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kickoverthedesk wrote in thewake_rp
Everyone in the Southern District. Out. Now.

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What is that thing?

[Oh, he's definitely in Kalliste right now, at least.]

Pyramid Head. Near unstoppable, followed around by nightmares, rust, general decay, and not something you want to encounter. At all.

I'll keep that in mind. I'm in Kalliste, so I'm safe for now.

Good. Make sure anyone there now stays there. You may be getting a few more to look after.

Understood. I've set up enough supplies that we can handle a few more. Cleaned out some more rooms.

Why? Because of the newly-arrived being?

[Video and so was the last reply]

I have faced worse.

[Like Danny, Te'ijal also has black gunk on her face... all around her mouth.]

Having faced worse doesn't diminish the threat present.

I am not stupid. I will not engage it alone. But I also will not run.

Batman... what's going on? What is that?

[The video is a closeup of his face. If Batman is paying attention, he might notice the flecks of puddlespawn gunk on his cheek.]

Pyramid Head is dangerous. There's a reason the Western District is littered with corpses. And judging by the look of things, he isn't here on his own volition.

[Aaaand in a dangerously low voice...]

What's that on your face?

Pyramid Head? No offense, but you don't strike me as the type to give monsters cute nicknames... especially when they line the streets with corpses.

[Pause, touches at the side of is face.]

What, this? I dunno. Some gunk from those corpse monsters that've been running around. I tried to Bend it off but... no luck.

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There's nothing cute about it. [Lots of his villains have lame names. Doesn't phase him at all. But now is not the time to be joking about it.]

[He peers at the gunk, eyes narrowing]

And you haven't said anything about it?

I... right. Sorry.

[But the more he jokes about it, the less he remembers how terrified he is.]

It's not really doing anything, except maybe clogging my pores. I mean, it's been there for a couple weeks now.

[Weeks? B[ STUPID BOY. Brb, he's coming to get you.]

Don't go anywhere.

...I won't.

[He's kinda standing guard here so it's not like he was going anywhere anyway...]

As if we didn't already have enough problems without Pyramid Head comin' back through to haunt us! I don't much like the look of that violet shimmer, either.

I don't either.

[Ratchet is definitely right there.]

There's no telling who it could hurt the longer it's here.

We've not got a lot of options in dealing with him, either. He was less of a threat before we lost track of him several months ago, but that violet tint...

I hesitate to suggest he be destroyed outright, but trying to puzzle through his current intent could very well get someone killed.

Why? What the fuck is this new thing that just popped up? Yeah, it looks shitty creepy... but it can still be hit, right? .o(Right...?)

No, you can't just go hit it. It is near invulnerable to physical attacks. Attacking it alone and without thought would be suicide.

What IS that thing, then? How do you fight it?

So we just run from dat thing? It's strong. I get it. But if we retreat from all da fightin', we ain' gonna win.

The most important thing is getting anyone who could be caught unprepared out of the way. We don't run. We regroup and come at it hard. But we can't do so unorganized.

[.... meeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh]

... Okay. Got any ideas on what he can do?

[Cause you called for an evac pretty quick there.]

Aside from causing anything he come near to crumble and decay? He's invulnerable to any physical attack as far as I've seen, likes to play with corpses [or worse, but let's not go there as Squee pretends that part doesn't exist], and tends to be followed around by twisted projections of nightmares.

[Which he has been for some time...]

He also holds no qualms against attacking and killing Wakened. He's done so before. [He knows. He's seen it first hand. Despite disagreements with Tony Stark, Batman had, at the time, almost considered him a friend. SO HE DOESN'T LIKE PH.]

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[If he's a killer, he needs to be dealt with NOW.]

Can we Unmake 'im?

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