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I haven't felt Souji-kun's reiatsu at all since I got back. Did he go home for a visit? Or did he go to Sleep?

Let me know if you've heard anything.

[Because knowing is far less painful than NOT knowing and fretting that he got Unmade.]

52% [Accidental Video]

[The screen zooms and unblurs to reveal the Holiday sisters having what seems to be a very animated conversation in their living room.]
[Beverly throws her hands into the air.]
Rebecca! You need to go talk to him!
Beverly, it's none of your concern. Don't worry about it.
It is my concern! You're my sister. I want you to be happy. And being able to talk to him again will make you happy!
The world just doesn't work like that. Okay?
[Beverly puts her face in her hands.]

It would if you'd stop making things more difficult than they have to be!

I'm not making things difficult! Nothing's wrong! I'm fi-
[And suddenly the entire image suddenly dissolves away and the picture is suddenly of somewhere outside looking over a beautiful river that Holiday just faceplanted into. Looks like Nautilus is going to start giving her De Nile treatment... Oh, this'll be fun. She'll have a cold before the week's over.]

[The agitated older sister breaks through the surface and swims over to shore, panting for breath before finally looking down at herself... suddenly in her one piece bathing suit from the Beach Party.]

... Well at least Nautilus is being THOUGHTFUL!

[The feed cuts with her pulling herself out of the water.]
Uh...yeah.  No.

74th Gear... Silence is worrisome. [Voice/Locked to Death]


Hey. Do you know what happened to Xemnas? I haven't seen him since he stabbed me that the Dark Aeon's gone...

[Rex trails off there. He's been decently happy since the battle ended and the chains were repaired, but this is the one thing that's really been bugging him. Sure, he's still concerned about what's going on with Holiday and Six, and life's not issue free... It's just that nothing quite gets a person worrying like wondering if a friend got Unmade somewhere along the way.]
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{Recipe 006} One Dynamic Entry [Accidental Video]

[The video clicks on a view of the Western Gate. Sanji never got a clear answer on whether he could go through any Gate he wanted, so he went back home through the Gate he thought he Woke up by. He had been brought into Nautilus in the West, when the city was desperately drawing in people, but once that storm ended, Sanji Woke truly in the East. HE had no knowledge of this fact, though... save some confusion when the city randomly teleported him to the East when he 'truly' Woke. Long story short, Sanji left Nautilus through the Western Gate, and it's through the Western Gate he returned.]

[His outfit is what one could call... shocking. Certainly not his usual well-put-together suits. Black capri pants showed off the stubble on his legs, a pair of bright-orange goggles were slung around his neck, and his shirt was, well... It was LOUD, to say the least. Hikaru would have had fits, upon seeing it.]

[Perhaps more shocking, though, was the manner upon which he came through the gate.]

[Backwards, flying through the air as if punched solidly in the gut, then crashing down to the ground and skidding a ways before sliding to a halt. He lays there, still and unmoving. What skin is visible looks to be singed, and his clothes are frayed, and slightly burnt and smoking. Those familiar with lightning or electricity might recognize those signs around him; there's a lingering, faint scent of ozone to the air.]

[Sanji's okay; he's made of sterner stuff and can take a hit like this (he'll end up taking TWO hits like this!), but still...]

[Um... medic?]

[ooc: Sanji's coming back just after he got hit by Enel's lightning bolt the first time (near the end of the Skypeia arc), so he'll be out-cold and unresponsive until he gets a certain amount of rest + healing. ^_^;; Feel free to action it up in the comments and interact with others!]

File 007: The Invisible Impossibility [Video]

[Inside FentonWorks, Dib cracks open his laptop, crouched around a corner; in the next room, Jazz Fenton sits on a couch reading a book.

Dib whispers to his laptop in a hushed tone;]

Open Audio file 07--0012--02; New location, Ghostbo-Danny's house.

Okay. This is paranormal investigation 8 of the Bending files; first test of invisibility since the Aeon was destroyed. Clearly Bending doesn't work on a sliding scale, so now I'm hoping to beat my record of fourteen minutes and eight seconds of invisibility. Target subject: Jazz Fenton. All sensors recording.

[Leaving his laptop in the hallway, Dib straightens up, lets out a deep exhale, and pauses for half a second. Then, grinning confidently, he turns and sneaks into the other room.

Still completely visible.

Edging around the couch, he vaults up and over it, rolls to the floor by Jazz's side, and plucks the book from her hands, holding it triumphantly above his head]

Hah! Look at this, Jazz! I'm invisible! You can't fight the invisible ghosts! Try to take your book back, it's all just a game to me!

[He leaps backwards up on the coffee table and starts making the book do flying motions through the air, clearly attempting to impress Jazz with how amazing his invisibility skills are. Also by making spooky ghost noises]



[Dana's standing near the Southern Gate, a small bag on her back.]

Hey, everyone. I'm going to be heading home for a while. I think I need to reconnect with Gotham. Jazz, I guess I won't be able to help you with organizing a movie night, but I did get the cinema area fixed up. Marian, don't worry if Ghost doesn't stay put, just as long as she comes back every night.
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13th Story ♬ [Video] - Let's play a little game...

[The video flips on to a closeup of Peter's face. it fills the screen, but you can kind of see the mix of forest and decay in the background behind him...]

Hi there! It's me! Since everything's so boring now I've come up with a fantastic new game and we're all gonna play. I already made the first move so now it's your turn. Look around for a little bit. Is anything missing?

Because I've been sneaking into houses picking up things all around Nautilus and I have them all stashed here in my special hiding spot. So now you gotta figure out if I took something from you or not, and then you figure out if it's something you want back. And then you gotta find me. And then you gotta fight me for it!

And if you don't beat me, it's mine. I mean, it's mine anyway, but that's when the game ends.

I warn you, I'm the best at hide and seek. Just because I'm stashing my new stuff here with me doesn't make it any harder. But it'll be fun to watch you try!

((OOC: Up to you if Peter took anything of yours and what he took! Just comment here with "DID YOU TAKE MY ___" or whatever haha. He would take things that are small and interesting. Shiny things, weapons, trinkets, nice hats -- things that would fit into a small sack. He's in the South, ignoring the mess. The little shelter with his stuff is still intact, so he's got no issues. Action tags welcome!))

Third Invention [Video]

[Jack's leaning back against one of the broken turrets that was destroyed and deactivated in the fight against the Aeon, looking bored, and generally being a whiny teenager.]

I'm bored. There's nothing to do around here. Other than that barbecue thing, and that was a while ago. Does anyone do anything fun around here?