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[Accidental Video]
f_steak wrote in thewake_rp
[Chie groggily shuffles into the front room of the Eastern District Welcome House, shouts of 'TWO DOLLARS!' fading away. Who can sleep with all that racket? Might as well bring in the paper before a morning jog. So she grabs it, kicks the door shut with a shiver, and shuffles back into the kitchen while unfolding it. No one went to sleep this week, so that's good. Looks like it's going to be even colder in the east. The south is warm but it's raining almost all week...doo de doo...]

--A Singles Page? Sheesh.

[She reads it out of morbid curiosity. And reads it again. And leans forward. And squints.]

Is that me? Ohhhhh no. No way!

[She stands up out of her chair, pointing at the newspaper.]

You are not doing this to me again! Last time I put myself out there for a date, you could hear crickets chirping! There's no way I'm embarrassing myself like that a second time! Take it out!

[The newspaper says nothing. It's just a newspaper. Chie picks it up and shakes it around overhead.]

Take it oooooouuuuuuuuuut!!

[Crinkle crinkle crinkle. Of course, nothing happens. It's still just a newspaper. Chie puts it down, frowning at it severely. Then she tosses her head and stalks off.]

Fine, be that way.

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[Aw, Dana at least likes to look over the newspaper, and now it's all wrinkled and semi-unreadable.]

Chie? What's wrong with the paper?

[Chie calls out from her room.]

I yelled at it and shook it around! Some idiot put in a singles column, and I'm pretty sure I'm in there!

Ah! Which one is you, Miss...? I would gladly take you out on a date! ♥

Huh? Are you serious?

[That wasn't expected.]

I'm not very girly, you know, or dainty or feminine or anything like that! Uh...I don't remember which number.

[And Dana kind of tore up the paper just now, so.]

Calm down - so they put your ad in the paper. It's not like you have to go, on one right?

I want to! I just don't want to LOOK like I want to, guys don't like desperate-looking girls, and I'm SO not desperate!

[She looks flustered. That was probably more than she wanted to say.]

Besides, it's going to be like the date auction all over again. That was just humiliating.

Why are you on a Singles Page?

Hell if I know!

[She flings her hands in the air.]

Aren't you on there too?

What? Why would I be on there?

[Curious Johann is curious.]

If you yell at the paper long enough, will it really take the ad out?

[Hey, stranger things have happened here.]

It was worth a shot!

[But clearly, nothing changed.]

/late, missed this before D:

Hey, at least your defining trait wasn't "puppy dog eyes."

[Mopey Peter is mopey. Why was the city trying to get him a date? That's just weird. ESPECIALLY using some of the most embarrassing language ever.]

I'd rather have "puppy dog eyes" than "stocky".

[Voice] oh why not this one too.

I think stocky's the wrong word. You've got a very slim build for someone who works out so much.

Oh, uh...thanks! That's good, right?

[Hell if Chie knows.]

This means you're back from that visit to Inaba? Hooowwwwww did it go?

[She wants to be subtle, since it might be a sore point, but her worry and the storm combined make her ask outright.]

Is Yukiko okay?

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