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{Recipe 004} Catching up on some Zs... [Accidental Video]
hurt wince
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[Looks like Nautilus is playing Candid Camera again! The video clicks on to show the interior of the small tower by the sea. It's empty and hollow, and pretty much gutted, though there is evidence of the reconstruction work going on.]

[One corner, however, is decidedly not empty. Boards are covering the stone walls, and they have been painted a multitude of blue hues; from pale sky blue to navy, from cerulean to sapphire to azure to cobalt, from sea foam to ultramarine... the wall is a riot of blue.]

[Scattered around on the floor are various projects, too. There are short planks of wood of varying types: cedar, oak, pine, birch, maple, mahogany, and teak. Random designs scroll across the surface of some, either burned or carved into its sides. Fabric scraps of silk, satin, taffeta, cotton, even some leather and suede lay strewn around, again in shades of blue, though with some contrasting colours like dark reds, burnt oranges, and some earthy browns and some shades of off-white. Sheets of paper are scattered all about, scribbled over with notes and rough, messy drawings and design plans. If they can be made out as such. (an artist, he is not) There are a few plates and glasses, of varying designs and colours, in another pile.

[And in the center of this all lays Sanji, curled up on his side, fast asleep. Apparantly, he'd decided to go ahead and play around with some design choices, before the repairs or construction is fully complete, and practice his Bending while he was at it. It all could be Bent away, after all, when the real work needed to be started. It doesn't look like he'll be waking up any time soon. Actually... it looks like he's been there for a day or two, given the fine layer of dust that's starting to build up on some things...]

[ooc: okay! So Sanji has Bended himself to exhaustion. ^.^;; To note: he wasn't chain-winding (*was too late to jump on that post* ^.^;), but he is still not that good at Bending, and he has been focussing a lot on trying to Bend, while this chain-winding thing is going on. As things got harder, he just attempted to focus more, and 'push' the Bending through. So he's simply tired himself out (he's stubborn that way). Feel free to reply to the video, or action it up if you like. :) ]

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[Lily's been walking the beach some more and stumbled on the tower. Curious, she peeks around, looking at all the incomplete work with growing interest. She's playing with the burnt orange scrap of fabric when she almost trips over a lump on the floor.

...Which happens to be a person.

Deciding he looks exhausted, Lily goes back to the Welcome House, rounds up a blanket and a pillow, and comes back. She doesn't rush about it, but she makes sure not to take too long.

So Sanji, you're now covered in a blanket]

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[As the blanket is draped over him, Sanji shifts in his sleep, letting out a low moan. His eyes open, and they peer up at Lily, blearily. All he can really make out is a woman's face, surrounded by a halo of red hair, and he gets a lazy, dreamy look on his face.]

Ahh... my Nami-swan... Have you come to keep me company in my sleep? [He reached up, tiredly, with one arm, and closed his eyes, making an exaggerated kissy face.] My bed is always welcome to you. Come warm my side, and accept my kiss of love... ♥

[Yeah... he's still clearly dreaming, here.]

[Yeaaaaah, maternal instinct's gone. She jerks back pretty quickly there and just... chucks the pillow at his head]

[Well, the impact knocks his head back, and certainly wakes him up. Sitting up, he rubs his head groggily, clutching the pillow in his other hand. His eyes are shut, one brow twitching in annoyance.] Oi... which one of you assholes threw this at me? You've got some guts...

[He opens his eyes, then blinks in surprise as his surroundings finally register. He drops the pillow, a sheepish expression crossing his face at the sight of who did toss the pillow at him.] Ah! Do forgive me, dear lady! I was dreaming I was back home. Please forgive my rude language! I would never say such things towards a lady such as you! [He looked down at the blanket now strewn across his lap, then looked back up at Lily with wide, adoring eyes.] Did you bring this blanket for me? Ahh~! To be the recipient of such a gentle and caring soul warms my heart~! ♥

[No, you have some guts-




[She's so befuddled by this stranger that she can't even think of anything to say]


[Sanji immediately gets on one knee, and moves to take her hand if she allowed that.] Allow me to bestow my thanks upon such an angel of the night... [And - had his attempt to hold her hand been successful - now is bowing is head to kiss the back of her hand, almost going in slow motion. Would he get lucky with this gesture of affection, this time? Or will the laws of nature right themselves?]

[It takes her a moment to register what the heck is going on, but when she does, she quickly pulls her hand out of his grip. YIKES THAT WAS CLOSE THERE, LAWS OF NATURE]

Words are quite enough thanks.

[He blinks a little in surprise as the hand suddenly disappears, then looks up at Lily, grinning sheepishly.] I apologize for having put you out, in retrieving these items for me. A lady shouldn't have to go out of her way for a lowly man such as myself. Is there anything I can do, to repay your kindness? Simply name it, and it shall be yours~! ♥

You could start by speaking to me as if I'm a human being.

[Sanji cleared his throat, grinning sheepishly up at her.] Ah yes... my apologies, my lady.

[He stands, brushing the dust off of himself, before looking over at her again. It was a bit of a struggle, but he managed to bend up a rose, and held it out to her.] I'm afraid this place is rather a mess, and nothing is ready... but if you were to accompany me to one of the welcome houses, I can cook up a glorious meal for you.

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