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antovil wrote in thewake_rp
[The video begins with Antovil standing by one of the chains.  His expression is grim.]

Wakened, yeh haven't got much time.  Get to Kalliste if yeh can't fight.  Now.

[A beat, as he turns to gaze at the chain.]

Kergan, there's no other choice if we're going to make a stand, yeh?  We're going to have to cut 'em.

Everyone else, get ready t' fight.


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[Kergan stands up from her flower field, pushing a fist over her damp cheek.]

I'm coming.

[Video] --> [Action]

I'll be waitin'.

[There will be no flirting or teasing from Antovil today. Not after Neriae's death. Seeing Kergan will be some comfort, however.]

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[True to her word, Kergan appears in a flutter of white petals, looking decidedly unhappy. She rocks unsteadily on her feet, glancing to Antovil. What she really wants is a hug, but they both know time is of the essence. She gives him a wordless nod, swallowing the lump in her throat, and holds out her hand to create what looks like a paper thin oversized lily pad with razor sharp edges.]

Gods and monsters; there seems to be a standard set.

Not a lot of options left, yeh?

Precious few I'd pursue, and 'fighting' the best by far---of those options available.

On that, we're agreed.

As easily as I argue, I'd hate to have one with you, let alone with the problems of our present.

[It is a kind of compliment, and an acknowledgement, also; some things should be said while the opportunity exists.]

[Antovil nods his head in agreement. It is far better for them to be on the same side, especially right now.]

We do have plenty o' those. This probably won't be our only fight.

[What with how Hekket apparently went off the rails while they were gone and Neriae's subsequent death...]

[Sanji's expression is grim, having witnessed Neriae's death, the anger at that - and not being able to do anything to stop it - still flowing through him.] I'm not running. I'll stay and fight.

[A pause.] Where do you need me? Are there any offensive plans? [Plans would be nice, but - thanks to his captain - he's well-used to adapting on the fly.]

Talk t' Lelouch. Looks like he's makin' the plans, yeh?

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