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[Accidental video]
quality_friend wrote in thewake_rp
[The camera shows Dana sitting by the Northern Gate in her makeshift camp, which pretty much consists of her sleeping bag and a few things scattered around. The girl looks really tired, leaning against the edge of the gate with her eyelids drooping. She's still shielding, though, as evidenced by the faint glow around her and the gate, but it does seem to be flickering rather than holding steady.

[All of a sudden a young man who bears some resemblance to a rat appears out of nowhere, his clothes on fire. He walks towards Dana, muttering, taunting her about killing him and not deserving to live. At first she cringes back, but well before he reaches her "camp", he's suddenly brought to a stop by a glowing shield.]


[Her voice is tired, but it doesn't waver.]

You're dead. You tried to kill me, and I ended up killing you. It was an accident, but it happened. I'll have to live with that, but I've accepted it. It's not how I would've wanted things to turn out, not at all, but it's how it ended.

Maybe I didn't deserve to live any more than your other victims, but it's not my fault that they died and I lived, it's yours. It's your fault we'll never know just who they were or how they died, that their families won't get proper closure, but you'll never do it again.

[She stares straight at him.]

You're just a personal ghost. You can't hurt anyone anymore. Go away.

[And with that, the strange man does disappear, as suddenly as he arrived. Dana breathes a sigh of relief and slumps back against the side of the gate, letting her shields go back to just outlining herself and the gate as she does.]

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... [Oh boy.]

The Aeon. How long has this been going on?

It's the nightmare I have most often.

[Waaaait... she wasn't asleep and they saw that...]

That wasn't just a dream, was it?

[Shakes her head. Nope.]

So, it was real, then. Or was it?

[She looks away, at where the apparition had been.]

No way to find out now, except with a repeat appearance, which I hope doesn't happen.

[Looking back at the communicator screen.]

You think- it's the Aeon's doing?

It has to be. We anticipated something like this.

... [On another subject.] Dana, are you sure you want to stay in the city?

[Blind leading the blind, Rebecca. You know you don't belong.]

[Holiday blinks for a second, but otherwise is unchanged.]


From what Sideswipe's told me, Kalliste might not be the safe haven we expect it to be. Here, I'm doing something useful. Even if I die, [pause, deep breath] it won't be pointless. Everyone will know how and why, and it'll give the rest of you warning.

... I know what he's talking about, but, so far, it's safer than here. The threat that haunts that place is, supposedly, long gone. It'll be fine with others.

[But, uh.] Self-sacrifice isn't a good strategy, Dana.

[Look at you! Calling the kettle black. You're such a damn hypocrite.]

I'm not planning to die, but- I'd rather go out fighting, protecting someone. We can't Bend at Kalliste, and Gotham survival techniques wouldn't work against an Aeon.

You can't Bend in Kalliste and I don't think it can either. It's not Hellix, but I'm not sure on all the differences.

Are you staying with anyone, Dana?

It won't need to. At that size there's not much I could do to it.

Charmcaster's here now. Besides that, the people shuttling evacuees show up ever so often...

[Video] woops. Put an angry icon by accident XD


If things start looking bad, though, call me or go on to Kalliste, okay?

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That's my plan. [Sort of. She thinks that if things get bad, she won't have time to call for help or go to Kalliste.]

[ After her tedious travel up to the Northern gate, Charmcaster comes upon a girl. Bearing in mind she has no idea what Dana looks like, she assumes this just might be her. ]

[ She approaches slowly behind Dana. ] Uhm Dana?

[Tired nod to acknowledge the other girl.]

Yup, I'm Dana. Charmcaster?

Yeah, that's me. [ She flashes a smile before looking concerned. ]

You okay? You look...drained.

[Nod.] Just tired; haven't been sleeping more than quick naps, and I've been practicing shielding. It's been getting easier, but...

But you don't know how long you can keep this up for? Right?.

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Right. Maybe I don't need to shield it all the time, but...

[Looking at the gate for a long time.]

I don't want everyone evacuating Kalliste to be stranded there because I let my guard down.

That's noble...

But it wouldn't do them any good if you completely ware yourself out and are unable to shield it at all.

That's why I'm trying to pace myself. Stick to the outline shields, which aren't nearly as draining as bubbles...

[And she trails off, as she just reminded herself of Neriae. She never went to the Deva for training, like others had suggested... Now she never would.]

Hey... We're in this together. [ She felt a similar threat to what happened in Legerdomain here in Nautilus, it reminded her of the sacrifices and how she could do nothing. Here and now, she felt she could do something... And Dana seemed to share that feeling. ]

Maybe I could take over for awhile. My magic should be able to sustain the shield long enough for you to get some rest.

I've never tried combining Bending with someone's magic before. I create the shield myself through willpower. How does your magic work?

[ She gets her spellbook out and flips through the pages. ]

It works in a similar way.

Where will fuels your shield. My magic is fueled by mana, or life energy.

[ She pauses for a moment. ]

Don't worry it won't be harmful.

If all else fails I may be able to enhance the shield you already have up... [ She begins to flip through the book again, looking for several solutions. ]

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Okay... Tell me when you're ready, and we'll see if you can take over supporting the shield I made?

[ Charmcaster takes a deep breath then nods. ]


[ She creates a circular aura in front of her. ]

Stand back...

Cortego Emineo!

[ A beam shoots onto the shield and slowly begins to form over it. ]

(ooc : I'll let you decide whether it is successful or not.)

[The visual effects are obvious, and Dana also notices a pressure being lifted from her mind, as it were.]

Yes... it's working. [A small laugh] Honestly, I'm not feeling as tired as I was a minute ago, but it's probably better to sleep when I can.

[ The spell covers the entire shield. ]

I can stand watch for a bit, while you get some rest; if you'd like?

[Action; dated before Charmcaster turned up.]

[Eric and Max had walked from the Holiday household all the way toward the Northern Gate, where Eric had been told by Charmcaster that this Dana girl was who would be able to get him and his dog into Kalliste. He immediately notices a girl, one whom he swears he spoke to once before via video, and approaches her.]

Excuse me, miss? Are you Dana?

[Even if Dana hadn't seen the two approaching herself, she definitely noticed Ghost getting more antsy. Because of the dog, maybe?]

Yup, I'm Dana. Eric, right?

Yeah, that's me. We've spoken once before, right? Anyway, I was reccomended to see you by Charmcaster. She says you can get me and Max here to Kalliste.


When you first arrived, and when you went deaf...

[Blushing a little.]

I'm- not exactly a guide, just watching the gate. It is pretty simple; like Kergan said, just point the arrow towards Kalliste and walk through.

[Pause, considering...]

How are you and Max with cats?

Upon hearing his name said, Max gave a happy bark, then licked Dana on the cheek. Eric laughs.

I don't mind cats. Not a fan of 'em, but I don't have anything against 'em either. I think Max feels the same way.

[She giggles as Max licks her.]

I was hoping to get someone to look after Ghost in Kalliste-

[She doesn't get any farther, because at those words, Ghost makes a dash for the gate and starts climbing up it.]

Eric gazed up at the cat climbing the gate. "...Well, Max and I may not have a problem with cats, but this one doesn't seem too keen on having us around," he said regretablly, "So I doubt I can take you up on that offer. I'm sorry."

Max looks confused at the cat's actions. Was it something he did?

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[Dana's not paying attention to you at the moment, having run to the gate and is now calling up to her cat.]

It's for your own safety!

[She turns back to Eric.]

No, it's not you. She's acted like this whenever I even mentioned someone taking her to Kalliste over the network. She doesn't want to leave me.

Well, I guess that's more reason why I can't accept looking after her. She wants to stay with you too badly. I think I agree with her too...pets and their masters oughta stick together, right, Max? ( Pets Max. )

So...we just point the arrow to Kalliste and walk through, right?

But- she can't Bend, and she's so small...

That's what everyone else has done, yes. I don't think having a cat sitting on the gate will change anything, but maybe you should wait until I get her down?

As long as she's with you, she'll be fine, I know it.

Uh, sure. Don't want to risk anything...

[Nod to Eric, then a sigh as she looks up at Ghost.]

All right, I won't send you away. Come down, please, and let other people go to Kalliste?

[Ghost is satisfied with that, and she jumps down into Dana's arms.]

(Eric moves to the gate and turns the dial to "Kalliste". He turns to Dana and smiles.)

Thank you, Dana. I hope I'll see you again.

(He then signals to Max before walking through the gate and vanishing. Max barks a goodbye to Dana and Ghost before bounding in after his master.)

[Sanji tenses immediately at the sight of this man approaching Dana, and was about to run out to her to help, when she stopped him with her shield. He bit down on his cigarette as he listened to her confront him... still tense, but waiting to see, now, how she would handle this. When the apparition disappears, a small, proud smile turns up one corner of his lips.]

Very good, Miss Dana. I knew you were a strong lady. Do you want anything to eat, or drink? Some company? You need to keep your strength up.


I'm fine for company; got Ghost here, and Charmcaster should be arriving soon. Food would be good, though; what I've got is getting monotonous. Something that doesn't go bad, so I can keep duplicating it.

[He's glad she isn't alone. He's not so glad for the comments on her food supplies, though.] I'll bring up some food that I have stocked in the south here. I have some frozen soups and stews. They just need to be dethawed, add a little water, then re-heat. If you can... duplicate the frozen soup, I think you should be good? So long as you have something to keep the soups frozen with you. I also have some fruit tarts that should be able to last a little while...

I don't have any way to keep them cold... right now, at least. I could try to make something, but... I don't want to strain myself, creating a freezer and some way of getting electricity all the way out here.

Bending's been a little easier, lately. I can make a cooler, and fill it with ice... Would you be able to duplicate the ice, at least? That way you'll be able to keep things cold.

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