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winter is coming
iceandhonour wrote in thewake_rp
There are a good number here with skill at arms. The question I pose is thus: Are we capable of engaging in combat in an organized manner?

[His hand rests heavy on the sword beside him, thoughfully.]

There is much to be said for individual training, but I do believe that it is past time that this city develop an organized guard, practiced at cooperative combat.

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Been in a lot of battles.

[His combat cred is a few million years long.]

Hn. I'm in. [Well, that was easy?]

Good. There is a particular challenge to combining tactics between larger and smaller fighters.

Yes. And those of us who can fight without Bending may be better suited to take the front lines.

[Video] I've got to get more CR with these two. XD

...[Drift is going to get mad at her for this, but...she even glances around a moment as though making sure Drift isn't around to hear...]

Can I help too?

[Fidget.] Maybe...not with fighting, but...Papa has taught me a lot about medicine...?

[Video] must defend children....

[There passes behind Ned's eyes perhaps the image of his own daughters. dancing lessons, ha.]

Have you been taught to defend yourself?

[Are you trying to give Drift a spark-attack?!?!]

[Video - What's this? MORE CR? yus plox]

I'm getting training, plus when I get the rest of my powers back, I'll be pretty strong.

But an organized guard? Like an army?

[He sounds pretty skeptical.]

Hardly an army. A city guard would be a more appropriate term.

I couldn't agree more.

[Recent kidnappings and mad robot shenanigans have made this Tennyson realise that people in the city all have their own ways of being heroes.]

[He is begining to be concerned at the level of youth responding. But then, they are not so much younger than his own son, upon whose shoulders now lie the burden of leading fighters....]

Do you have training?

[Sanji raises a wary brow at this guy. He's never seen him before in Nautilus. What sort of authority did this guy have, to be starting something like this?] And just who are you?

['Organized guard'. Sounds a lot like the 'Marines', to him. He can understand the need for something like that, but he's not willing to be part of that himself. He already has a crew, thankyouverymuch!]

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell. Deceased, rather, so that title rightly goes now to my son.

Never heard of you. What makes you think you'd be good in organizing an army, for lack of a better word...?

... Wait. Deceased? You mean you're a ghost? [Cue Sanji being a little unnerved here. Well, this was Nautilus, and he'd heard of people at least fighting ghosts before, from Orihime.] How can you fight, if you're a ghost?

I can shoot.

[So says the girl looking about seven year old.]

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