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Mission Log 29 [Action // Backdated to this morning]
sixthdeadliest wrote in thewake_rp
[In the Enchanted Forest to the South, a dark shape gallops between the trees, pausing only to periodically rear up and whinny in outrage. At one point, the shape reaches a clearing, sides heaving with exertion.]

[It's a unicorn. A
black unicorn to be specific. It also looks mighty put-out as he (clearly, this is a stallion) stops to drink at a pond, dipping his horn into the water to purify it first.]

((OOC: Feel free to have this be viewed via scrying if you prefer. Otherwise, have fun stumbling across this pissed off beast. Just a head's up though: Six does remember how things are supposed to be, but if he doesn't focus, he tends to behave like one of the unicorns from the Five Hundred Kingdoms series. Meaning if your character is a virgin, he will start acting a bit goofy and muddle headed around them when he's not paying attention so please let me know if this will be the case. XD))

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[Someone's bored and touring the network.]

Unicorns, too...

If a camera is following you, you must be one of the citizens.

[By the way, this image should cheer you up, Six. Nothing on but a towel... and scales... and gills... and a fish tale you can't see... AND HER NECKLACE THING! That's considered clothes, right?]

[She hates this storm, BUT she doesn't seem to have enough shame to not send out videos, so. TADA!]

[Six lifts his head up in shock at seeing her. His ears flatten for a moment and he paws the ground in challenge, automatically lowering his head to skewer the threat with his horn.]

[Wait. No, that's not a threat. His ears swivel back forward.]

[...If a horse could smirk, that's what this unicorn is doing. He gives a whickering laugh before a familiar voice leaves his mouth.]

Now that is a nice view.


[Video -> Voice] so many chains lately. Done


SIX! You're a horse!

[And MY GOD this woman could pass as a cherry.]

[ Action / Pre Finding Luna I assume :D ]

[ Hi Mr. Ponyman, have a lovely witch flying cautiously around the trees in search of a certain cat familiar. Cats like trees, ergo she might be in one! BRILLIANT! She's distracted though, at the sight of the unicorn. ]

Oh My!

What a magnificent creature! [ She leans over a little on her broom. ]


[ And yes, she is a virgin. Nyaha. :D ]

[Action Forever] Okie dokie! XD

[He lifts his head to get a better look at the redhead. Wait. This is one of those Tennyson kids, right?]

[He tosses his mane with a bit of pride at her observation of how fine he looks. As irritating as this form is, he does look good.]


Oh you DO speak! How simply marvelous!

[ This is just the best thing EVER. ]

How fortunate to see a creature as glorious as you are in my search for my dear little familiar. I don't suppose you've seen her - she's the sweetest little black cat you would ever meet. Her name is Luna.

[Keep stroking his ego, Gwen. So far this is the best thing to come out of this annoying form.]

[He shakes his head.]

Haven't seen any cats. Sorry.

[Strange. He's got this strange urge to lay down beside you and put his head in your lap.]

Ah, a steed.

[Bro be stalking you right now. And he intends to ride.

You may or may not be able to sense his presence.]

[He's drinking away at the pond. One ear flicks and he swishes his tail to swat at a fly. Other than that, he's relatively calm.]

[Bro, if you jump him, he's gonna buck like nobody's business.]

[Is he? Is he really?

Because that's exactly what Ezio just did.]

[ASDSAFGASJIGJVIWAFS!!! Six immediately starts to buck and run, trying to throw off his unwanted passenger.]

Get off!

[There's a spirit floating around in the forest. She's rather lonely, considering most people can't see her. But unicorns usually have a connection with the mystic, so maybe-? She drifts closer with the wind, but she doesn't get her hopes up.]

[As she drifts closer, he can sense something but he doesn't know what it is. He wheels this way and that, pawing the ground uncertainly.]

[OH HE TURNED HER WAY! She hides behind a tree.

...And then realizes that she wants to be seen. She moves closer again, and her voice is uncertain in the breeze.]


[Six's ears flick, hearing the greeting. He turns this way and that, trying to find the source.]

[Action; hunting attempt is a go-go!]

((... there might be no room for goofiness here.))

[There is a wolf and she is prowling behind him. A unicorn is still a horse in her eyes and she enjoys eating horses.

She flattens herself against the ground, ears slicked back, and prepares to leap.]

[The wolf is downwind of him, so he can't smell her. However, if she makes any noise, he'll whirl about to try and get a bead on what's attacking him.]

[Clanking. Whirring. Clicking. Wow, this guy makes a good deal of noise when he moves. It's not hard on the ears, just...obvious. He couldn't be stealthy if his life depended on it.]

[The Clockwork Knight pushes his way through the brush, trying to figure out exactly how he got there when suddenly--]

What's this? A noble steed with no rider?


[Action Forever!] LOOOOOOL

[He looks over at the sound of the mechanical noises, snorting at the "steed" portion of that. ("Noble" he has no objections to.)]

[So this is what happened to Rex. No help there.]

[He flattens his ears and snorts.]
Don't get any ideas.

Well, what do you know! A steed with no rider and one that speaks, as well!

[It's clear that Rex does not recognize his partner at all, not by sound of voice. The storm not only altered his appearance, but his ability to remember himself and others as they should be.]

[Rex moves closer, smiling and trying to appear as harmless as possible.]

Ideas? Well, I do admit to having that I am a knight with no horse. Every hero should have such a companion to join him on quests!

Pfffft. I just remembered Six is probably gonna have the urge to put his head in Rex's lap. XD

You and every other adventurer in this forest.

[Okay, so he's only run into one other so far, but still. It's ridiculous how many people see unicorn and think "free mount!" Weren't unicorns supposed to be revered or some such nonsense?]

[...Oh, no. There was that weird urge to nuzzle and just turn to goop.]

Go find yourself a horse.

Of all the luck... To have my mount disappear on me! I can't believe he would run away. I can't find him anywhere! But... if I can't find him, perhaps a substitute? A prince cannot be taken seriously without his noble steed...

[Hello, Six! Have an incredibly dorky-looking Sanji headed your way. He pauses at the edge of the clearing, watching curiously.]

Ah! What is this? Collier... is that you? [He starts to approach Six, happily... before he slows, then comes to a stop.] No... it's not my steed. Still, a very noble-looking beast. Black, though. Hn. A black steed is no mount for a gallant prince, unicorn or not. They should be of the purest white~! However... perhaps I could redeem this beast's image? [He beamed, nodding to himself.] Yes... being the mount of a pure-and-noble prince is sure to redeem the image of a black steed, even a unicorn, from a minion of evil, to the most righteous of creatures!

[ooc: I will most likely be slow in posting (net is down at work), but... XD Dunno if you want to play the Rex + Sanji squabble over him, or if this'll stay separate. I'm okay for whatever.]

((OOC: We'll have to talk to Straya and ask if she wants the showdown now or later. XD We also might want to check with both her and Ezio's mun since it looks like the assassin's got the same idea as Rex and Sanji.))

[Six listens to this whole spiel with open annoyance. Once Sanji is finished, his ears flatten and his eyes narrow, the man-turned-unicorn clearly unimpressed.]

You can't be serious.

[Yeah, good luck trying to get a saddle on him, Your Majesty.]

[ooc: hmm... yeah. Hopefully we'll all be able to get on AIM at the same time. XD If not, this can just be one-on-one. ^.^]

[Sanji doesn't have a saddle with him, but he does have a bit and bridle, tucked into his belt, when he went off on his search for his missing steed. He had started to approach slowly, warily... when Six spoke up, and stopped short, eyes widening.]

You can talk!

[He tilts his head to the side, confused.] What a magnificent beast. I've never seen one that could talk before. Is it an enchantment? Did a fairy grant you the ability to speak? Or did a witch curse you, changing you into that body? [He paused, then frowned faintly.] Or is it, mayhaps, a punishment...? To a criminal who dared assault a fair sorceress? [He was a black unicorn, after all... and everyone knew that light = good, and dark = evil!]

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