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[Video] - Multipurpose Broadcast
Softer Side
flamescout wrote in thewake_rp
[To Everyone]
I haven't failed to notice how many new people are here. I'm Raye, the priestess of the Cherry Hill Temple. Anyone is welcome to visit, even if you don't practice Shintoism, as long as you're respectful on the shrine grounds. I also teach combat and defense techniques in Bending, should you wish to schedule a session. If you're brand new here, it won't be easy to learn since it's a little advanced, but I can at least teach the fundamentals and prepare you for times when you may need it.

I also wanted to say that the temple will be decorated for New Year's Eve in the traditional fashion. The shrine is in the southern district. You might need to dress for warmer weather, but you'll know for sure when the newspaper prints the weather for next week.

[To Dr. Holiday]
I need you to examine my friend's cat, Luna. She attacked Rex, and there's a possibility she might have been infected with some of his nanites. Would you mind taking a look?

[To Serena and Luna]
Rex is coming over to spend Christmas Eve with me. Will you guys find another place to be, at least through midnight?

[To Luna]
Contact me as soon as you get this. There are some things I didn't explain, and I need to have a doctor take a look at you. Also, make sure Serena doesn't snoop around and make trouble when Rex is over.

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[See the kitty lounging near the reflecting pool? She's using that as her way to communicate. She's starting to get the hang of this place!]

I'll give it my best shot. It'd be easier if I were bigger sometimes.

[Her ear flicks.]

Why do I need to go to the vet?

Practice long enough, and you'll probably be able to make yourself as big as a house if that's what you really want.

[And oh boy. How does Raye explain this?]

That boy who came to the shrine a few days ago? His blood carries a kind of...well, I don't want to say disease exactly, but it's similar. We need to find out if you picked up any of the nanites in his blood, and if so, see if we can get rid of them.

Oh, no. Just big enough to keep her under control.

[Maybe panther sized. She always did feel a bit envious of them.]


[Knight sees the video and recognizes the name immediately.]

You wouldn't happen to be the priestess training Six in bending, would you?

[Raye inclines her head, once.]

That's right. Why?

[She's surprised Six mentioned her.]

Er, you see, Six mentioned the bending lessons - combat bending - you're giving him. I was wondering if you'd be willing to take on another student.

[God, she's so young. He hadn't imagined this girl would be a teenager. Might as well give it a shot anyway...]

[So many pretty ladies in this city! Sanji waved - albeit a little excitedly and goofily - his greetings.] I'm very pleased to make your accquaintance, Miss Raye~!

[Raye blinks. Huh. Well, points for enthusiasm.]

Nice to meet you too. Who are you?

[Someone better tell him Raye is taken, STAT.] My name is Sanji. I'm a chef. [And a pirate, but he's still keeping that bit a secret.] I'm currently staying at the Southern Welcome House, though I plan on moving to the East, as soon as I can find a place.

[A chef? Now she knows who to go to the next time she wants to attempt a baked good for her boyfriend.]

That part shouldn't be hard. I've heard there are plenty of empty houses and apartments out there, but I haven't really gone looking around much.

[She's such a hermit.]

Ah, I see I wasn't the only one spared the snowfall this year.

Hey, Hakkai. Still in the west?

Yes, I am. For the moment, anyway.

'For the moment'? You're moving?

I haven't been here long, but I'd love to take you up on the offer for combat and defensive Bending.

[ She'll be a good student~! ]

My name is Gwen, by the way.

[Raye smiles. Gwen seems friendly, and it is kind of nice to see more girls her own age around.]

Nice to meet you, Gwen. I'll try and cover the basics with you. Just a few questions to get you signed up... Do you want a half hour, or a full hour? What time and days work best?

A full hour, please. I'd like to get back into something close to my routine from home as soon as possible. I'm usually awake around five in the morning to go jogging, and that takes about an hour, then breakfast after that. Meditation and training - how about in the morning? Around ten or so - any day is fine with me right now. I just arrived so I don't have a full schedule or anything yet.

[Gwen sounds disciplined, which Raye appreciates. She doesn't exactly relish nagging, after all. She nods.]

I've got a ten o'clock slot, that's fine. Every day of the week, or did you want some days off?

Rex told me about that. I meant to contact you, but he wasn't sure if it was your cat or not.

But, no, I wouldn't mind taking a look at all. Who's cat is it?

[And she just remembered... SHE KNOWS A SECRET. Keep it to yourself, Doc.]

My friend Serena's. I don't know if you've met her yet. Long blonde hair in pigtails, with meatballs on top?

[Meatballs?] No. I don't think I have. [But she assumes that the girl is fine with all this.]

Mind if I bring someone along? It's Rex's brother, Caesar. I don't know if you met him yet, but he's a scientist on the nanites, too, even before I was. We shouldn't need an extra set of eyes for an animal so small, so I'll leave that up to you.

I don't mind, as long as Luna's okay with it.

Can you teach primarily defensive techniques?

If that's what you prefer to focus on, but it's best if you at least know a little offense.

Can they be combined? Like- shields that damage attackers?

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