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{Recipe 005} A Longing for the Familiar [Video]
spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[ooc: This early stuff under the cut isn't broadcast to the network. It turned into a tl/dr wall-of-text before I knew it. c_c;;]

[Sanji was, in a single word, exhausted.]

[When the Aeon had 'morphed' into that being, he had been startled for a moment, and wondered if he had made the wrong choice, momentarily. It HAD been a person! Still, a person that had HURT a lot of people. The fleeting doubts had faded upon sight of that peaceful look just before the Aeon disappeared for good. So they had given it a sense of peace, after all. And - more importantly - it would never threaten or hurt anyone ever again.]

[After the Aeon disappeared completely, Sanji let out a sigh, and collapsed onto the deck. He lay there for a while, off to the side from everyone else, eyes closed and nearly out-cold (and thus missed a lot of the post-battle action/posts). He felt completely drained, in all manners of the word. Bending that hard to erase the Aeon had taken a lot out of him. He had been under the control of the dark Aeon before that, forced to fight his allies. He had been beaten down and restrained by said-allies, until Nautilus removed the Aeon's control. He had run off to try and save Orihime, only to fall to the horrid powers of Pyramid Head. Orihime... dear god, where was she? He hoped she was okay. All the anger, all the worry, all the fear now rushed out of him, leaving him feeling rather numb in comparison. He just wanted to sleep.]

[No... He didn't want to sleep. Throughout it all -- and even before this mess had all started -- there had been something constantly on the back of his mind. Something that gave him the final push to Unmake the Aeon. Something that still nagged at his mind, even now with his exhaustion. A worry, a desire, a need.]

[He needed to go HOME.]

[He needed to know how his nakama were doing. That they were all OKAY. That this fight here hadn't affected them, or his world in any way. That the fight for Vivi's country was still going as planned. He needed the comfort of being at home... at a place he knew... among people he knew... His family. He wasn't surprised by how much he missed Nami or Vivi... and - even though he wouldn't admit it to anyone; even if it was hard to admit to himself - he truly wasn't surprised by how much he missed his idiotic male crewmates as well. He'd been away for FAR too long. He needed to go back. He HAD to go back. After ALL of this... he needed the familiarity of home. It had started as vauge feelings of homesickness, before the Dark Aeon was even a threat... but now the call couldn't be ignored; the need was too great.]

[When the first chance showed itself, he hopped off of the still-airborne pirate ship, landing on the roof of a nearby building. From there, it was a simple matter of getting to the ground. He initially debated on just leaving, the desire to go home was that strong, but... he couldn't do that. There were some people ladies here he'd made connections with, and he didn't want to worry them on an abrupt, unannounced disappearance.]

[Sanji turns his communicator on, and took in a short, quick breath to compose himself. He still looks rather roughed up, but okay. His expression is flat, however... tired, and almost unreadable. He cleared his throat a little, eyes glancing aside, not really looking into the communicator.]

Oy. So... I'm going home. To do that you just... go through one of the gates and WILL yourself home, right? Does it matter which gate you take?

[He tugged on his collar a bit, then forced a sheepish-looking grin to his face.] Ahh... I am sorry to deprive myself of your heavenly company, my ladies... but I need to check up on my crewmates. I shall return, I promise you! I've just been away for too long. I'll lose my sea legs at this rate...

[He chuckles weakly at his pathetic attempt at a joke, then he drops the grin, his expression turning tired once more before he closes the connection.]

[ooc: So! Sanji will be heading through one of the gates (most likely Eastern, maybe Northern) for a canon-update (and to also allow me travel time for my return home. XD). He won't leave immediatley, though, if any of your characters want to talk/interact with him. Feel free to action this post up! :3 Also feel totally free to backtag this post as long as you want. I'll reply as best I can until I leave, then I'll backtag once I get home. I leave to go back home on the 9th, with an overnight stay in Frankfurt, and will arrive back home on the 10th. It might take me a day or two after that to unwind from the travel/unpack/show family my pictures/talk about my trip/etc... but I plan on bringing Sanji back in after that.]

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The city will be a duller place without your charm, Sanji-san. I pray you find what solace you need swiftly, for I would grieve were you not to return.

[An opportunity for over-dramatic flirting at an inappropriate time? Isra wouldn't dream of missing that.]

[Let it be said that the attentions of a pretty girl, and flirting with her, would never fail to lift Sanji's spirits. A true smile crossed his face, and he made a dramatic bow.]

Ah, Miss Israfel! I am so pleased to see you survived this horrid encounter unscathed! Worry not, my fair lady... for I do intend to return. I could never fully leave, and be denied the chance to appreciate your beauty! ♥

[Noting the positive effect she has on him, Isra puts on her best smile.]

Then I shall await your return with fervent anticipation. Until we meet again. [At this, she curtsies.]

Ah~! Your smile is a much-needed ray of sunshine after a horrible storm! How much light you bring to the city with your smile, Miss Israfel~! ♥ I shall endeavor to return as quickly as possible, so as to not keep a lady such as yourself waiting! [He beamed, blowing a kiss her way.]

[Hey! She remembers you. Here. Have a concerned little girl.]

I don't know if the gate matters. Probably a good idea to go back to the one you first woke by.

....Be careful, okay Mr. Sanji?

[He remembers you, too! He smiled gently at seeing Jendayi safe and sound. The smile flattens a little at her words, for a second, though. Back through the Western Gate? With all those spiders...? He blinked then shook his head a little. Like he really should worried about spiders after all THIS! (still... spiders!) His smile returns, and he nods.]

I'll be careful, Miss Jendayi. You make sure to take care of yourself too, okay?

Come back safe. I want to give you a gift, when you come back. Promise to come see me?

[Okay, Jendayi, you get a raised eyebrow and an honestly surprised look from that! He hadn't been expecting anyone to give him a gift! What could it possibly be for? He had no idea. Sanji found himself slightly stupefied over this. He was touched by the kind gesture, though he wondered what had prompted it. Yes, she had found herself inexplicably in his nightmare, and he'd tried to reassure her through it, but... he would have done that with anyone! Was that really worth a gift? Her comment had taken him completely by surprise. But! This was a gift, given freely by a lady (however young). It would be RUDE to be anything but grateful - and grateful Sanji was. He smiled gently over at Jendayi.]

Such a sweet girl, to give an undeserving man such as myself a present. What a generous heart you have, Miss Jendayi! How can I disappoint the request of such a tenderhearted girl such as yourself? I promise I'll come see you when I come back!

[You sweet talker. Even a little girl knows flattery when she hears it, and he'll get a soft blush and a pleased little grin.]

Thank you. I'll see you later then. Remember, you promised.

[Sanji's smile grew a little wider at Jendayi's grin. No matter the age, he lived to make a lady happy.] I remember. I will return; a gentleman doesn't break his promises to a lady...

Don't worry, I think we can tide ourselves over until your return, Prince Charming. [Slight smirk.]

I wouldn't know the answer to your question, but... have a safe trip.

[Sanji was a little confused by this new face, then he grinned faintly and gave her a small bow.] How kind you are to wish me a safe trip! Please forgive me, but I don't believe I've had the honor of meeting you before, miss..? [Flirting a little, perhaps... but this is clearly done in a teasing and light-hearted manner. Haibara is waaaaay too young for him! Sanji is just being polite.]

(ooc: I can't remember if Sanji and Haibara met before, so... ^.^;)

((Ffff, it's okay. I'll remind you! ^^ Sanji made her soup and was among the people who took care of her after she nearly starved to death!))

(ooc: *SLAPS FOREHEAD* Oh, duuuuuh~. x.x; I'm sorry; I'm a goldfish-brain sometimes. x.x; Thank you. Do you want to ignore the above, and let me re-post? x.x;)

((Not a problem and please do~!))

[Video] Take 2! Please ignore the earlier above reply! x.x;

[Sanji smiles at the reply, and gives a quick, polite dip of his head in acknowledgement.] Ahh... Miss Haibara! I am glad to see you are safe and sound as well! Thank you for your kind concern~! I shall endeavor to keep myself safe. Well, as safe as can be, sailing the Grand Line and all... [A rough chuckle.]

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