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[Video] - Winter Harvest
Friendly Laughter
leekspin wrote in thewake_rp
[Orihime is sitting on a rooftop within a glass bubble, wiping the sweat from her brow and wearing a big grin on her face. With the two suns in the sky, it might be obvious that she's in Helix. Next to her is a basket heaped with tons of fruits, of three different varieties.]

I'd like to report a great success in planting the seeds V-san gave me earlier this year. For a while I was worried they might not be ready, but as soon as December started, they grew REALLY fast!

[Orihime reaches into the basket, holding up one of the red-and-white pinstriped fruits.]

Christmas fruit! They taste like gingerbread, eggnog, and peppermint! Depending on which kind you eat, of course.

[She stands to her feet, hefting the basket into her arms.]

I'm heading back into Nautilus, so if you'd like to try one, please come to my bakery! It's in the Northern District, across the street from Ground Zero and the medbay. You can pick up a dessert too if you like, all my cakes and pies are poison-free. Ha ha!

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It will be good to see you again; as it is, it is also good to hear of such a success.

It's thanks to you! I'm saving you most of them, to replenish your stock.

[And then they won't have to eat Soylent Green next time the zombies attack!]

I'd be satisfied with two fruit of each flavour and some seeds, although I'll encourage you to bake something seasonal. You've such unique ingredients now...

[There are still several packages of Soylent Green stocked in the Shadow Gallery.]

It's too bad Dean-san isn't here. I bet he would have loved an eggnog pie, ha ha!

[Ah, well.]

I'll be sure to save you the seeds. They grew a lot better than I expected!

You made them, V? How?

Technically, yes, having Bent them up in imitations of the fruit found growing on Christmas trees my first year here

[Wince. Even though she knows better, seeing V's mask still takes her back to the Jokerz in the dance club. Still, she can control her voice.]

The things this city thinks up. D'you know how they work?

Oh, and you don't mind switching to voice, do you?

[Sanji is unaware of the other cities around Nautilus, and is confused about all the sun (suns?!), while they're going through winter here. But hey! Pretty girl! Plus a lot of good, interesting looking food, too!]

[Wait, wait... Christmas fruit? Now this really sounded interesting! He was a little confused as to how fruits could taste like that, but he'd seen his share of weird things in the Grand Line already, and he was more interested as to what sorts of meals he could make with those foods. How would their flavours affect the dishes? How could he alter recipes to balance out the sugary sweetness of those fruits? Would they be better in dessert dishes, or could they be adapted to a main course?]

[And she was a baker, too? Sanji was still a little hesitant - just out of pride - on entering the Northern District, but... hey! If he could get ahold of some of those fruits, and meet a beautiful woman while doing so, he could put aside his pride just for once! He'll check the map he'd been given for the locations she mentioned.]

Ah! My beautiful lady... I'd be most interested in trying out a few of those fruits you've grown. They sound really remarkable. [His expression shifts from serious, to a little more goofy.] I would also love to try any of your delectable desserts, Miss! ♥

[At first, Orihime is happily surprised to see a new face. Then she sees his curly eyebrow. Happy surprise turns to SHEER DELIGHT. It is so awesome and hilarious!!]

Yay! I've got a lot, so help yourself! You're new, ne? Orihime Inoue, pleased to meet you! I love your eyebrow!

[Sanji was about to reply that yes, he was new, when he was struck dumb. He blinked, eyes widening a bit and cheeks going a little red. Wait, is he blushing? Sanji is blushing! He's a little taken aback; no one had ever complimented his eyebrows before!]

[His surprise turns to a sheepishly grinning, giddy glee. She liked it! She didn't think it was weird, or strange, or stupid or anything!]

Ah! Miss Orihime-chan! You are definitely as beautiful as a princess! [he cooed. It wasn't visible in the video, but he was beginning to 'noodle dance' a little in happiness.] I am most pleased to meet you. When can I stop by your bakery? I don't wish to be rude and interrupt anything...

... Peppermint...

[This is... fruit...]

I'll be over there soon, if you don't mind. That's incredible.

I don't mind at all! V-san gave me a few of them several months ago when I said I was planting a garden, so it was an experiment for the both of us to see if we could make the seeds grow into anything. See you soon, Holiday-sensei!

[V? Where on Earth did he get that?]

See you soon.

[Anyway, yeah, she's over there in about ten-ish minutes, Pato going with her this time. Seems like he was persistent to follow after Six scolded him for not going with her to Lelouch's. The walk only took so long so that she could hurdle the snow.]

[And yes, now she is at the bakery. She opens the door, poking her head in.]

[Pepptermine and gingerbread fruit. Its hard to believe. On the other hand, there's someone who would readily believe it. Best to get there first.]

Christmas fruits sound incredibly sweet. I'll be over to try some for myself and pick up a few for Nena.

Yeah, they're good!

[And she actually GREW THEM. She's so proud.]

Okay! It'll be nice to meet you in person. Do you know how to get to the bakery, Johann-san?

[OOC: Pepptermine? Spellchecker fail. Also, more action?]

Unfortunately, I don't have a map quite yet, so I'll need directions. I'm at Michael's apartment right now. I don't mind walking to the bakery either, in fact I would like to see what other selections you have there.

[ACTION outta nowhere]

[One second, there's no one else within the glass dome. The next, a man wearing some bitchin' sunglasses is there, smiling at her.]

Golly, those sure did turn out swell!


[A fruit goes flying in the air. Where it lands? Who knows. Orihime is all smiles the next moment, though.]

Ah ha ha, you startled me, Hekket-san! Thank you! Do you want some?

I most certainly would! You've been workin' hard on them, after all!

What'cha planning on making with them?

Ha ha, I haven't decided yet! Pie and cobbler would probably be best, but I could try making ice cream too. I've never made it before!

How about dumplings?

You seem quite pleased with yourself, Orihime.

I guess I am, ha ha! It's a nice feeling to see something you worked on turn out good. I was worried that being away from Helix too long would have dried them out.

Would you like some, Teresa-san?

They do not seem to bad for the amount of time you left them alone for.

.. What would I do with them? [Not quite acceptance of the offering. But she is curious about Orihime's offering.]

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