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Thomas: deep bow
ohcruelworld wrote in thewake_rp
[If you were looking up to the skies, you might have caught a glimpse of the sleek black form and the leathery wings, a dragon as it made its way from the Southern District and straight on to the North. In the Northern District its presence might be more noticeable especially as it descended towards the plaza. Its landing was anything but smooth, crashing on its side as landing otherwise would have crushed the human that had been clutched carefully between its claws.

Moments later, the Network blinks. The feed is set at a slanted angle. The same black can be seen in the background as a smaller figure of a castle master is now a few feet away from the dragon's claws, shakily trying to stand. Twice Thomas tries this; his legs fail him as he ends up falling on his hands and knees.

His eyes looks bleary, staring at the ground as he tries to breathe, voice trembling.

...O-Orihime...Th-that wasn't...

[He freezes, gasping weakly. A hand clasps over his mouth.

The slanted angle benefits both him and any viewers who notice this, only recording the awful retching sounds that follow.

((OOC: This takes place some time after this log.))
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Thomas! Allspark Almighty, hang in there, kid! I'm coming!

[Ratchet had been patrolling outside the Medbay, but now he's ditching that task in a hurry and teleporting straight for the Plaza of Whirlwinds. He arrives in the blink of an optic shutter a short distance away before running toward the pair, heavy metal stabilizing servos pounding across the pavement...]

[Thomas coughs, barely catching the sound of the Autobot's voice and the his hurried approach. But he feels weary, leaning against Soren's side as he stares blankly at his worn journal.]


[Action] Wasn't sure if I should wait for Soren to do anything or not, so...!

[Reaching the pair, Ratchet glances to Soren before kneeling at Thomas' side, exam lens sliding into place over one optic.]

It's me, kid. Don't try to move. Just lay down and stay down.

[That said, he starts checking Thomas' vitals using his on board sensors, his x-ray scanner searching for broken bones and damaged internal organs.]

Can you tell me what happened?

[Action] This is good! Soren will pop in later.

[From the looks of the scans, Thomas appears to be in good shape. Nothing more than losing whatever contents he had in his stomach at the time.

He stays there, barely nodding at the Autobot's orders.

I-I....can try.

[He just has to take another minute to breathe.]

[Finding that Thomas is largely unharmed and probably just nauseated from whatever he's been through, Ratchet turns back to Soren. The dragon landed roughly and probably does need medical attention.]

Not seeing any physical damages on you, Thomas, so just focus on breathing and talk when you're ready. I'll see to your friend, here...

[Ratchet stands and moves closer to Soren, kneeling at his side and gently resting on servo on the dragon's flank as he begins his scans.]

[Action] Just pretend that's a dragon thar in the picture <.<;

[Said dragon is built pretty tough, and thankfully there doesn't seem to be anything broken. He'll probably be a bit sore on that side, but bruises can be dealt with.

Overall Soren just appears to be exhausted, sides heaving as he takes in what breath he can, his heart rate at least a little less of a frantic tattoo as spurred from the earlier encounter.

[Action] It's a very pretty dragon /bricked

[That was always good to hear, especially after how quick and erratic the flight and landing was. Not like the two had much of a choice at the time, but still.

He does fight down another bout of sickness, however, placing a hand near his mouth just in case.

...We just...came from the South.

It was bad. W-we were trying to evacuate. And then... [He breathes, wavering before gaining control on a slow breath, letting that fill the pause.] Then it got worse.

[Ratchet scans Soren as he did Thomas, relieved to find that there are no damages aside from some bruising. Like the kid, the dragon is going to need somewhere to rest and recover. The old bot runs a hand reassuringly over the scale covered flank before turning back to Thomas, hearing an explanation starting to come forth.]

The South...

Don't tell me you two ran afoul of Pyramid Head?

[His optics then widen further.]

Orihime... Was she there?

....not...a very

[The dragon rumbles lowly, eyes still closed, but at least he's conscious.] came upon us... as we were leaving the castle... had her...

[Another weak nod is given as he casts a sideways glance toward the dragon. Hearing Soren's sarcasm makes him smile faintly.

It doesn't last long, however, fading as he continues where Thomas left off. His gaze flicks back toward Ratchet, brow furrowing.

She was...

[The pause hovers, holding for longer than it should, the word never said aloud. Hands cover his face as his voice drops.]

...We couldn't do anything.

[To say this new development is distressing is a massive understatement. Ratchet remembers well what Pyramid Head does to his victims...and their remains.]

[But for as much as Ratchet wants to head South and try to get Orihime away from Pyramid Head, he's got duty to attend to. People who need him right here and now. First thing's first...]

Pyramid Head will be dealt with. We'll get Orihime back!

But right now I need to get you two to a safe location where you can rest and recover. You're exposed out here, easy targets for spawn from the Dark Aeon. I'll get us teleported to the Medbay and get you both situated.

[Soren doesn't bother wasting his breath for a verbal response, but he gives no argument to Ratchet's words.]

[Ratchet is right. The longer they stay here, the more opportunity the Dark Aeon had to strike. Thomas sighs softly, letting his hands drop down into his lap.]

Yes. W-we should move.

Just hold still then and we'll make the jump.

[Ratchet keeps one servo on Soren and gently places the tip of a finger on Thomas' back. A blink of an optic shutter later, they're gone, vanishing from sight and reappearing in the main work area of the Medbay.]

[The old bot looks to Thomas in particular before doing anything else after arriving. Some don't take teleportation too well and with the kid already feeling sick to his stomach before hand...]

[The dragon himself is too mentally exhausted to spare any feeling for nausea, not that he hasn't experienced teleportation before- so perhaps that also helps in the matter. He relaxes only slightly, now knowing they're indoors at least.]

[With the nudge, Thomas braces himself. Teleportation is a strange thing. Every part of him tenses during the trip, staying that way even after they arrived at their destination.

Unlike Soren, however, he's hit hard. He pales again, taking a deep breath as he tries to fight off those sick feelings.

Orihime? What- you saw her? She's back?


Never mind; is Ratchet taking you to Medbay? I'll get a room ready- what about the dragon?

[There are too many questions to answer all at once. He tries to say something else as he recovers, his mouth gaping before he speaks.]

Soren– He needs more attention than I do.

Soren- that's the dragon? I don't know how to help him, but Ratchet might-

–He's here. R-Ratchet is here. We'll...try to figure out what to do.

[He's terrified to ask, but...]


[Although he has recovered a bit, reluctance of what he knows is seen in his eyes.]

... it was real. Wasn't it?

That - that thing - was...I-I didn't think–

[He couldn't think. He couldn't act.]

...I'm sorry.

... no. No, it's - it's my fault.

I was with her and then -

[Thomas looks up, staying silent, shaking his head slowly.]

No, d-don't– don't say that. At least you were with her.

...We were not prepared for this.

I couldn't do anything to help. I couldn't even stay with her.

... I'm sorry.

[He makes an effort to collect himself.]

I - I'm sorry. This isn't helping, either.

N-no, it''s all right.

[He tries to smile, but it falters.]

This is...natural. Unfortunately.

... I didn't even ask you if you are all right.

Ah. Well. I-I'm a little better.

Mmm. That's good to hear.

A little good news in the midst of the bad is always welcome.

[That was a dragon... And that kid from the Southern Welcome House! That... sounded in terrible shape. It sounded like help was coming, but more importantly...!]

What about Orihime-chan! Did you see her? Is she safe? Where is she?

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[Thankfully Thomas is a little more coherent now than he was earlier, but he still looks shaken.]

...She was...She was in the South...

[The South. There was that thing still in there, and probably still a lot of those slug-monsters, but... it was a large district, and Orihime was there, and he could save her... be the white knight that rescued fair damsels in distress. He'd find her, wherever she was, rescue her, and she'd be grateful, and maybe hug him or even give him a kiss on the cheek, and... But where was she, and more importantly, why wasn't she somewhere safe? Someone must be holding her prisoner still, and if so, who, so he knew who's ass to kick, and...]

[Sanji bit off a snarled curse, and started running towards the Southern District.]

Shit... South, right. Hold on, Orihime-chan, I'm coming to save you!


[The trembling in his voice makes him falter, weakening in the wake of sudden alertness that crosses his face.]

–It's– Y-you can't–

[Sanji was doing this for the sake of some form of chivalry, which was good and all, but going against Pyramid Head alone was the last thing Thomas wanted anyone to do right now. Finding the right words to tell him comes out as stammers, leaving him to shake his head and yell at the man.]


[Sanji doesn't stop running, but he does slow down at least.]

What am I SUPPOSED to do?! Orihime-chan is still held captive, somewhere there, right? I can't just LEAVE her there! In whosever shitty hands she's in!

I know that! But it's dangerous!!

[Thomas' brow furrows, his voice tightening. Louder than usual, but controlled.]

I would not suggest going in there alone and within range of Pyramid Head. is a horrible, terrible creature. And running in blind will not help you or Orihime!

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I'm USED to danger. I'm not about to fucking run away. [This is snapped off tersely; Sanji is feeling very frustrated, and useless, at the moment.]

[Sanji hissed lowly in frustration, slowing to a jog.] Then how the hell are we supposed to rescue her? How do we FIGHT this thing? I'll keep my distance... keep TABS on the thing, at least, so we know where it's moving... but if it really IS that terrible, all the more reason we can't let Orihime-chan stay in it's shitty grasp!

[Flinching is normal for him as a reaction to such; it doesn't lead to Thomas backing down when he knows the consequences are dire.]

I cannot stop you from doing so. I just ask you don't go alone. Pyramid Head will affect you if you get too close. It will overwhelm you and get into your head.

[His voice wavers slightly as he looks down, but he's able to maintain his sternness.]

I am not even certain if Orihime can still be rescued at this point. But if she can, we need more people who can withstand Pyramid Head's presence.

[Sanji let out a huff, then picked up his speed again.] Then I just won't get too close. This shitty city's played enough damned head games!

And the HELL she can't! I'm not about to just give up on her! Others can come if they want, but I'm going to save Orihime-chan! [He left off the 'die trying' bit. Not that he had any intentions of dying. He had confidence in his strength, he'd fought fishmen and Marines and pirates... and besides that... a lady was in danger! He'd keep his distance, gauge the threat, before attempting any direct attacks. But he was done waiting.]

[He can tell this is going to be difficult. It's all very familiar to him, and there is no way to deter Sanji. Not if he continues to go running into the fray.]

I understand.

[His expression saddens.]

...I wish you luck.

[Sanji frowned a little around the cigarette clamped between his teeth, then nodded faintly.]

Thanks, kid.

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