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neutral; chin on hand
moremischievous wrote in thewake_rp
[What up, Nautilus. Guess who looks SUPER BORED with recent events?]

I don't understand what you're all getting so upset about. So the storm is making you confess things. Big deal. You make it sound like speaking your mind is a bad thing.

[He rests his chin on a hand, managing to look even more bored in the process.]

And besides, most of these "confessions" have been seriously dull. You could at least try spicing it up before complaining. Don't you have any deep, dark secrets?

[... Affected by the storm? Hard to tell. Either way, he's certainly not apologetic about it.]

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Haven't you ever had a thought that you were sorry for a second later? Thought of saying something on impulse, but were glad that you stopped yourself before you could? It's not the secrets getting me upset, it's the things that can't be unsaid.

Not really. If I have something to say, I say it. What's the point of holding back?

Wonder if you'll still think that once you've gotten into a fight you could've avoided if you thought before you spoke.

...I didn't intend this to be self-demonstrating!

(Deleted comment)
If being honest scares them that bad, they can go to that Helix place.

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(Deleted comment)

[Video] [I am apologizing to the muse SO MUCH right now]

[Guess who's going to REALLY hate you for asking that question once this is all over? That's right, the nerdy new guy. Because his deep, dark secret is...]

I'll never forgive myself for what happened to Uncle Ben, and everything it put my aunt through. If I hadn't been so selfish, he'd still be alive right now.

[...aaand the look on the new guy's face is pretty quickly replaced by one of abject horror, and he just cannot clap his hands over his mouth fast enough.]


[Somebody should PROBABLY step in on his behalf before this gets worse. Or at least explain to him what these storms are, what this new one does, and how to get past it 8|]

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It's very simple. Either you say that to everyone who asks, or you've been affected by the storm.


Of course I don't say that to everyone who asks! Why would I?!

And wait a minute, you knew people would say stuff like this?! What kind of jerk runs around asking something like that in the first place?!

[Yeah, angry Pete is angry now. He's starting to piece things together about this "storm" being a whole lot less weather related than he originally thought...then again, this is what he gets for not reading all the helpful information Dana sent]

You would think that people would be saying them by now. How boring.

Perhaps we haven't yet had reason to reveal our torrid pasts.

[Sanji is frowning disapprovingly at the camera/Hikaru.] Yes, I do have a couple dark secrets I've been keeping. Well, not really secrets, but information about myself that I was keeping close to my chest. Plus things I'm not willing to share with strangers. I didn't know what sort of a place this was, and I needed to play it safe. I didn't want to run the risk of getting chased by justice-crazy, law-enforcement...

[Eyes widen and he immediately claps both hands to his mouth, stifling a couple muffled words. He then glowers at Hikaru, hissing between clenched teeth.] Damn you, you little shit! What's your deal?

[Look at this innocent face. Juuuust look at it.]

Why are you getting mad at me? It's not my fault you've been hiding things.

No, it isn't. But you're fucking fishing for people to spill their damned secrets.

It's more like fishing for entertainment.

[Again, it's hard to tell if he's affected by the storm, or just being blunt. He certainly doesn't seem surprised by his own admission.]

If I really wanted secrets, I'd ask you something like, "Why were justice-crazy law enforcement people after you?"

How badly do you want to know the truth?

Bad enough to bother with asking.

If you're asking about my deepest darkest secrets...

... don't really have any, sorry. Nothing deep and dark, anyways.

[As much as she doesn't want to answer, Teresa does so despite her own wishes on the matter. Have an answer in monotone.]

I was killed by a fellow novice warrior in my world. For killing a group of human bandits, who had harmed a child that had become rather close to me.

[Now she asks a question to his question.]

What will you do with the knowledge that you have gained for asking such a question?

I don't plan to do anything with it.

[That might be more reassuring, if it was clear he was affected by the storm. As it is, he at least says it plainly enough.]

I don't know, I guess I spilled the worst stuff already when our Shadows got loose. All I've got left over is the insecurity and heartbreak. That isn't too dark and deep. Sorry!

I guess those could qualify if they're deep enough. They're not very dark, though.

I suppose I'm not a very dark person. Then again, I guess that would depend on someone's definition of 'dark' to begin with, ne?

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