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[Video] Well as long as we're all confessing ...
Not Sure If Want?
lady_adventure wrote in thewake_rp
So I've decided I would like to attempt another expedition into the worlds of others. Granted I would rather go it alone, but I would need the presence of those from their own worlds to achieve it. So consider it a passing on of your history to others, from the eye of one who has experience ma-

I've never been in a romantic relationship!

[Lara pauses. Then gets a look of confusion mixed with annoyance.]

... What, that's a problem? My word, subconscious, you've been here far too long or this city is really stretching at what is necessary truth to be heard.

Now ... oh, right, if you would like to offer to have your world explored, do let me know now.

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[Video] Drift has nothing to confess!

Can go to mine. Kind of what to know what happened.

[A sort of pause.]

neither have i

[Kerblink. Uh. You didn't hear that, did you?]

[Video] What's to confess? Every good person keeps things on the surface

Good. I'm interested in the differences in the Cybertronian worlds.

[Was there something? Nah, she doesn't care.]

[Video] We shall both pretend it never happened.

You've been to other Cybertronian universes?

[Video] And then awkwardly still know it did

Yes. I also understand most of you come from different iterance of the same world.

[Video] lalala Drift is singing the denial song

Seems that there's war in every one of them.

[Great thing to be known for: Cybertronians, the killers of the multiverse.]

There's war in every sentient place. You're not alone.

Not quite to our extent. We've destroyed our own planet, and have Siege Protocols to take over and destroy others.

It's all we do. For millions of years.

[It is a giant robot thing, you wouldn't get it.]

If you're looking for a romantic date, my beautiful lady, I am always willing to offer my services!

Though I don't really have any more experience in actual relationships than you do...

[A pause, then cue an utterly distraught look.] Why the hell did I admit that?!

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I wasn't. Really. But lack of experience doesn't seem very enticing.

[A pout.] No. Lack of experience isn't enticing at all! I want the experience. Nothing serious, really... but at least a chance to have... [He cuts himself off, hands clapping over his mouth before he managed to embarass himself further, red-faced.]

Romance would be nice, too! To hug and kiss and... [he manages to squeak out, then cuts himself off again.] Shitty storm I can't control what I say! I'm sorry, my lady! I'm going to hang up before I say anything that might offend a lady's ears. .o(And before I embarass myself further!) [Flustered, he cuts the feed.]

All right, go collect yourself.

Oh no?

I would not be at all averse to righting such a grave and terrible wrong.

It's not a grave and terrible wrong.

They would have wanted grandchildren!

Oh, for God's sake!

Of course it is! A fine woman such as yourself surely deserves the passion and delight of a good romance.

There's plenty of delight and passion I can put into my work.

Yes, and it suits me wonderfully.

That is... That is very sad.

What? No it isn't. It's perfectly reasonable.

You are missing a great many pleasures, my friend. You can never say the day will not come when they are no longer available to you. And then you will have missed them all.

Oh, really? And what do you consider "great many pleasures" that wouldn't cause me to catch disease or memory loss?

Good wine, for one, and a place to drink it in which you do not have to worry about watching your back.

I'll take your word on that, then.

Not even wine pleases you?

What of brandy, then?

I'm not one for any sort of alcoholic beverage.

I- am frightened of losing control of my actions!

... Oh, fine, well there you are.

[He chuckles, almost indulgently.]

My dear, who ever told you that you must drink to intoxication to enjoy a good alcohol is sadly mistaken.

No one told me. It was merely a common observation.

Then your observational skills are in need of some work, I fear.

My observational skills are second to none.

Not if that is what you have seen, regarding fine wine.

It's regarding alcohol itself. But if you say other alcohol is different, then fine.

... Perhaps I will learn one day.

I would be more than happy to assist you in your education.

I'm sure you would.

But perhaps I need a teacher.

... Bloody hell just ignore me.

Why would I want to do such a thing?

Because this storm is causing problems.

I see no such problems.

How unobservable of you, then.

Thank you.

[He grins.]

You are most welcome.

[She opens her mouth to respond, frowns, before giving a sigh of exasperation before turning off the feed.]

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