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[Accidental video] - Backdated to Monday night
in a spot of trouble, not a great time
quality_friend wrote in thewake_rp
[The camera is focused on Dana, who is tossing and turning, obviously troubled by one of those nightmares everyone's been having. Suddenly her eyes open, and she sits upright.

[After a long moment of just staring at nothing in particular, she screams, which turns into crying. She then jumps out of the bed, still sobbing, and runs off-screen. When she appears again, she's dressed in everyday clothes that are obviously thrown on hastily, and she's running around the room, throwing things into bags.]

((OOC: Takes place right after this nighmare. People planning to tag into that dream, please talk to me before commenting here!))

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[ She's been staying off the network more and more lately, but when she saw this reaction, she couldn't ignore it. ]

... Dana?

[The feed is still video, but Dana's not in view.]

Circe? I- I'm sorry. At- least I can say good-bye.

... good bye? What are you --going back home for a while?

[Loooong pause]

Y-yeah. I'm going home- indefinitely.

[Here Dana, have a worried looking fox knocking on the door to your room]

Dana? Dana? Are you alright in there?

[Marian doesn't want to just barge in... but if she doesn't get an answer quickly, she will anyways... Manners be dammed. If Dana is having a nightmare, Marian is going to be sure she isn't going through it alone.]

[Jump at the knock. She was hoping to leave without anyone noticing, but between the scream and the apparent network post, that's not happening.]

Marian? I- I'll be fine, soon. Don't worry about me.

[No way there Dana... If you think she's going to leave that easily, or let you leave once she figures out what you're planning... You have another thing coming... You and Lily helped her after her nightmare...]

... Now why don't I believe that?

[Marian is trying to get the door open... It's a bit awkward at her height though... Also? Asking her not to worry? Ha. If anything, that makes her worry more.]

[Eeep Marian's coming in quick hide the bags under the covers.]

Just- trust me. It'll all be better tomorrow morning.

[As weird as he may be sometimes, Caesar is still an older brother. He can't ignore crying.]

Dana? What happened?

[Like with Circe, reply's still in video format, but Dana's nowhere in sight.]

I- realized something. [But not saying what. If she says she's leaving, he'll try to stop her.]


Realized what?

[His eyes flicker down so they're looking into his screen more than the camera. He can't see her anywhere...]

Are you all right?

I- need- home. I'll be fine, just- need to go home.

[Dib's already promised himself he wouldn't talk to Dana, but damn it, this is too dumb for words. So apparently hysterics are worth it for him to break his silence]

...What, are you seriously going to try running from the nightmare?

[She doesn't recognize the voice, just answers automatically.]

No. Making sure it never happens for real.

By...running away. Despite there being a big difference between nightmares and reality.

And people call ME crazy..

It could happen. It's going to happen, unless I leave.

[And then the crazy part makes things click.]

...Dib? [This wasn't how she wanted to apologize, but... she's not going to have another chance.]

I- I'm sorry for- what I said the other day. It was- completely out of line. I- wanted to give a better apology, but...

[Sanji looks very worried - and confused - at Dana's actions.] Miss Dana... are you alright? What's wrong?

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[Still video, but Dana's speaking from off-screen.]

I- I had a bad nightmare, but I'll be fine. Just need- a little time, that's all.

[Those damned nightmares...! Still plaguing the city, apparantly. And now, poor Miss Dana had suffered through one! A very upsetting one, going by her reaction. What could he do to help? Well, he could offer her his company. Comforting food. His strong arms around her, and a soothing backrub, perhaps?]

Do you want me to come by and make some tea and biscuits? Perhaps a glass of warm milk, or a hot toddy? Something to soothe you after your terrible nightmare...

No- I just need some time to myself, now.

[Voice//Locked] OHAI! Am I too late to this party?

Dana! Wait! What's going on? What're you doing?

Holiday... I'm going home. For- [choke. She can't say it.]


... Which gate?

[East. It's closest.]

S-south. That's where I woke, how I went home before.

Please, Dana. Just calm down and wait for me, alright? The city knows when you're ready to leave before you do, so please don't try anything. I don't know what'll happen with Bending the way it is.

[Well, she's headed South...]

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