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you want to talk?
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[Hello, Nautilus! Sanji appears on screen, looking a little haggard, as he's been trying to find his way out of the Western District, and only now has found the border of the Southern District, judging by the Krusty Krab in the background. He had holed himself up in some abandoned buildings during the night, and had at least found the McDonald's to get some food. He had also run across a few giant spiders, which had done NOTHING to settle his nerves. Anyone that had been nearby when he spotted them might have heard his yelp, or seen him running. When sleep did come, he was still tense.]

Ah, hello? Is this thing working? I hope I'm in a new district, now... I've had enough of that shitty spook show and those SHITTY spiders!... [Sanji fails to suppress a shudder.] Does anyone know where I can find an inn? If I'm stuck here, I'll need a place to stay, and wash up. I don't have any money, but I can cook for you, in lieu of payment.

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According to this guide, there should be a place you can stay in each of the districts. Which one are you in?

[Congratulations, you're the first woman Sanji's been able to take note of (now that he's out of the crazy place!). His expression brightens, and his pitch rises a little.]

AH~! There are ladies in this world! Perhaps it's not hell after all! Hello, my angel! Please excuse my grubby appearance; I assure you it's only temporary! May I be honored with your name?

[ Whoah, she's a lucky winner apparently! A bit surprised by the sudden change in tone, she chuckles. Actually, she hadn't seen any women when she first arrived either - but there had to have been some. ]

Yeah - have you only seen guys? [ That's pretty weird. ]

My name is Gwen. Gwen Tennyson - what's yours?

Ehh... I haven't been in the best of places when I arrived, so I am afraid I might not have paid as close attention to this network thing...

[His smile grew wider, and he bobbed his head faintly.] A pleasure to meet you, Miss Gwen! My name is Sanji.

You aren't hurt are you?

It's nice to meet you too, Sanji. I see that the others were able to get you directions to the welcome house. Will you be able to get there okay?

How sweet Miss Gwen is to worry about me~! [he cooed] I am quite fine. All I need is to find a place to regather myself and clean up a little, and I should be able to find this welcome house place easily enough. Thank you for your concern.

[ She smiles, amused. ]

All right - it's just that you mentioned coming out of the Western District, and I understand that that area is pretty dangerous.

I'm glad you're all right.

Nothing I can't handle, miss... [At least, normally he could. He'd have to check out just how much this 'power drain' affected him, if at all.]

Your concern for me is heartwarming~!

Rright. Well, I just got here a little while ago myself, but if you need anything, let me know. I'll help the best I can.

I will keep that in mind! If you ever have need of anything, I will be right there to help you, miss Gwen!

[ She chuckles. ]

Thanks, I'm all right for now, but I'll keep that in mind.

Of course, Miss Gwen! Do take care!

(Deleted comment)
[Sanji, naturally, talked to the laides, first, before addressing the man.] Ah... thank you. Directions would be helpful, yes. I only arrived recently, and I still don't know where anything is. A kind lady sent me a guide, and there was a note there that the East bordered water? Does that mean a lake, or the sea? It says there's also a ... 'Bending school'?... in the east. [His expression flatted a little, determined.] Is that what the kid meant when he said it took newcomers a little while to get back home again? [Even if he couldn't control his life anymore, there, he was STILL concerned for his crewmates. He wanted to know that everything turned out okay. And if this 'power-draining' thing DID affect him, he wanted to regain his strength as quickly as possible. Just in case...]

(Deleted comment)
[Sanji studied the map to Budehuc, and nodded. That would be a good enough place to stay for now, he guessed. He started off in that direction, then grinned, faintly, at Lelouch's answer.] That's of some comfort. If I'm to be stuck here, I think I'd like to eventually find a place over there. I want to be close to the sea.

So how do I go about getting these Bending lessons?

(Deleted comment)
You just... claim an empty house as yours? Simple as that...? [He was still a little skeptical about this. Free houses, after all! But he wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth.]

Well, that makes things easier. [He glanced at the guide he'd been given, then nodded.] You're Lelouch, then? Great. Sign me up. My name's Sanji. When are these classes held?

(Deleted comment)
[It was still hard to believe that all these things, including houses, were free in this world! It made things easier, though.]

Sounds good. I'll be there. The location's on the map, right?

[ooc: so how are these Bending classes played out? What can I expect from them?]

(Deleted comment)
[ooc: Ah, gotcha. Sanji has a thing about wasting food, and seeing as how most people's initial attempts at bending fail, he'll refuse to try bending more food - and attempt to bend other stuff - until he's sure he'll succeed. He'll also have tested out his strength at some point (probably against a rock or tree in Budehuc), and found himself lacking... so he'll definitely have a drive/desire to work on regaining his strength (and speed/flexibility, if those were affected, too) as soon as possible. I know regaining powers will take a couple of weeks at least. How long does it generally take a fairly strong-minded individual to learn basic bending?]

(Deleted comment)
[ooc: Okay, sounds good. Thank you. ^_^]

There's the Welcome Houses. You don't need to pay anything to stay there. Or anywhere. There's no economy.

I've got a map. And a guide, if you want it. [Not waiting for an answer, just sending]

[Another woman! Things have definitely been improving, since leaving the Western District!] Ah! How courteous of you! Thank you, beautiful flower! [He fiddles with his device, and then starts reading the guide, his expression growing more serious as he read. He hadn't heard of Bending before, and the fact that any 'powers' are gone unsettles him a little. He hadn't tested it, but did that include physical strength as well? He also didn't like the sound of those Reality Storms. And the fact that one could just WILL food to be? No one ever had to go hungry? With how he had been reminded of his time on the rock recently, when he had learned how life back home was now out of his control, and he was stuck here... It made his stomach clench. He didn't know how to react to this.]

[He didn't want to bother the lady with his worries, though, and offered her a smile.] Ah. Thank you very much for providing me with this, miss..?

[Congratulations Sanji, you're the first person to hit on Dana since she got here! ...she didn't really miss it.]

Dana Tan. I'm just trying to help as much as I can.

[To have Sanji talk to a lady and not flirt would be a rare thing indeed!] You were immensely helpful, Miss Dana. Can I make this up to you in any way? Take you out for tea, perhaps?

[She's starting to wonder how to bring up the fact that she has a boyfriend without it being out of the blue.]

Well... You said something about cooking? Do you have recipes that an amateur could make?

[Sanji's probably used to that disarming tactic, regardless of whether it was true or not. At the question about cooking, though, he brightens up, his smile more honest.]

Absolutely! I could teach you a number of dishes, if you'd like. What sort of foods are you interested in cooking?

[ooc: *lols* And now here comes the trick of playing a chef when you don't know much about cooking yourself... *laughs* Time to hit the cooking websites! XD]

Chili would be nice... But also some faster dishes. I need some variety from fast food, pasta, and stir-fry.

((OOC: Feel free to just wing it~))

I would be MOST happy to teach you any dishes you would like~! [He paused a moment, then grinned sheepishly.] I'm afraid I'm not quite presentable at the moment, though. Once I get myself settled and cleaned up, I can come teach you whenever you're available? [Was he REALLY this lucky? Did he dare hope? Was this really a chance at a date? Oh, how his day was turning around!]

That sounds good. [Not really, but he hasn't been intrusive and she's being polite.]

I'm staying at the Eastern District Welcome House; I'm usually there in the evenings, and the kitchens are probably big enough for every resident to use them at once.

[The East is sounding better and better all the time! ♥ The major draw, of course, was still the sea... but having nice girls around would definitely improve things! Those kitchens sounded interesting as well. He wondered how well-stocked they were. Sanji smiled a bit, amused at the irony of how the East seemed so preferable to him in this strange city, and in his world, his home had been the East Blue. Thoughts of home tempered his excitement at being so lucky with a pretty girl... otherwise he would have been jumping for joy about now.]

Did you want me to come by tonight, or shall we do this tomorrow?

[ooc: do you want to do a log post for this, or handwave stuff? ^.^; If you need to get in contact/plot anything, my AIM is Bart Vin, and my MSN is Uftaki.]

I'd prefer tomorrow. After you get settled.

[And it gives her more time to find a chaperone second student.]

((OOC: We can handwave!))

Of course, Miss Dana! I wouldn't want to rush you in any way... [Plus it gives him a little time to get settled, plan what sort of meals to cook, and think about everything he's just learned about Nautilus...]

((OOC: So if we're handwaving this, how do you want to say things went on? Sanji would have acted like an giddy dork to have the attention of a lady, at the start at least [and/or until Dana or Dana's chaperone put their foot down, and said they just wanted to learn how to cook, or something ^_^;] He'll take the teaching aspects 100% seriously, regardless.))

((OOC: Dana'd give him one last chance before putting her foot down; saying that she's got a boyfriend and even if she didn't, she's Not Interested romantically. She'll be a platonic friend, and maybe tolerate some flowery speech, but lay it on too thick and she's out of there.))

((OOC: *chuckles* Okay. Sanji'd likely grin sheepishly and apologize, but he will back off. He'll still treat her politely, and compliment her and all, but won't press any further now that he knows she has a boyfriend. [it'll be a little hard for Sanji, but he'll manage. XD I'll have him behave. ^.^].))

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