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Sideswipe stars as Slenderbot.
stabbywheelfeet wrote in thewake_rp
Since this seems to be a thing we're doing...

[The silver 'bot stands a little taller, straightening up from his crouch on the edge of the North District, looking out over the plains.]

[And yes, there is still a ton of snow everywhere. He looks decidedly unamused.]

My name is Sideswipe. I'm one of the Ascended here in Nautilus, and I look after the Northern District. If anyone steps out of line in the North, I will put you down without a second thought.

No, I don't know why so many people showed up all of the sudden, and I don't care. You'll all keep out of trouble.

Understand me?

[There's a beat.]

And if anyone lays a hand on any other Autobot, I will also put you down.

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Careful, Sideswipe. You might make yourself seem too friendly.

I'm not trying to make friends. Maybe if they're scared of me, they'll listen.

... I don't want to find pieces of Mirage laying around because someone got excited.

[Or "Dino" or whatever the red Autobot called himself anymore.]

[Sanji isn't afraid of his threat. In fact, it rankles him a little, as he sounds like some of those bull-headed Marines that were so full of themselves, and their strict, blind adherence to their ideas of 'justice'. Bullies too full of power and too big for their britches. Especially with the 'swift retribution' promised for any transgression. Just how stringent were his 'rules'? Probably very tight-laced, from the sound of things. Well, he had no intention of going to the Northern District any time soon, now.]

...And just what are you supposed to be?

You could probably get the point across without threats.

But the threats are part of the point.

...are you trying to scare everyone away from the Northern District?

Only anyone who wants to start a murder spree.

Can't we simply talk about all this first before you start threatening us? Most of us "newcomers" are just confused and lost. We need guidance more than we need idle threats.

Most. But not all.

And who says they're idle? I protect the North. I protect anyone in it. It's my District.

You lost and confused newcomers don't have anything to worry about.

[He spends a good couple of minutes staring at this post before finally deciding it's worth it to respond. Rex is far from Sideswipe's biggest fan, but they both have reason to protect the North end.]

One of my enemies from home Woke up in the West. He might have reason to attack those living in Holiday's house in the North.

Just a heads up.

Then he'll die.

[He says it so matter-of-factly. If a new arrival attacks, he's more than confident he can handle them.]

No one is touching this district.

[Not while Optimus and Ratchet are both recovering in it.]

[Northern, huh? that's where she woke up, wasn't it?

she still sounds a little weak, but if he is in charge of the area, it's probably a good idea to get on his good side. and learn more about the place in the process.]

Nice to meet you, Sideswipe. I will do my best to adhere to your specifications.

[assuming Autobots are... more robots like him. oh man this is the first time she's talking to a robot. 8O]

Just don't cause any trouble, and you'll do fine.

[He tilts his head.]

Who are you?

I just have one question.

I know I've only just come back...

[So, he feels bad giving orders, but...]

But do you really think that threatening them is the best solution?

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