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{Recipe 002} The Truth Comes Out. [Video]
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[The video feed flicks on, to show Sanji pacing in his room at the Southern Welcome House, brow furrowed in concentration, puffing away at a cigarette. He's muttering lowly to himself, though nothing is clear. He stops, and finally seems to realize this is being broadcast, frowning a little more. His teeth grind down on the filter of his cigarette for a moment, before he moves closer to his communicator, sitting down in the chair in front of it.]

This city... This damned, shitty city. Apparantly, it doesn't want ANYBODY to have any damn secrets around here! Well... fucking fine, then! You want me to spill the beans, Nautilus? I'll spill the beans. Better I say this all MYSELF, before slipping up anywhere else!

[He takes a deep drag on his cigarette, letting it out in a thin stream of smoke. His brows were still knit in annoyance, but there was also a tired resignation on his face.] I never meant for this to be a secret forever. I had every intention of making this public knowledge as soon as I was sure it'd be safe to. I had to make sure no one here would hold who and I what I am against me. I didn't want to be forced into hiding, the whole time I'd be stuck in this damn city.

Let's get this straight. I'm proud of what I am. I'm proud to be a part of this crew. They're my nakama, my family... and I love all of them, even the idiots, and I'd do ANYTHING for them, and...

[He cuts himself off, pressing a palm to his forehead and hissing in frustration. Damn this stupid storm! He took the cigarette out of his mouth, tapping some ash off and letting it rest on the side of his ashtray. He looked directly into the camera, annoyed but resolute.]

I'm a pirate. I am the cook of the Straw Hat pirates. We're sailing the Grand Line in search of the fabled treasure the One Piece, to help make our captain King of the Pirates. We each have our own goals, and dreams that we're following. Now, granted, we're not exactly your typical pirate crew. How CAN we be, with an idiotic captain like ours? But we're pirates, all the same, and damned proud of that. We're sailing for adventure, to follow our own dreams... for the freedom to go where we want, when we want. We answer to no one.

[Sanji lifted the cigarette to his lips again, to take a slightly more leisurely puff.] I didn't mention any of this initially, because I had no idea if I was in a pirate-friendly port or not. It was to my advantage to keep that information hidden, while I gauged the reactions of the people. I needed to know that who and what I am wouldn't be held against me here. I needed to know justice-obsessed do-gooders wouldn't come hunting me down, intent on throwing me in jail.

You've got nothing to worry about from me. Treasure and money are worthless here, so what goals would a pirate have? You have the sea, here... and I don't know how much of it has been explored... but as I'm without a boat, I'm stuck on land. I couldn't explore very far, either, without a crew. A sloop or ketch, for example, isn't good for lengthy travel.

[He shrugs, raising his hands up in surrender.] Well... there you go. My 'deep, dark secret'. Not that it's much of a secret, and I had eventually planned to make this public knowledge... just not this soon. Maybe you don't care one way or the other. Fine, whatever. If you've got a problem with that, you can talk to the sole of my shoe. .... Except for the ladies, of course. If you're worried, I can assure you, you have no reason to be. I would never hurt any of you!

[He pauses, then shrugs tiredly once more, reaching forward to turn off the feed.]

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That's awesome!

[Sorry, came out before she could help it. She clasps her hands together in front of her.]

I mean, you don't seem like the type who would murder or steal from innocent people. Right?

[Sanji raised a brow, then chuckled roughly.] I'm happy you're thrilled with that, Orihime-chan.

[To the question, he shrugged.] Nami-san is a remarkable thief, and would steal from practically anyone... [He caught what he was saying, a horrified look crossing his face.] FORGIVE ME, Nami-swan~! I never meant to speak ill of you!

[He grumbled and rubbed his forhead, a strained expression now on his face.] If it's Marines or other pirate crews attacking us, or idiots who hurt one of our own, or a friend, we won't hold back. You mess with one Straw Hat, you mess with all of us. You start trouble, we're going to finish it. We're pirates, after all. That said, we don't go out looking for trouble... though our idiotic captain seems to be a MAGNET for that. And no, we wouldn't go after innocents.

I didn't think you did.

[She smiles warmly.]

You're a nice person, Sanji-san. I've never been afraid of you. I don't think I ever could be!

[Sanji gets a small, warm... almost shy smile on his face, here.] I am a dangerous man, miss... although I would never do anything to hurt you, or see you come to harm, Orihime-chan. You've never any reason to be afraid of me.

That's okay! I'm dangerous too!

[She beams cheerfully. ...Yeah, she doesn't look dangerous. At all. Not even a little bit.]

I just don't get the feeling that you're someone who would abuse your skills and strength. I'm sure other people feel the same way about you, so please don't worry too much. You're very welcome here in Nautilus.

[Sanji grinned, one brow quirked in amusement.] As an angelli, I have no doubt of that.

[His expression flattened a little.] Well, my temper isn't the best, Orihime-chan. My patience is fine with women, but when it comes to men, all bets are off. I can't stand rudeness to a lady, or idiocy in general. [Nevermind the fact that he acts like an idiot himself fairly often.] I have very little patience with men, and a short, hot temper. I have kicked men for the slightest of transgressions, sometimes. Beaten some men bloody, when they've deserved it. [He winces, a tired look crossing his face.] I hope this damned storm is over, soon.

--Oh, sorry! I'll ask you more about it after it's over, so you can tell me whatever you're comfortable telling me.

But I'd definitely love to hear some pirate stories in the future!

[You get an honest smile at that.] I might not be the best storyteller, but I'd be happy to tell you some stories, Orihime-chan.

YAY! I'll look forward to it, then! And I'll make biscuits, ha ha ha!

[The smile brightens.] I look forward to eating your biscuits, Orihime-chan!

It's a fair trade for stories about PIRATES!

[A grin.] It's a deal, then.

... Kay.

[He, uh, doesn't see the big deal.]

So you be a pirate... Dat life actually don' sound to bad.

[No law. Going by your own morals. Sounds fun.]

[Sanji is unfamiliar with the guy, but he grins in return.]

It's a crazy life... but a good one. I wouldn't trade it for anything, myself. I'm glad I joined this crew.

Gotta do what ya love, homme. No one can fault ya for dat.

They call me Gambit.

But my name's Remy.

[Ah, Dammit, Storm.]

[Sanji nods decidedly in agreement. He tilts his head to the side, then chuckles roughtly.] Is 'Gambit' a moniker of yours? Like the titles they give certain pirates, in my world? Or is it something different. What would you prefer to be called, then?

Oui, Gambit be my alias o' sorts. Guess I got it for bein' out a da box.

[He smirks. He likes you so far.]

I prefer Gambit, mostly. Not many folks know my real name, 'less day real close ta me.

[Sanji nodded faintly.] Gambit, then... I take it you didn't mean to tell me your other name.

... No' really. Da city li'es ta play, it seems.

I admit, dis my first storm since bein' here. I can' decide if I ain' impressed or annoyed at it.

It has an odd sense of the word "play".

This is my first storm, too. I guess you arrived around the same time I did? Orihime-chan said that a lot of people showed up at once, and many of them returned to Sleep... last month? Shit... has it been a month already?!

I got here when all dat was goin' on. Thought I'd get ta go home, too, wit 'em all, but... guess not. I still here.

I've been told you can go home, but you have to really focus, and want it. It's not easy for new arrivals. And even if you do go home, it's not the same. You'll feel like a shitty puppet in your own body, unable to affect anything. Your life's a book that's already been written, and all you can do is watch. [Sanji huffs, frowning, still not at all thrilled with that.] I haven't tried it yet myself. I don't think I can do it, yet... I might not be strong enough... and I'm a little afraid to find out what it feels like. . . . . Shitty storm... I WANT to see my crew again, though. I miss them, and... [He bites off another curse, shaking his head a little.]

There's the possibility you can go back to Sleep permanently, too... You forget all about Nautilus, and go back home, none-the-wiser.

Yeah. I heard 'bout all dat... I don' really know I wanna go home right now. Friends think I turned 'gainst 'em, based on wat some crack pot says...

... Wish I knew what would happen, 'fore I go back...

[Sanji winced at that.] Ow... I can see why you wouldn't be anxious to head back home, then.

Unless there's some sort of fortune-teller here, I doubt that's possible.

What sort of pirate? The story kind, or the kill-and-exploit-everyone kind, or-

[She can't think of any others. Hint: She's hoping that the answer is the first.]

Well, my guess is the story kind, since he's searching for treasure. Don't think kill-and-exploit pirates care much about dreams.


Okay, don't care about dreams and family.

Mr Freeze.

I don't think that Sanji is like that, but dreams and family don't necessarily mean they can't do bad things.

No, I meant you had a point.

...And you have another one. But thinking on bad things people did at home doesn't help anybody. Nautilus, as mad as I am at it right now, is the city of Change. So, good pirate or bad pirate, he's been nice enough here. [Shrug] I've got no reason to mistrust him.

[But then again, Wally's default setting is trust. >> Trust until REPEATEDLY given reason not to. Dumb kid.]

I still want to know. I want to think that he's a Robin Hood-type pirate, but without an answer... There will always be some doubt.

Well then, guess we'll just have to wait for an answer.

[Sanji folded his arms, tilting his head to the side in thought.] There have been a lot of stories about pirates, Miss Dana. Some good, many bad. I'm guessing, though, you mean the 'good' type?

[He listened to Dana and Wally talk, frowning very faintly in thought. How to answer? Well, honestly, thanks to this damned storm.]

We're out for ourselves, first of all. We have our own dreams and goals that we want to accomplish. We don't care about helping others too much, nor solving the world's problems. We're not interested in being "heroes". Our captain, though, seems to make friends very easily, so we end up helping random people, here and there. Sort of a 'side-effect' in Luffy's thirst for adventure.

That said, we are currently helping Vivi-chan return to her country, and free it from the influence of Baroque Works. Vivi-chan has become nakama to us, so we help nakama. We're not about to go pillaging villages and slaughtering people all over the place, either. If you attack us, we'll fight back and give no quarter... but if you leave us alone, we'll do the same.

The "hero of the tales" type, yes.

[Sanji's explanation is reassuring, but confusing.]

How does that make you pirates? You're out for yourselves, and not affiliated with any company or government, but that's not wrong. It's like- you're independent explorers, or maybe mercenaries, but you have your own morals that most people would consider strong. Why would people have a problem with it?

Because we sail under a pirate flag. We consider ourselves pirates. Our ultimate goal is the One Piece, and Luffy's dream of being King of the Pirates. We are pirates. We might not be your most typical, cutthroat pirates or anything, but we're pirates all the same. To Luffy, pirates have the most freedom on the seas. We're not tied down by anyone, or have any responsibities to anyone.

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure the World Government doesn't look too highly on 'independant explorers', or the like. I never paid much attention to them, but I doubt they like people criss-crossing the globe outside of their jurisdiction. They like to keep a tight hold on things. To sail in defiance of the world government's laws pretty much automatically brands you a pirate. Or at least a rogue... There are mercenaries, and bounty hunters in our world, and the government lets them be, so long as they're bringing in other criminals. [He shrugs.] It's complicated, yeah... and I'm not sure how such things work in your world.

People have a problem with it because, on the whole, most pirates can't be trusted. They're a rough, violent bunch, who'll cause chaos and destruction wherever they sail. Crews like ours are the exception, not the norm. There are good, loyal pirate crews out there... some out for treasure, some out for adventure, or both. They'll still put up an intense fight if you cross them. By hoisting the Jolly Roger, we're putting ourselves in direct conflict with the Marines and the World Government. I guess it's sort of an 'if you're not with us, you're against' us kind of mentality?

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"With us or against us" mentality, and "tarring everyone with the same brush". It sounds to me as if pirates are like gangs back home; they make their own rules and ignore the laws, and most- well, all back home, really- are out to hurt anyone they please. But even though your group doesn't do anything harmful, you're treated just as harshly as the rest, just because of what you call yourselves. Does that make any sense?

Your World Government sounds incredibly controlling. We have international laws back home, but they're meant to protect, not restrict. And I don't think you could get arrested just for calling yourselves pirates; you'd have to actually break laws, and probably big ones, or else you'd just get fined.

[Sanji grins widely.] Pirates are gangs, basically, Miss Dana. We just sail on the water, rather than travel across land. And yes, that makes perfect sense, Miss Dana.

[A small nod from that.] I haven't had much direct contact with them... the World Government, that is. We probably will, at some point, given Luffy's goals and just how much CHAOS he seems to attract to him. Even before I became a pirate, though, we'd get a lot of Marines coming through our restaurant. Some were okay enough people, but then you'd get some massively arrogant ones, too... with huge chips on their shoulders. [He shrugged faintly.] They thought that because they're on the side of justice, they could do anything... especially with the rest of the Marines and the Government backing them up. [His smirk grew a little sharper, here.] Those that got a bit TOO big for their britches, in our restaurant, though... we soon taught them just who called the shots on the Baratie.

If it reassures you, Sanji-san, I once knew a retired pirate captain. We got along famously after he stopped trying to use my husband as a puppet in his selfish schemes.

As long as you do not harm me or anyone I care about, I will hold nothing against you. That is my general policy when dealing with questionably reputed individuals.

[This was the first time Sanji's received a written reply, so it takes him a little time to figure out how to respond in kind.]

I assure you, Miss Israfel, I will never harm you. Nor any other woman. If a male friend of yours decides to pick a fight with me, though, all bets are off. Depending on the slight, though, it might not go further than some heated words. Unless he decides to engage me completely in battle, it might just be a light kick or two, to prompt him to behave, or improve his manners. I will try to restrain myself, if I know he is a friend of yours. I have no doubt, though, that anyone you care about has impeccable manners, Miss Israfel!

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The adamant reassurance is appreciated, though I did not anticipate any such danger from you. You seem an honorable man, and I'm pleased to have made your acquaintance.

[She's not going to mention how amused she is by the mental image of him kicking any of her friends...]

[Sanji puffs up happily at the praise, though she can't see it.] And I am very pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss Israfel~! ♥

I pride myself highly on my chivalry! My thoughts may not be the purest, at times, but... [Previous line hastily scratched out. If this had audio, you would have heard him cursing a blue streak at the storm.] No matter what, I will never allow a lady to come to harm! I could never think of hurting a lady!

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