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[Text // Locked to Dana's friends] Emergency - Backdated to Saturday
quality_friend wrote in thewake_rp
[If you've met Dana and your network communication device supports it, you just got a notification in the text messages section, saying:]

Dana Tan is in trouble and needs assistance.

[The same is also posted to the network, but without any elaboration.]

((OOC: Takes place during/after this log. Rescuers after Dana, please comment on this thread. The post is locked to Dana's emergency contact list, which is everyone she trusts who isn't too young to help. If you're not sure if your character is included, please ask!))

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[The response is almost instantaneous]


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[Her reply, on the other hand, takes a while; she needs to clean the webbing off enough to use the speakerphone.]

Southern District. Food market. But it was a while ago and they're gone now...

[She sounds more distressed about that than relieved. Her voice is also still muffled.]

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[ Seester is totally in this contact list, no? :D ]

Dana? Where are you -?!

[Muffled reply.]

Circe? Southern District, food market. But Marian's gone.

I'm sorry...


[He needs to know where to run first.]

[Muffled reply]

Southern District food market. But they're probably at the Western District by now...


Skyfire? I'm- Southern District, food market, but the spider's long gone. Marian...

Where are you, Dana? What's going on!

I'm- at the Southern District food market. Airachnid's got Marian...

[Sanji feels a jolt at the text message comes in, and he starts to run out the door immediately, but stops. He knew it wouldn't do any good to run off half-cocked, without even knowing where Dana was. He hurriedly called Dana, hoping she was capable of replying.]

Miss Dana! Where are you? Are you alright? What's happened?!

'M okay, but Airachnid has Marian. We were at the food market, but they're gone now.

((Eighteen years old, but... technically, physically seven over here. I suppose Ai's out of the question, huh? ^o^;))

((Yeah... she wouldn't want to upset the looks-like-a-little-girl.))

[This? Not cool.]

Where are you? I'll be on my way right this moment.

I'm in the Southern District, the food market, but Airachnid's gone...

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