind of... urgent, shall we say, back home.

Chillax. You won't miss anything at home and when you go back, you'll return to the exact same time and place you left. No one at home even knows you're here right now.

[Sanji dropped his hand, and looked over at the guy in confusion.] So, wait... Are you saying that time... stops, there... while I'm here? Well that's convenient, at least. [He let out a dry, tiredly-amused snort.] None of them are going to believe this. It sounds crazier than one of Usopp's tall tales.

Sort of, yeah. The best way I've come up with to describe all this is that your world and everything in it is like a book, totally written from start to finish. And when you stop reading a book and then pick it back up again, you go straight to wherever you last left off.

This also means that no matter what, your life will always turn out a certain way, the same way. And that if you go home, even if you're still Awake and remember this place, you can't tell anyone about it.

[THAT, apparantly, did not sit well with Sanji at all. He tensed, then bristled... brows knitting in anger.] WHAT?! You mean to tell me that I'm not in control of my own life anymore?! No matter WHAT I do, I'm forced into following some set path? I can't do a thing about it?

[His hand started to tremble, gripping the communicator tightly.] THAT'S BULLSHIT! My life doesn't COUNT anymore, back home? I can't control my own destiny?! Make my own choices?! I'm just... some sort of puppet in someone else's story?! And what do you mean I can't tell anyone?

[Oh man, here we go. Usually people get upset, but sometimes? They flip. This is obviously one of those times.]

Actually, the whole point of being more aware is that you are in control. At least here, anyway. You never were in control of your own life at home in the first place. You just thought you were because you didn't know any better.

And you can't tell anyone at home because you physically can't. You can think about it all you want, but the words will never come out of your mouth. Remember that everything you do and say is already pre-determined and that doesn't include stories about a place like Nautilus.

But it's not like your life at home doesn't count. Everything you went through there helped make you who you are now, right?

Yeah, fine... I'm in control here... but not back home! I'm going to be fucking trapped in my own body, if I ever go home, then? My shitty body is going to become a jail cell!?

[Sanji didn't know what to think of this, or what to say next. To say he was frustrated, and starting to feel rather hopeless was an understatement.] Oh yeah, sure, my life made me what I am today. I'm well aware of that. My life made me what I am THERE, too! And you're saying it's all... pointless? My life's already been predetermined and nicely written out and I have no choice in the matter?! What about my nakama? Is it the same for them? Are they not in control of their own lives, too? Are all our goals... are all our DREAMS pointless?! If the future's already written, if you have no choice, no control in it, then... Then what good is reaching the goal, if you had no POWER to get there yourself..? If you didn't accomplish it yourself..?

[Sanji trailed off, and bit his lip faintly. He was separated from his crew, trapped in a crazy new world, and now told he had no control over his own life back home? He felt useless, hopeless... not in control of his own life. He felt like he had been cast into a raging river, and it was all he could do to just hang onto some flotsam.] It's that shitty rock... It's that shitty rock all over again... [said in a small, weak murmur, Sanji not even aware he was saying it, still trembling faintly.]

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