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[Video] Christmas Kisses? Yes, please!
anything you say Nami-swan~! ♥
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[The video pops on with an image of all 6 of Kergan's flowers in a flower pot, for easy transport. Sanji intends to keep these beautiful flowers! They were a gift from a lovely lady, after all!] Ah! Thank you so much, Lady Kergan! They are gorgeous, though they pale next to your beauty~!

[It's then that a familiar little plant pops up over Sanji's head, and starts buzzing about. Perpelexed, Sanji glances up, then his eyes widen hugely.] What... is... this...?!

[Just what the plant is clicks, and his expression just brightens tenfold in excitement. The city's doing, no doubt... but this was something wonderful! Kisses! He could get KISSES FROM PRETTY LADIES! Hearts would have been popping wildly in the air (but that looks like something Nautilus took away, too, if such things were even there to begin with and not manga shorthand...), he was so thrilled. He flared his nostrils a little, puffing himself up into a grandiose display.]

Hello, ladies of Nautilus~! ♥ Some of you whom I've met, and all the others I haven't yet! My name is Sanji, and I would be most happy to meet all of you~! ♥ It seems the city wants us to partake in some glorious Christmas traditions... far be it from me to object! Allow me to bestow holiday kisses of love upon you all, in the spirit of the season~! ♥ I'm currently in the Southern Welcome House, but will come to any lady in need~! ♥

[oh dear... Looks like someone's really getting a little too excited, here...]

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[Action, becuase I'm horrible.]

[Guess who else is in the Southern Welcome house? This lovely lady here. And lucky for Sanji she's managed to get a change of clothes, so instead of a blood ruined red dress, she's in a fine black dress that compliments her every curve without revealing much at all.]

[She's got the bad luck of walking past Sanji's door, right were he can see her. Too bad she has no idea what's going on, huh?]

[Bad luck indeed. Sanji catches sight of her out of the corner of his eye and turns... and then leaps towards the door, arms outstretched.] Ah! Gorgeous lady! Will you do me the honor of giving me your name and a kiss? ♥

[Nicci backpedals rather quickly, and gives him a frown.]

That is rather forward of you. [ least he's asking? She's known far too many men that wouldn't have bothered to ask for a kiss if they wanted one...]

...My name is Nicci. [And she's not so inclined to answer the second part of that yet.]

[Sanji misses, and picks himself up... rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. The mistletoe still flies around his head in a rather wobbly circle.]

Ah~! So very pleased to meet you, Nicci-chan~! ♥ My name is Sanji. Are you staying in the Welcome House here, too? [What a cute housemate! How has he not seen her yet?]

[She's not sure she wants to answer that...finally.]


Ah~! ♥ How amiss of me to not notice the beautiful angel right in front of me. A hundred apologies, my lady!

[Nicci is not impressed with flattery.] There have been many new faces here it seems, it is no offense that you missed mine.

[She'll start to try to pass him now...]

But it is still a shame that I have not been attentive to such a gorgeous lady, in the same place where I'm staying. Can you forgive me, dear lady?

[He does step back a little; he doesn't want to delay the lady if she has urgent business elsewhere, after all.]

[She stops and turns to him, her expression not exactly about to give anyone warm and fuzzy feelings.] There is nothing to forgive, though if you continue with this pointless flattery that may change. If you are after a kiss, I'm afraid flattery is not how you will get one from this woman.

[Sanji actually does back up a step here, a very strained, sheepish grin passing across his face, lifting his hands up a little in a gesture of surrender. Oh yes... he was familiar with the 'not pleased' expression, indeed.] Ahhh... do forgive me again, then, Miss Nicci. I am sorry for upsetting a lady such as you.

[Well, she'll give him one thing, he doesn't seem like a bad guy, just...she sighs and studies him a moment.]

If you truly wish a woman's positive attentions, Sanji, show her respect, not empty flattery.

[Sanji at least has the decency to look a little chagrined, a little...] I do repect the ladies... Every word I say is given from the heart! Women are delicate, gorgeous creatures, deserving of such attentions! I see a beautiful lady, and I must compliment her...

[Nicci has never thought of herself as "delicate", though "gorgeous creature" has been directed her way more than she'd care to remember.]

[Despite her own feelings about such flattery, this young man doesn't seem to intend any harm of offense. She relaxes a little, allowing some of the cold to leave her gaze.]

Your compliments could use some work, they currently come across as more lecherous than respectful.

[Trying to get Sanji to pull back a little on the perverted, lustful thoughts? A noble cause... but probably futile... at least at this point. XD Sanji is Sanji, and he won't be changing any time soon... He chuckled and grinned sheepishly, fully aware of his own thought patterns.] Ehh... not quite always my intention, Miss Nicci.

[She can try. And he can keep trying for that kiss, guess they'll both be fighting a losing battle for now.]

Oh? So your compliments are meant to be perverse at least part of the time? [At least he was honest.]

[Ah ha hah... whoops! Sanji's cheeks coloured red at his slip-up. Any chance of a kiss has pretty much been forgotten by him at this point.] Ah hah... um... well, not in a lady's presence, ever, of course... Not a lady such as you, certainly... I am a man, that just loves appreciating a woman's beauty, and sometimes I get a little carried away with myself, and... Eh heh...

[He was crashing and burning, and he knew it. How to salvage this situation? He backed up a few more steps into his room.] Do forgive me from keeping you from your destination, Miss Nicci...

[The smile is small, but at least it's there. He is...different from the men she's known. She certainly doesn't trust him, but at least he's honest.]

I'm sure I'll see you around, Sanji. Do try to stay out of trouble with the other ladies in this city. [There is a hint of a light in her eyes, that was meant to be a tease.]

[Sanji may be a perv... but at least he is fairly honest about that... Is that a good thing or a bad thing?]

[Sanji catches the small smile, and raises his hands up in the air, grinning broadly.] Ahh... a smile on a lady's face brings sunshine into the world~! ♥ I would never dream of troubling the ladies of this city! [Now, whether or not he actually does bug them is, well... another matter entirely.]

[The honesty is good, and so long as he backs off when told to Nicci will have no problems with him. Not that they'll likely be close friends, but this is Nautilus, who knows right?]

[She just shakes her head.] Good day, Sanji. [She'll turn to head off down the hall. This woman doesn't walk, she glides, dignified and graceful.]

[Well... most times he'll back off. Otherwise, a firm punch is useful!]

Good day, Miss Nicci~!
[As she walks away, Sanji swoons a little, watching her go, leaning against the doorframe. Ahh... such grace and beauty~! ♥]

[Orihime's starting to get used to Sanji's mannerisms, enough that she finds his actions funny. Who knows? Maybe he'll find a nice girl that adores him to pieces!]

Good luck, Sanji-san!

[Sanji beams happily at her.] Thank you, Orihime-chan~! ♥ Would you like a kiss?

[She laughs, but her face still goes red.]

That's okay, I don't have any mistletoe. But thank you for offering!

Ah! But I have the mistletoe for us, Orihime-chan? See? [And he points to the sprig still buzzing about his head.]

[Erk! This is where it gets hard. Orihime has a tough time saying 'no', especially when Sanji's been so nice to her.]

Ah ha ha, it's okay! Wouldn't you rather save it for somebody else?

Save it for somebody else? [He glances up at the mistletoe again.] Well, I don't know how long this will hang around, for... But I guess I'll see if there are any other ladies here in the South, I suppose!

Do take care, Orihime-chan~! ♥ [And, still giddy with the whole mistletoe-thing, blows a cheery kiss Orihime's way, before closing the feed.]

[Orihime laughs. What she wouldn't give for a fraction of that confidence! She's also relieved, that wasn't half as awkward as she was afraid it might be. It'll definitely be nice having someone like him around the city!]

[A pout, but he picks himself up quickly.] Can I at least have your name, miss..?

A pleasure to meet you, Miss Rovias.

[Sanji just grinned, cheerily, and waved and might have even blown her a little kiss before cutting the feed.]

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