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neriae wrote in thewake_rp
[It's impossible to miss the massive shield that has surrounded Nautilus, encompassing the entirety of the city. Forest, plains, and ocean – outside of the Southern, Northern, and Eastern Districts, respectively – are encased as well. Helix has been bypassed, and stands outside of the shield's protection. What's happening inside the clockwork city is anyone's guess.

[But Nautilus has remained untouched by the threat looming so close, just outside of the shimmering barrier. And, far above the city, the Deva of Bubbles is working to keep it that way.

[Although the angle is awkward and the feed marred by the occasional shower of static, Nautilus records the scene as best it can be captured. Neriae remains in much the same position as before: floating high above the city with her head tilted back and arms outstretched, as though shaping the shield with her body will help keep it in place. Her face, too, is still twisted in concentration ... but that easy to miss, next to what else is missing.

[The Deva's blindfold is gone.

[Briefly, the video catches a clear glimpse of her eyes. Sensations rush through all who see them: Weightless. Rising. Tension. About to p o p . . . .

[And then the angle changes.

[Another figure "steps" into partial view, not having been there but a second ago, appearing behind the Deva. Like as that green uniform hasn't been seen in quite a while. Blond hair whips back from teal eyes, eyes cold and focused for what he has prepared himself to do.

[He lifts his right hand, revealing a blade tight in his grasp- however not Grosser Fluss for any familiar with his dual snake-swords. The sword is given an almost lazy spin to put it into the right angle, and although his lips move, his words are a whisper lost amongst the static, his quiet apology perhaps never to be known. At the same moment the blade is rammed into Neriae's back, without warning, without a blink.

[A twitch, a jerk, and the Deva's arms fall. Something liquid – too thick to be blood – spills from the wound, shimmering with the reflection of her attacker's uniform, transforming the green into an array of otherworldly colors. Her head turns, and she stares at him with a Deva's eyes ... as they slowly dull to an earthy brown.

[Just a moment of incomprehension. And then, sadness.

[Past the fluid now spilling from her mouth, she mouths a word, just as her body begins to evaporate.

[His eyes widen momentarily at her last word, expression softening with...regret? He watches almost numbly as her body begins to vanish, and the blade that protrudes through her, perhaps strangely enough, begins to fall apart as well, breaking down beginning from its tip and working down its length, blowing away in a flurry of ashes.

[As the last of the ash is taken by the wind, and the last of the Deva rises up like the bubbles that were her element – almost as though being pulled away – a deafening bang splits the silence.

[The shimmering shield doesn't shatter like glass. It simply pops, gone with the Deva who had held it.

[Above, casting its massive shadow over the entirety of Nautilus, is the Dark Aeon.]

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... [He's still looking down where Neriae had been, where the sword in his hand had dissolved.]

...what should have been done...what had to be done...

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Don't you see? We were only giving the Aeon time to gather strength! The other Deva were exhausting their power in stabilizing a shield when it could be put to better resources.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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What's happening...?


[He didn't just see this.

And yet, he did.


[The normal blank expression on her changes to a look of shock as she watches and eventually realizes what it now means.]


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[The sad thing is that even despite a woman dying horribly and a Cthulu-like creature planning to descend and destroy everyone, he's still finding this amazing to watch]



[There's nothing else on his mind. Sure. Giant Aeon. Dead Deva. Can he do anything about those, right now? No.]

[But maybe -- ]

Nash! Stand down!

[He raises his hands, no longer armed. His work's finished here.]

Stay there.

I'm coming for you.

No time. We have to keep moving now.



[It's an outcry of anguish, Ratchet watching helplessly as the Deva perishes.]

[There is nothing he or anyone else can do... His Deva is gone.]

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Old timer --

Don't lose it yet. We have other problems!

[It's probably not helping. But he's trying.]

She...was my Deva.

[His optics shutter briefly, mouth drawing into a deep frown.]

I know what problems there are... This ain't my first war.

[Then, abruptly, he hefts the Magnus Hammer and cuts the feed.]


[Immediately Kergan is there, grasping desperately and ineffectually at the fading effervescence.]

You can't you can't you can't...! This didn't HAPPEN!!!

[If Nash is still there... +_+]

[He lifts his head, jumping back once Kergan appears. He doesn't even stay long enough to hear those words, vanishing immediately from that place.]

Neriae? Nash! What did you do?!

[Her voice is breaking. Besides the feeling of helplessness, she trusted, she liked Nash, even after she found out he was an assassin. Why...]

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[Why can't they understand? But then he knew this would happen. Still, it had to be done. Didn't it...?]

There was no other way...

There's always another way! Why did you kill her?

Because it had to be done!

Killing her had to be done?! Why killing? Why?!

[Video] ooc: keywords!

[Sanji was scanning the network, when he came across Neriae's post. His own eyes widen slightly, at the sight of her unmasked eyes, then the sensations hit him. It made him feel so much like a boat lost on the ocean in the wake of the upcoming war, bobbing up and down on ever-increasing waves, helpless and at the complete mercy of the sea, and he hated how useless he felt. He was still debating whether or not to retreat to Kalliste. On the one hand, he didn't like the idea of running away, leaving others unprotected... it was cowardly, to him. On the other hand, he was well aware of his limitations, and while he wasn't a coward, he wasn't an idiot, either. He knew that there were some battles he couldn't fight... things he couldn't do, but others COULD... and it was wisest to let people play to their strengths. Even with his strength a little less that he would have liked, thanks to the weakened Bending, he still COULD fight, if need be. So... for the time, he stayed. He still could be needed, here, in Nautilus. He'd faced off against powerful enemies before, just... nothing like this. The tension was... too much.]

[And then, the second figure appeared on the scene, and before a word could get out elsewise, the deed had been done. Sanji's jaw dropped in shock, and then he stood abruptly, chair screeching along the floor as he pounded his fists onto the tabletop.]

Lady Neriae! LADY NERIAE~! YOU BASTARD! I'll fucking kill you for that! How dare you kill a lady! Kill someone who was protecting us! You fucking traitor!

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But Batman listens to every unlocked conversation instead of reacting visibly. There's... more to this. There has to be.]

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