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[Update] Not paying attention
princeofpuzzles wrote in thewake_rp
[Well look who's still around, ladies and gents, everyone's favorite King of Conundrums and Creepery. He's lounging in a nice-looking chair, probably lamb-skin or something else involving the torture of poor baby animals. There's even a nice roaring fire in the background, how festive. And although there's a little bit of mistletoe flitting around him like a hungry fly, he manages to still keep a cool smug smile on his face.

What an asshole.]

I almost missed what this city considered "holiday cheer." Almost. But as long as I'm stuck within it as the rest of you, why not make it more interesting? I want to give you some Christmas fun.

See, there are three places in this city I have placed three presents, just for all of you. And every present has a well-placed explosive inside it. Within 48 hours, these explosives will do just what they were created for, taking out three large chunks of our lovely home with them. The only thing to stop this is you finding them.

But how will you know where they are? Ahhh ... a good question. With a bit of a game. Let's begin.

[The screen flickers off with static, the middle colored green in the shake of a question mark. Soon it goes black with text, a simple puzzle. Well, hopefully.]

In these hallowed halls of Gotham's own,
Where the frenzied citizens called their home,
Where the Bat had placed the greatest mind,
Find your clue if you wish to survive.

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What the hell is wrong with you!


Absolutely nothing. Only an idiot would consider such things as translating to an ill mind.



[She'd love to solve this riddle and all, but...]

Who is Gotham?

Gotham is a city. It's where I'm from, and where he's from, as well.

I think the riddle's telling us to go to Arkham Asylum.

[Congratulations, Dana is now actively hoping that you're dead in her timeline.]

You are such a dreg.


Only for you, my dear.



You what? WHY?


I don't want to give away too much, now do I? It would be no fun.

You have a sick idea of holiday cheer if you seriously hid bombs around the city. This isn't a game!

[ Oh. Well. Apparently it is! She frowns at the riddle on the display, picks the laptop up and heads out to find her cousin. ]

Yes it is a game, girl, and the clock is winding down. I would play if I were you.

I grew up on riddles. I'm going to find the bombs, then I'm coming for you.


[There's probably no point in trying to talk her out of it. Terry's the same, though at least he doesn't go after supervillains, not with Batman around.]

I pointed another guy towards Arkham. It's probably best if everyone works together.

Stay safe.

Are you mad?! It's Christmas!

[Congratulations, Riddler. You're the first one to piss him off since he got here.]

((OOC: This is being retconned as not having been posted. JUST AN FYI.))

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Oi! What the hell is your problem, asshole!? How DARE you endanger the lives of innocent ladies... especially during this holiday?!

And how the hell does he expect any of us to understand his shitty riddle if no one understands what the hell 'Gotham' is...? Damn it... [He growls lowly, to himself, as he's glancing over the other responses] Okay. So where's this ... 'Arkham' place, anyway?! [The West. With all the shitty spiders in it. Lovely...]

I thought I could give them all some Christmas cheer.


And here I had such high hopes for Nautilus.


Just wait, you might be surprised.


[Oh, you have to be... ]

If Nautilus doesn't get to you before the rest of us have a chance to, that look on your face won't be there long.

[That's all he has to say before he's gone, off and hunting. Sorry, mistletoe. You're getting left behind for this one.]


Oh, what, this look? The look of complete satisfaction knowing I'll already never be caught? Hmm, no, I think it's going to be here for quite some time.

Edited at 2012-01-03 06:25 pm (UTC)

(Deleted comment)

Some get socks, others get destruction. It's the beauty of the season.

[Video/locked and also hella backtagged]

Darling. I think we should talk.


Oh? And what about? Hopefully not more of this "you will not succeed" and "you monster" prattle. Really it's getting like a broken record.


GODDAMNIT I MISS EVERYTHING. SO. UM. Is it okay if I join in other threads or action backtag like whoa?

((You're welcome to join Dana's thread, and the one with Steph if it's okay with her!))

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