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Thomas: deep bow
ohcruelworld wrote in thewake_rp
[If you were looking up to the skies, you might have caught a glimpse of the sleek black form and the leathery wings, a dragon as it made its way from the Southern District and straight on to the North. In the Northern District its presence might be more noticeable especially as it descended towards the plaza. Its landing was anything but smooth, crashing on its side as landing otherwise would have crushed the human that had been clutched carefully between its claws.

Moments later, the Network blinks. The feed is set at a slanted angle. The same black can be seen in the background as a smaller figure of a castle master is now a few feet away from the dragon's claws, shakily trying to stand. Twice Thomas tries this; his legs fail him as he ends up falling on his hands and knees.

His eyes looks bleary, staring at the ground as he tries to breathe, voice trembling.

...O-Orihime...Th-that wasn't...

[He freezes, gasping weakly. A hand clasps over his mouth.

The slanted angle benefits both him and any viewers who notice this, only recording the awful retching sounds that follow.

((OOC: This takes place some time after this log.))
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Thomas! Allspark Almighty, hang in there, kid! I'm coming!

[Ratchet had been patrolling outside the Medbay, but now he's ditching that task in a hurry and teleporting straight for the Plaza of Whirlwinds. He arrives in the blink of an optic shutter a short distance away before running toward the pair, heavy metal stabilizing servos pounding across the pavement...]

[Thomas coughs, barely catching the sound of the Autobot's voice and the his hurried approach. But he feels weary, leaning against Soren's side as he stares blankly at his worn journal.]


[Action] Wasn't sure if I should wait for Soren to do anything or not, so...!

[Reaching the pair, Ratchet glances to Soren before kneeling at Thomas' side, exam lens sliding into place over one optic.]

It's me, kid. Don't try to move. Just lay down and stay down.

[That said, he starts checking Thomas' vitals using his on board sensors, his x-ray scanner searching for broken bones and damaged internal organs.]

Can you tell me what happened?

[Action] This is good! Soren will pop in later.

[From the looks of the scans, Thomas appears to be in good shape. Nothing more than losing whatever contents he had in his stomach at the time.

He stays there, barely nodding at the Autobot's orders.

I-I....can try.

[He just has to take another minute to breathe.]

Orihime? What- you saw her? She's back?


Never mind; is Ratchet taking you to Medbay? I'll get a room ready- what about the dragon?

[There are too many questions to answer all at once. He tries to say something else as he recovers, his mouth gaping before he speaks.]

Soren– He needs more attention than I do.

Soren- that's the dragon? I don't know how to help him, but Ratchet might-

–He's here. R-Ratchet is here. We'll...try to figure out what to do.

[He's terrified to ask, but...]


[Although he has recovered a bit, reluctance of what he knows is seen in his eyes.]

... it was real. Wasn't it?

That - that thing - was...I-I didn't think–

[He couldn't think. He couldn't act.]

...I'm sorry.

[That was a dragon... And that kid from the Southern Welcome House! That... sounded in terrible shape. It sounded like help was coming, but more importantly...!]

What about Orihime-chan! Did you see her? Is she safe? Where is she?

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[Thankfully Thomas is a little more coherent now than he was earlier, but he still looks shaken.]

...She was...She was in the South...

[The South. There was that thing still in there, and probably still a lot of those slug-monsters, but... it was a large district, and Orihime was there, and he could save her... be the white knight that rescued fair damsels in distress. He'd find her, wherever she was, rescue her, and she'd be grateful, and maybe hug him or even give him a kiss on the cheek, and... But where was she, and more importantly, why wasn't she somewhere safe? Someone must be holding her prisoner still, and if so, who, so he knew who's ass to kick, and...]

[Sanji bit off a snarled curse, and started running towards the Southern District.]

Shit... South, right. Hold on, Orihime-chan, I'm coming to save you!

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