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[Video Glimpse]
Accepting the way things must be
leekspin wrote in thewake_rp
[The video isn't very long. It's just Orihime standing in the doorway of Augie's duplex at Ground Zero, gazing quietly at the interior.]

[It's empty. His turtle is gone. So is the cape and sword she made him.]

[Her eyes, wide with surprise, grow muted as she realizes he's not here anymore, and that she can't feel his reiatsu in the city. Quietly she closes the door, as her shoulders wilt.]

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[She doesn't even jump. ...But at least she starts a little when Lelouch suddenly appears. HOW DID HE KNOW?]


(OOC: Agh, I can't find the log where he told her what it was okay to call him, do you remember?)

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[Orihime blinks, giving herself a faint shake before she picks up her book and opens it to respond.]

Oh, Souji-kun. What's up?

Someone left, didn't they?

[He finds here there as he passes by and he stops and crouches down instead of continuing on.]

Orihime, is something wrong?

[Orihime still tips her head back to look up at him, then turns the rest of herself.]

Oh, Wing-san.

[And, well...yeah. Something's wrong.]

It's...Augie-kun. He's not here anymore.

[Wing makes a disappointed little sound. How many more were they going to lose from Ground Zero?]

[He holds his hands out for Orihime.]

I'm sorry.

Oh, Holiday-sensei.

[She's got the sinking feeling that she's been recorded. It's a good thing Orihime keeps her emotions in check even when she thinks she's alone.]

Is everything okay?

[She'll lock the feed for that same reason.]

I was going to ask the same... Seems Nautilus might have sneaked up and recorded you...

[Sanji frowns in concern. Such a cheerful, sweet girl shouldn't look so sad!] Orihime-chan...? Are you okay?

[Orihime starts. Sanji too?! She can't even explain this to him, he didn't know Augie, nor was he familiar with the shadow reality storm that makes this so uncomfortable for her. So she smiles awkwardly, her brows inclined.]

I'm okay! Looks like I was sleepwalking again, this isn't my room at all, ha ha!

[Sanji can tell she's lying, but a gentleman never calls a woman on her lies, so he lets her think he believes that. He just hoped she had someone she could talk to. A girl-friend, perhaps... that was probably best, right? He manages a faint grin of his own, speaking softly.] Hey, be careful about that, hm? We wouldn't want a pretty lady like you walking in her sleep, and running into a wall or something. You could hurt yourself, and that would be a terrible shame.

[She laughs, a little more genuinely.]

I think I actually did that once!

[Orihime rubs at her eyes, her smile still crooked.]

Thanks, Sanji-san. You really are nice to me.


[Oooh, she sees that sadface.]


Oh, Arcee-san!

[Orihime feels kind of bad about it. The only time they get to hang out is when Orihime is depressed.]

It's been a while. How have you been?

[She'll offer a smile in return, and a tilt of her head. She sees right through that, but for now will play along.]

I've been well. Been a little hectic, but the same could be said of everywhere, I suppose.

I have been meaning to get in touch with you though. I had a small favor to ask, and with the holidays approaching, it seems an appropriate time as any.

[And might offer Orihime a distraction from what's bothering her, but that goes unsaid at this point.]

[Sad Orihime in snow has summoned herself a Trinity.]

Miss Inoue, is there something wrong?

[She does like Trinitys! And she's surprised at the contact, but once she recognizes Johann, the surprise fades.]


[She smiles as she replies, shaking her head.]

Someone I was close to went back to sleep. Things like this happen, ne?

Its possible to do so easily? ... Interesting.

[He offers a smile back in kind, she does appear to be happier now. At least on the outside.]

I guess they do. ... You will be alright, then?

[Video // Private Foreverrrrr]

Who was it?

[A bit abrupt? Yes. But Axel's a little too familiar with losing people, and he'll risk guessing that's what happened.]

[Orihime jumps a little. Ordinarily she'd have an excuse ready, but the question comes so fast, that she falters and answers it to avoid an awkward pause that would make any diversions completely obvious.]


...Sorry. I didn't know I was being monitored!

Pretty rude of the city, not giving notice when it intrudes.

[Because there's no way he's intruding by commenting so abruptly. :| No way.]

Augie, huh...? [A beat; he doesn't recognize the name.] Friend of yours?

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