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14th Spell - [ Video ]
Ready to Fight
anodite_spark wrote in thewake_rp
[ The feed turns on, with Gwen darting through one of the districts, her hands glowing pink. She had no words for how glad she was her Bending was back - she really, REALLY, hated getting near those goopy things. Like the one she was fighting now. It was bad enough they smelled godawful. But when they were defeated - ]

Is there no end to you things?

[ A ball of energy slammed into the nearest, causing it to explode. Messily. She created a shield to get the worst of it from hitting her though she didn't avoid it all. She really liked those clothes you know! ]

Erugh! There has got to be an easier way to take these things out. The smell is nauseating -- I just hope I didn't get any in my hair.

[ Grump. She pauses, and since she saw no more puddlespawn nearby, paused to run a hand through her hair to check. ]

Ben, how are you holding up? Do you need any-

[ She doesn't get to finish that sentence, when something catches her eye. Crap! ]

Hex! What are you --

[ Apparently, no one likes Gwen finishing her sentences, apparently, because a blast from Hex's staff cuts her off. It slams into the hasty shield Gwen erects, forcing her back and causing the shield to splinter slightly. ]

This is just not my day. [ And the feed ends. At least this time she doesn't get clobbered upside the head. ]

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[It's hard to tell, with the black fabric, but Sanji's shoes and the bottom of his pant legs are covered in puddlespawn splatter. He's taken the time to Bend up a handkerchief to cover his nose and mouth, his tie now abandoned. His bangs are faintly plastered to his brow from sweat, but otherwise he's not showing too many signs of exhaustion from fighting. He had been glancing at the network during a lull in the fighting, and he stood up stiffly, eyes wide, at Gwen's post.]

MISS GWEN! Are you okay? Where are you?!

[ She's a bit distracted of course, not able to give the network her full attention. Hex's blasts from his staff are shattering Gwen's shields almost as quickly as she creates them. ]

What? I'm okay - I'm... uh, in the South district still --- didn't even know he was in Nautilus--!

[Whatever is happening does NOT look good at all. Cue Sanji running. Where to, exactly, he doesn't know, but... he'll find her somehow!]

Hold on, Miss Gwen! I'm on my way!

[ He'll probably hear the sounds of battle. Hex isn't really any stronger than Gwen remembered him, but distraction with thoughts of Charmcaster was putting her on the defensive more than she liked. Ah! An opening! She hurled a ball of energy towards the wizard, though he dodged, causing her bolt to crack into a tree - the wood split from the force of the energy, and the tree itself began to tip over. Timberrrrr? Hopefully Sanji's not in the way of its descent! ]

[Sanji dashed onto the scene, easily finding the location as he grew near, following the sounds of battle. He easily jumped out of the way of the falling tree then stopped at the edge of the clearing, scanning the area. He took a good look at Gwen's opponent, sizing him up and the situation. He didn't look too difficult an opponent. Not that he was stupid enough to underestimate an enemy, especially one throwing around magical powers like that, but Sanji was certain he could take him.]

[Taking a moment to light up, he smirked and pointed his cigarette at the man.] I would have thought a man your age should KNOW it's not polite to attack a woman. I guess it's up to me to educate you... .o(Distract him from Gwen, first... then attack.)

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[ The distraction is successful - Hex turns away from Gwen to peer at the other who rushed to her aid. ]

Fool. You think to interfere with me?

[ Also it's rude to point things like cigarettes! Which is why Hex is pointing his staff at Sanji. ]

Try if you wish.

[Sanji just calmly placed the cigarette between his lips, and stuffed his hands into his pockets, affecting a casual stance. He looked calm and composed, and perhaps even indifferent to the danger presented, but Sanji was actually tensed, prepared for battle and ready to spring into action in a second's notice.]

Idiot. Get your facts straight. I AM interfering with you. What are you gonna do? Try and smack me with that oversized twig of yours?

.o(Let him make the first move... then react. Kick this guy's ass for attacking Miss Gwen.)

Disresepctful Whelp - I will show you to talk back to your betters.

[ He does make the first move, though he is primarily a magic user. He doesn't particularly want to get close to Sanji - he levels that 'oversized twig' at the chef, sending a bolt of lightning at the other man. Gwen has meanwhile found her footing, though she isn't quick enough to call a shield to try and block the blast. ]

[Sanji just let out a dry snort at that.] My "betters"? If you can SHOW me any around, outside of the beautiful Miss Gwen over there, then I'll apologize to them.

[Sanji jumps high into the air as that blast is sent towards him. Those shots are fast! But he's sure he can dodge them. It would be even better to get in close. Sanji kicks off of a tree at the high-point of his jump, aiming towards the stranger. When he lands, he immediately rolls into a series of flips to build up momentum as well as provide a harder target to hit, moving quickly towards Hex.]

[ Fake!Hex scoffs at Sanji's praise of the other girl. ]

You are a fool, boy, if you think that of that girl -

[ He has to stop though, because Sanji is becoming frustratingly difficult to hit. He growls, raising a hand to throw another spell at Sanji, when he suddenly finds it difficult to move his staff. Probably because Gwen took the opportunity loop her mana around it and YOINK it out of his grip. ]

Sanji, now's your chance!

[As soon as he drew close, at Gwen's cry, Sanji stood on one leg and twisted, bringing his heel down sharply towards Hex's neck.] Collier!

[If that hit connected, Sanji would move smoothly into a combination attack that would be devatastating if they all managed to connect. As soon as the foot that hit his neck met the ground, he twisted about, swinging his other leg up, then down in a kick towards his shoulder.] Épaule! [Sanji would bend into a handstand next, one foot shooting up to slam into his ribs, then would use that momentum from that upswing to turn around and slam his heel back down on his lower back.] Côtelette! Selle! [Following that, Sanji would then stand up, and stab at his chest with his foot, then sweep his other leg at the man's kneecaps.] Poitrine! Gigot!

[And THEN... provided all of those hits actually land, Sanji finishes it off by jumping slightly into the air, and putting all of his strength behind one powerful side-kick into Hex's stomach.] Mouton Shot!

[ooc: Feel free to have either all the hits land, or maybe Hex manages to block/avoid some/all. ^.^]

[ This Hex is no where near as skilled as the real Hex. He was something of a one trick pony, really - and he was weak to physical attacks. While he avoided the first hit, it only put him right in the way for the follow up -and from there, he was a rag doll to Sanji's kicks, uttering a serious of 'gaks' and 'oofs' until the final shot slammed into Hex's stomach. The nightmare creation hurtled into through the air, slamming into to a tree, where he coughed harshly, and slumped to the ground. He doesn't rise, but the form soon dissipates - including the staff in Gwen's hands. ]

... whoah. { This for Sanji's performance - it was pretty amazing, and she'd never seen a style like his - not even kick boxing could compare. TUrning her attention to the Fake Hex as his form broke up, she relaxed. ]

I don't think he's going to be a bother anymore.

[Sanji moved back into a relaxed state after his last kick connected. He would be ready to snap right back into the fight if the guy tried to attack again, but was confident that he wouldn't be getting up immediately. A brow raised as his form vanished from sight, though. Well, that made things easier, at least.

[His expression turning to one of concern, he moved over to Gwen's side.] Are you alright, Miss Gwen? Who... what was that thing?

[ Gwen sighs softly, her eyes glowing pink briefly as she scanned the area to make sure no enemies were around still. ]

Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks, Sanji - that guy... His name is Hex. He's an enemy from back home - a sorcerer from the Realm of Magic.

Ahh... I am very glad you're okay, Miss Gwen! Would you like anything? Some tea, perhaps?

Has he Woken here? I don't remember seeing him on the Network... I know I kicked him hard, but that shouldn't have been enough to kill him. Unless the jerk was a lot weaker than he looked. Do people... usually vanish like that when they die here?


He's here too? [ She's speaking to herself and is unsure what she should to do. Head back to find out for herself or stay in Kalliste. ]

[So, Drift's been slashing his way through the puddle things himself, fighting his own nightmares, but Gwen's voice cuts through.]

[Of course, it's someone else he can disappoint. Something else he can fail to do.]

Gwen. Where are you?

[ Aw Drift, don't be so hard on yourself. :( ]

South District - abou-WHOAH! [ This is Gwen narrowly dodging a bolt of energy. ]

Awakatello Folliget!

[ Good thing about being in the forest is there are plenty of vines to animate to buy her some breathing room against Hex. She's a bit out of breath, but answers properly. ]

About thirty feet in. . . I think.

[When you have a phantom of the only mech that ever actually liked you telling you you are a failure who betrays everyone, it is hard to be cheerful.]

On my way.

let me at least do some good

[ Oh Drift :( ]

Got it - I'll ... try to set up - a beacon - [ Her wording is a bit erratic, since she's focused on fighting. Not too long after saying so, she hurls another orb of mana into the air, to sort of "mark" where she is. Of course this leaves her wide open for a staff-blast, and she is knocked backwards with an OOF, tumbling onto the ground. Erf. ]

[He spots the pinkish burst in the air, like some kind of flare. Good enough. His tires crackle over gravel and broken glass and slip in puddles of the goo, skidding to a halt as he approaches, just in time to see her fall.]


[He leaps from his alt, drawing both short swords, flinging himself at her attacker.]

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[ After saving Sunny ( Happened here! )
, Charmcaster had been traveling around the south district trying to locate Gwen. ]

Where are you...

[ Suddenly the sound of a tree falling caught her attention. ]


[ She runs toward the sound. ]

(( ooc : Already cleared this with Gwen. ))

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Useless, girl.

[ That does sound like Hex, but there still seems to be something -off- about him. Gwen seems to be holding her own pretty well so far though. ]

I don't know where you came from, but you'll be sorry you showed up here.

[ That was Gwen, clearly. ]

[ Charmcaster approaches with caution. She didn't know what to trust after her incident with Sunny. ]

[ As she inches closer to the battle, she hears Gwen go down. She immediately jumps in to find Drift flying toward a silhouette that looks a lot like her uncle. ]

Retoff Alegoria! [ She makes a hasty decision to protect the shadowed figure. The spell causes a tree to dislodge from the ground and collide with Drift. ]

[Action] aha here I am. *flake*

[ He barely registers the sound of words, before the tree crashes into him. It takes only a few seconds for the twin blades to demolish the tree, but it's time he really doesn't have right now, and he's lost his forward momentum.]

[And gotten a face full of tree. ]

Going to have to try harder than that. [Whoever it is that is trying to stop him, you are in trouble.]

[ Fake!Hex pauses in his assault against Gwen when he sees the newcomers. Charmcaster, silly girl that she is, actually helps out a good bit by distracting Drift with her attack on the Cybertronian. However his pause gives Gwen time to get back on her feet. ]

Drift -- Charmcaster, stop! It- [ Eep! She ducks a bolt of power from Hex's staff again, planting her back against a tree. Esh. "Tempestus Impaetus!"

This time a bolt of lightning aims to strike Hex - but he has yet to go down. "That's not Hex!" Gwen shouts out finally.

What!? [ She wants to reject what Gwen says but after fighting a similar battle this was rather confusing. ]

How do I know either of you are who you say you are!?

I'm not the one throwing trees at people!

[Are you serious? Why are you yelling at Drift, he just got here!]

[He kicks the rest of the tree aside, moving forward a bit more warily now, both swords drawn. ]

How bout you not attack someone till you know they're the enemy?

[ Well Hex -is- Charmcaster's uncle. . . Gwen isn't really surprised that she jumped like that. ]

That version of Hex was only created from my memories of him, thanks to that THING up there. [ That being the Aeon, of course. ]

Ask him something I wouldn't know about him. Something that only you two would know.

[ Gwen knew more about Charmcaster now, having come from her future - and Drift - well, she wouldn't be able to use that same logic, since Charmcaster didn't know him at all. ]

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