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{Recipe 001} Waking Up... Again. [Video]
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[The video feed turns on, and there's a very groggy, very disgruntled, and VERY confused Sanji on screen, the buildings of Manhatten behind him. He's dressed only in his suit, and is shivvering a little, jaw clenched tight around a cigarette.] What the fuck...? Snow...!? [He looks about the buildings in confusion, shaking his head and muttering under his breath. He finally seems to notice his communicator, looking a little perplexed at it for a moment, before something seems to click, and he picks it up, to his face, speaking into it.]

What?! What the fuck..? What the hell just happened, here? Where...? Where the fuck am I? [He winces, and brings one hand up to rub at his temple.] This... shitty city...

[His brow knits, as he's clearly trying to remember where he was, and what had happened. He's silent for a moment, eyes squeezed tightly shut, before they open again... his gaze much clearer than it had been moments before. He still doesn't look too thrilled.]

Okay. Is Nautilus in the habit of randomly teleporting its citizens everywhere? I swear I was... asleep... back in the Southern Welcome House... Now all of a sudden I'm here, and I'm not exactly where the hell 'here' is! Judging from the snow, though, I'm guessing somewhere in the North or East. What is this shitty city doing now?

By the way... [He reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a palm sized device.] Anybody have any idea what this is? I found it in my pocket, but I've no idea how it got there.

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[She looks worried, but less so when it seems his memory is starting to return.]

Are you okay?

Ah! Orihime-chan! I'm terribly sorry to have worried you any. [He grins to try and assure her he's okay.] Yes, I'm fine... A little confused as to how I got out here, but I'm fine...

That's a relief.

[And if he went from the warm south to the freezing east, she assumes he's not really dressed for it.]

I'll bring you a blanket. Which street are you on?

Orihime-chan is so thoughtful~! ♥ [He pauses at the question, and starts looking around for any sort of street name, brow furrowed in confusion.] I... don't know.

Ha ha!

[Even though he's freezing and confused, he's just so nice.]

That's okay, I can probably tell from your camera. Spin around!

[Sanji nodded, then turned the camera outward, and moved in a slow circle, before looking back at the screen again. There were a couple non-descript buildings, but also the distinct Pie Hole on one corner.] Did that help any, Orihime-chan?

[She can't help feeling a slight pang of nostalgia. Poor Ned.]

Yes, I know exactly where that is. I'll bring the special cloak, be right there!

[And she's not kidding. THERE SHE IS. Teleportation is so handy!]

[Video -> Action]

[Sanji let out a yelp at her sudden appearance, jumping a little and throwing his hands up into the air in surprise. He lowers his hands almost immediately, working on regaining his breathing, and managed a shaky smile.] Orihime-chan! Shit, you weren't kidding when you said you'd come quickly. How fast you are! [Insanely fast! Even running, that couldn't have been possible!]


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[Orihime grins sheepishly, holding up a silky black cloak.]

I teleported! You learn to do that kind of thing if you become an Angelii. I can fly too, but I didn't want to keep you waiting. Here, put this on!

[She brought the gift bestowed by the manifestation of the Labyrinth: a cloak that negates heat AND cold. Very useful for chilly weather, or working in Helix.]

... You can fly? Like... like a bird, but without wings? Or DO you get wings, by flying...? [His expression suddenly turns dreamy, hearts in his eyes.] Yes... Orihime-chan the angel... How wonderfully fitting!

[He was still murmuring happily as he slid the cloak on, then blinked and snapped back into reality, fingering the cloak thoughtfully.] Wow... What sort of material is this made of, Orihime-chan? It's so warm...

[Orihime colors, grinning.]

I don't think I'd make a very good angel, hee hee!

[She's too much of a dork.]

Angelii flight lets you soar without transforming or growing wings or anything. It's just 'OFF YOU GO!' But I did turn into a bird once, and I can do that again pretty easily now. I guess I could grow wings if I practiced...

[Oh, but he's enjoying the cloak, so she claps her hands together with pride.]

I have no idea!


It was a gift to me from Enraku-chan. He gave it to me when I got cold from the snow dump last year.

I think you would make a WONDERFUL angel, Orihime-chan~! All light and caring and beauty and kindness~! ♥

[Wow... to fly without wings, or anything! It must be amazing to see, and experience! He clapped his hands together, his expression growing dreamy.] Orihime-chan must have made the most beautiful songbird... [Then he gets a mental image of Orihime with large, white angel wings, and his expression grows into a funny little goofy smile.]

[He blinks again, glancing at her.] Who's Enraku? This is a very convenient gift; it was nice of him. I promise I'll treat your property very carefully, Orihime-chan! Thank you for letting me borrow it.


[Israfel seems to find this mildly entertaining.]

Quite a mouth you've got. I admire a fellow who's not afraid to express himself, but I wouldn't waste your energy throwing fits about this city. I think it likes to keep us on our toes.

[Hello pretty lady! Sanji immediately goes into fawning mode.]

Forgive me, miss... A charming lady such as yourself shouldn't have to hear such vulgarities. May I have your name, please?

[Judging by the smile and the way she narrows her eyes just so, this is what Isra was hoping for. With all these new people to meet, she needs to brush up on her flirting talents.]

Israfel Oleski, and it's no trouble at all. I came here from a port town. The reputation of sailors is not exaggerated.

[THAT caused Sanji to blink and even pull back a little in surprise. How had she known?! Was that a guess...? He then offers a shaky, albeit amused chuckle.] My lady is QUITE perceptive! And so intelligent! I am indeed a sailor... .o(of sorts...) You truly are a beauty of the sea, Miss Israfel~! ♥

[Actually, she looks surprised too, and quite amused.]

Oh, now there is irony at work. I didn't mean to assume that you were a sailor. I was only explaining why I'm used to such language. But what a delightful coincidence! What sorts of ships did you crew?

[Now this was indeed irony! Sanji laughed brightly in amusement. He paused for a moment, pondering on just what to tell her.]

Well, for a good portion of my life, I served on a sea-faring restaurant, eventually gaining the position of sous-chef, madame...

Well now. You'll have to cook for me one day. I'm a terrible cook myself, I regret to admit. It was one art I never had the patience for.

[She tilts her head in a gesture of curiosity.]

And you are... Sanjisan? Miss Orihime will have to forgive me for eavesdropping on her reply.

Just Sanji, my lady... '-san' is a term of address, and respect. Orihime-chan is just ever-so-polite~! ♥

And I would be most honored to cook for you whenever you'd like, Miss Israfel! Currently, I'm staying at the Southern Welcome House, but I can come over to your place as well, to cook for you, if you'd like?

Ah, my mistake. Sanji it is, unless you are more comfortable with the extra 'san'...?

I've made plans to practice my Bending this evening, but we shall have to arrange a dinner soon. I'd be terribly disappointed to miss out.

Whatever you decide to call me, I'll be happy with, Miss Israfel~! ♥

[Sanji perks up even more, if that were possible, hearts in his eyes.] I'd be most thilled to have dinner with you, my lovely lady! I shall cook a gourmet meal of all your favourites... Whatever you ask for, I shall provide for you! And if I don't know it, I shall endeavor to learn!

[Oh yes, flirting does pay off. If her smile is becoming just a little cat-like, well, who can blame her?]

I think you may be in luck, then. A hundred years on the seashore wouldn't tire me of the food. I imagine you're quite handy with shellfish...

I shall of course prepare my best tea in exchange.

Ah, yes! I am indeed well-versed in all manner of seafood dishes! Oysters, clams, crayfish, crab, lobster... whatever you wish, I will cook! ... Providing I can acquire them, of course. [He coughed, grinning sheepishly.] I'm sure I can ask some people to Bend them up for me, if they aren't available in the Market...

[He smiles, pleasedly, at that.] That sounds most pleasant! I do like tea...

It is a deal then, and well met, Sanji-san. I look forward to sharing tales of the sea along with its tails.
[She is very good at relaying different meanings through her smiles, apparently, as this one gives the distinct impression of a wink.]

There is nothing like reminiscing of home to make the winter feel warmer.

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