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[Action] Flowers for the Masses!
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[Orihime has been making her flower list and checking it twice before delivering flowers to her friends, to ensure they get the best of the best. At the museum, she leaves bearded crepis (protection) for Alice, and French Willow for V (who should know what that stands for). And at the memorial, she leaves a large bouquet of brightly-colored zinnias.]

[But that's quite a basket she's got there! Others, like perhaps Wheatley and Caesar, might get some Venus' Car (fly with me), since she thinks they'd have fun with that. Do YOU want a flower? Do you want to try giving one to Orihime, knowing that she might cheerfully ask if she can have it a week later, or accept it because she thinks it's funny? Then you TOTALLY run into her while she's flitting from district to district! After all, even if she does have the flower language book that V gave her months ago, she still feels that same compulsion to go give flowers.]

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[Hello there, Orihime. Fancy seeing you passing by Holiday's house. Do you sense eyes on you? Because he's watching from the roof.]

[Orihime doesn't sense eyes, but she does sense reiatsu! She looks up, blinking at Six. Her smile is awkward, and a little shy, as she waves at him. She knows of the situation, and she's been careful to keep her distance so as not to upset or aggravate him. She looks through her basket, trying to decide which one he'd like best. It isn't hard for her to decide on a spray of small yellow fennel blossoms. They're not the prettiest flower, but as they mean 'strength' and 'worthy of praise', the meaning is one she wants to convey. So she lays it down on the front step, retreats, and inclines her head in his direction.]

[Six studies her for a moment before leaping down off the roof, landing in front of her.]

Thank you for the flowers. You are?

Inoue Orihime.

[She inclines her head.]

Nice to meet you! ...Again, sort of!

[He simply nods to accept that. Then he raises an eyebrow at the flowers.]

Nautilus's flower compulsion?

[She nods, brightening.]

Mm! But don't worry, V-san gave me a guide a long time ago, so I know what they mean.

[Orihime holds up the book in question.]

[Dana's heading to Orihime's bakery to visit and talk. Guess what she wants to talk about. Hint: She's "wearing" Ghost around her shoulders. She's also got a chamomile for Orihime, since "energy in adversity" is the definition of Orihime.]

[It's a good day for a visit, since Orihime is decorating a vanilla and lemon cake with bright candied violets. She's not sure if those will count as an effect or not, but as they mean 'love and faithfulness', she considers it's probably not such a bad thing. Besides, if she sells it, she's not really GIVING it, right? She looks up as the door bell to the bakery jingles, and beams.]

Good afternoon, Dana-chan! --Oh, you brought your kitty?

[Smile in return!]

And a flower! Which hopefully won't cause any strange effects, because it suits you already. It's chamomile.

[She looks around at ground level. There's a surprising lack of excited puppy.]

How's your new puppy? Have you named him yet?

Oh, thank you very much! I drink chamomile tea, but this is the first time I've seen what the flower looks like.

[She fills a glass with some water, and places the blossoms within, sprucing and primping cheerfully. What a thoughtful gift!]

He's good! I didn't bring him with me to the bakery, since most people don't like dog hair in their frosting for some reason, hee hee! I'm calling him Batdog-chan for now, but only because it's funny. It'll probably be Charlie-chan.

Too bad about the dog hair in the frosting; otherwise, he might make a good mascot. Some of my favorite stores in Gotham had cats, and dogs might work too, if they can be trained not to jump all over the customers.

[Ghost looks up at the word "train", then jumps off Dana's shoulder and starts prowling the store.

[Dana looks puzzled at her cat's behavior, but giggles at "Batdog-chan".]

Why Charlie-chan? I mean, Batdog's obvious...

Ha ha! It might be a while before he's old enough for that. Unless Batman-san trains him, of course.

[She cuts a slice of banana cake, laying it on a plate, and offering it to Dana with a cold glass of milk.]

I sort of had a temporary dog a long time ago, when I was still pretty new to Nautilus. I didn't know it was actually one of the residents, and I called him Chaplin-chan. Like the famous comedian! So Charlie-chan seems like the next best name to use.

[Well. No one's ever given him flowers! ...or anything in general, for that matter. Wait, no- the city gave him that scarf and that aerosol- lot of good as either of them do him.]

Do you want me to tuck them anywhere, or put them in some water?

[She can't wait to see what he thinks of flying!]

Oh, um, I suppose water will be fine. Necessary for plants, after all.

-okay who's moving the ground?

[Orihime inserts the stems into a freshly-Bent vase, but pauses at the question. And up he goes?]

Oh, it's working! You're flying, Wheatley-san!

I'm flying?! But- wh- how does- well I'm not supposed to be flying..!

[He flails around a bit, and then pauses, looking around some.]

...actually this is kind of neat...! Heh! Look, I'm not, not stuck rolling around pitifully on the ground! Can I actually go anywhere like this? -oh look'it that!

Is it okay?

[She smiles up at him, tucking her hands behind her back.]

I know I should have asked first, but I wanted it to be a surprise! I hope you like it!

[Otherwise she's going to feel pretty bad.]

[Sanji's still unaware that the flowers are causing side-effects, thinking it was his error, on presenting flowers the other girls didn't appreciate, whom he'd gifted with flowers. He beamed at the sight of Orihime, and practically bounced to her side.]

Ahhh... the gorgeous Orihime-chwan~! ♥ You are as ever more beautiful than the flowers that surround you! I'm jealous that you've received so many flowers from other admirers, but can understand their rapture with you. [He grins and winks.] May I add to the beauty surrounding you by presenting you with some flowers?

[And he holds out an European Sweetbrier (poetry), a red mimosa (sensitive, bashful, modesty), and blue hyacinth (sport, game, play).]

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Oh, Sanji-san!

[She seems happy to see him. She laughs at his comment, coloring and waving her free hand.]

No no, I didn't get any admirers! I mean...well...someone did give me honeysuckle, I suppose...

[Which is tucked into her hair just behind her ear, and she's awfully happy about that. She looks at the flowers, and though she doesn't recognize the meanings of the first two, she just barely looked up hyacinth so she's aware of it. She also knows he's not giving her flowers of love, so she's a little more relaxed about them.]

Wow, those are really pretty. Thank you so much! You've been reading the book, then?

[Orihime doesn't take them quiiiiite yet, since it's better to be safe than full of cracktastic.]

[To Sanji, any gift to a lady is given in love! It's just a very broad 'love'. XD He's still holding them out to her, though his arm had pulled back towards his chest a little, in a casual, relaxed stance.]

[His cheeks coloured a little as he smiled shyly, tapping the flowers against his chin.]

I have indeed, my sweet!
To be receiving flowers is quite a treat!

Though simple flowers cannot match your stunning vision,
to make a pretty lady smile... that is my humble mission.

So many meanings, for so many flowers...
I am quite surprised at their possible powers.

[As soon as he was done, Sanji blinked comically, then stared at the flowers in his hand.]

[Orihime laughs. His expression is priceless! Then she applauds, since it's not every day she can claim that someone recited poetry to her.]

Maybe we should leave the poetry flowers out, I'm not very good at rhyming!

[Which isn't QUITE true, but she's more likely to make up rhymes that have no direct context to one another.]

Err... [His blush only deepens, as he tries to remember which flower was what. Well, the flowers were definitely affecting him! Some of them, at least.]

I humbly admit, I am still quite new...
not as well-versed in flower meanings, as you.
If I could remember which one, I would remove it, true...
I... definitely don't think it's the blue...?

[He grins a little sheepishly.]

I am very happy to have made you smile.
It makes my picking these flowers all worthwhile.

Your laughter is like music, your smile like the sun...
With your beauty and your nature, my heart is won. ♥

[His cheeks go an even darker red at that, and he pulls the hyacinth out of the bouquet, holding it out to her. He hadn't meant for things to get awkward, and given what Orihime had shared with him...]

Ahh... please forgive any rudeness on my end!
To potentially upset you... that I did not intend!

I would never want to do anything to upset you...
You are just so caring, my fondness for you is true.
As is everyone, I'm sure, who has ever met you.

[Orihime's amused smile softens, her heart touched. Sanji has to be one of the nicest people she's ever met. He treats her so kindly. The hyacinth normally invites play, but given how blue it is, it could also mean constancy. Either of these are acceptable, she thinks, and she takes the stem with a nod of thanks.]

[Then she puts her arms around his shoulders and hugs him. He's just so sweet with her!]

You can cook and write poetry? You're very talented, Sanji-san!

[She laughs, then smiles, closing her eyes.]

And really kind. Thank you so much.

[Another hug from Orihime? Sanji was immediately in heaven, hearts in his eyes. He wobbled a little, legs going weak by being hugged by a pretty girl... still a moment's hesitation before worries left and he was hugging her back.]

Orihime-chwaaan.... such an belle!♥
When you're near, my heart does swell! ♥

Ahh... the poetry is not my choosing,
I'm afraid it's the flower's doing.
I've been complimented before, though, on my verse...
if I practice, perhaps I could make a hefty purse?

.... damn these shitty flowers,
I'm getting annoyed at their constant powers.
I've a mind to toss these 'round the bend,
if my rhyming that would end.

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