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Green Elf Needs Food Badly
f_steak wrote in thewake_rp
[There are noises coming from the Eastern District's Welcome House's kitchen. COOKING noises. That's a rarity! But then again, so is a panda bear who can cook. Chie's pulling various things out of her grocery bags and setting them on the counter, including an oversized chunk of elephant garlic.]

I wasn't sure what kind of garlic to get, so I just went for the biggest one.

[She also lays out eggs, white chocolate, baking powder, potato starch, ears of corn, sheets of seaweed, rice, jalapeno peppers, and strawberry jam. Just what the hell did she think he needed to cook?!]

There might be some other stuff in the cupboards. But I figured this would be a good start!

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[Po examined the ingredients a moment, taking in each of them as he imagined his father might. Of course, he'd learned about a great number more ingredients since he'd arrived.]

Did you... have something in mind? [Of course, the chef part of Po's brain is already thinking of how to combine them.]

Me? Nope! I've tried making curry and an omelette before, and both wound up being huge disasters. We did okay with a cake later, but only after the third attempt. I'm pretty awful!

[She announces it so cheerfully, though. The storm's definitely in effect.]

Oh, you're not awful! You just need practice.

Okay, first things first! [He opens up one of the cabinets until he finds a small pot. A second later, he's dumped in the white chocolate and set it over low heat. He reaches into the small bag he brought with him, and produces two blocks of an amazing Miracle Food he's found here... cream cheese!] I hope you like this stuff. You can do all kinds of stuff with it!

[Though, he's going to try and avoid the eggs. They do weird him out, a little bit... but he looks to the rice, then the elephant garlic.] This is the third biggest garlic I've ever seen! This is gonna be plenty! [He picks up a knife, and begins to cut the jalapenos.] I kinda thought about dessert first, but maybe I can do something with the rice for a main course.

I...don't know about that! The curry was practically toxic, it was making purple smoke.

[But she watches him attentively, desperate to know how on earth she can make good food, if for anything else, to at least be able to provide for herself and her housemates.]

Cream cheese? I haven't had it often, but I like it!

[And she remains ignorant of the eggs. It took a conscious effort for her to remember the thing about meat, and she had to put back the pound of shrimp she'd placed in the cart when she was at the store.]

Third biggest? You mean there's bigger?

Hey, purple is a hard color to make with fireworks, so it sounds like you did something cool. Even if it wasn't, y'know, what you set out to do.

[He measures out some water for the rice, and sets that on the stove as well. He takes his time with each step, so she can see what he's doing.] When Dad taught me, he said you start off with small things first, and work your way up. Though, you know? Sometimes I wonder if he really is my dad, since we're so different. He's all into cooking, mainly just noodles. And he doesn't get kung fu at all. Plus, I mean, he's a goose. I've always kinda wondered about that. [Did he really just say that out loud? Oh well.]

[And now he can't help but tap the eggs with one finger. There were a lot of good recipes using them.] ...these weren't taken from the stork, were they...?

And yeah! Dad had one in the shop once, bigger than him! And... well, I only saw a picture of the Great Garlic. It was a story Dad told me when I was really little.

[Chie smiles. She can't help chuckling as he likens her cooking to fireworks. She can get behind that! He's probably the most encouraging cooking teacher Chie has ever had.]

I think you're the most encouraging cooking teacher I've ever had.

[See? She follows his gaze to the eggs.]

Stork? I don't think so! Those are chicken eggs, they're not fertilized or anything.

--Wait, are those bad? I didn't even think about them that way!

[She'd flail, if not for the fact that he arrested her attention with so many other things. Chie hoists herself up to sit on the counter, curious.]

Your dad was a goose? That's kind of cool! I don't know how that would work, but hey, weirder things have happened, right?

[Her shoulders hitch in a shrug.]

What's the Great Garlic story? I've gotta hear this!

[Po returns the smile, because he's incredibly happy to be a teacher. Being respected enough to do that? That's kind of awesome.]

Well, I'm gonna tell you if you do something wrong, but why shouldn't I encourage you? I mean, if you're gonna learn, are you gonna learn better if I'm mean? Of course not. [Take that, Master Shifu.]

Hmmm... [He picks the egg up and examines it. There were a ton of recipes that called for eggs in the cookbooks he'd found, but he'd always been weirded out by the idea.] So, if the eggs are unfertilized, then there's not gonna be a little baby inside, then?

And this is how a goose is my dad. [He shakes the egg a little.] The stork brings the egg, and a baby hatches out of it. But.. I guess the eggs a stork brings would be way bigger, huh?

[He goes back to dicing things, every so often checking on the white chocolate melting in the pot.] This is when my dad was really young, and he was working for his dad in the noodle shop. The word came out that an Emperor was coming to the village. [He turns away briefly from his work.] Where I come from, lots of emperors. But it was still a big, big, big deal! And the only way dad's dad could make the perfect soup was with the Great Garlic. The biggest, most flavorful garlic the world had ever known! But it was lost deep in the mountains that surrounded the valley. So dad had to go find it!

Heh! Hard to imagine someone like you fitting in an egg like that! Don't worry, nothing cute in those.

[She looks thoughtful for a moment.]

I bet you were an adorable baby.

[Stupid storm. He's sure got her attention now, though. Tales of adventure! AWESOME!]

Wow, really?! What happened next?

[On another plane of existence, Souji suddenly feels a single instant of abject terror.]

[And there's nothing you can do about it!]

[Dana's poking her head into the kitchen, investigating the noise.]

What're you mak-

[And she gets a good look at the ingredients.] might want to keep the garlic away from the rest of the stuff.

Huh? Why? It's not going to come alive and attack stuff, is it? I mean, with this city being the way it is and all, it wouldn't surprise me.

Of course not! ...I think. Who knows in this place.

Garlic has a really strong flavor and doesn't usually mix well with sweets. You should probably also keep the peppers separate so everything doesn't taste spicy.

Spice is supposed to be good for you, isn't it?

[She nonetheless obliges, glancing from Dana to Po.]

Po's teaching me how to cook, do you want to join us? The kitchen's definitely big enough!

That doesn't mean you want it in everything.

[She considers for a moment.]

What're you making?

[Chie shrugs, the epitome of clueless.]

I don't know! But he's doing something neat with white chocolate and cream cheese in a pot!

Chocolate and cheese? Sounds maybe like a cheesecake, which isn't very traditionally Chinese...

[She sounds vaguely disappointed, but isn't being forced to say anything.]

I guess not... Wait, what if he put it in some kind of dumpling? That could turn out pretty good!

[Sanji glances over all the various ingredients she's spread out, raising a wary brow.] Err... just what are you planning on cooking with all of that, Miss...?

I have no idea! :D

[Chie juts her thumb toward Po, the giant panda in her kitchen.]

I just got an assortment of different things to see what Po wanted to work with. Rice is pretty much a staple, right?

[Sanji glanced over to Po in the background... It was a little hard to see, but from what he could tell, it looked like the panda knew what he was doing. A little relieved, Sanji grinned back at Chie.] Yes, rice is indeed a staple. It's very versatile, too. It looks like you're in good hands, so have fun. Just try not to waste any of the food, okay?

I'll do my best!

[It doesn't count as food if it's completely inedible, right?]

Thanks for the well wishes!

[Well, Sanji would still consider that a waste of what could have been good, nutritious food. And even then, if it was slightly edible, he would have made the men eat it. Being a cook at sea had taught him never to waste any food, after all. Of course, things were different in Nautilus. It was an unbreakable habit of his, though.]

[He smiled brightly.] Enjoy your cooking! Put lots of care and love into the meal, and it will turn out wonderfully!

[Chie slumps, disheartened.]

That's what got us in trouble the last time.

[And no one had dinner that night. :( ]

Still, practice makes perfect, and Po's supervising, so...what could go wrong?


[Sanji winces a little at that, then grins sheepishly.] Practice does indeed make perfect, Miss Chie. If you want, I can offer more cooking lessons? [He remembered her from the cooking lesson he gave Miss Dana a few weeks back.] I haven't met this Po myself, but... [He peered at the background again, then nodded.] So long as you have someone that knows what they're doing teaching you, you'll get the hang of cooking soon enough.

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