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[ Video ] Coats for the Cold (and Fashion Deprived)
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moremischievous wrote in thewake_rp
You know, if you all keep showing up so fast, there's no way that even I can keep up.

[Sup, Nautilus. Iiiiit's Hikaru, giving the camera a little frown.]

Fortunately for all of you, I happen to be a very dedicated individual.

[He moves the camera. And there, on a polished rack, are coats. And not just any coats. These are THE most ~*fashionable*~ winter coats you will ever see. EVER.]

If you're in the Eastern District, one of these is for you. If you're in the Northern District....

[He moves the camera again, showing another rack of equally warm, inviting, and super ~*fashionable*~ coats.]

One of these is for you. You won't even have to go that far to get one, if someone can get me to the Northern District's Welcome House.

[The camera turns to show Hikaru again – who, of course, is looking ridiculously fashionable himself.]

If you're in the South or the West, you don't need a coat like these. However, you can never go wrong with the right style. If you want something fit for those Districts, ask me. I can always make just the right thing.

[And, with a perfectly ~*charming*~ smile, he ends his message.]

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[Video // Locked] Because I'm a horrible person and want to give Hikaru fits.

[Six is out in the snow in his usual green, not-even-Armani suit. He has a green trenchcoat on over it with a pair of brown gloves.]

Impressive work, Mr. Hitachiin.

[Video // Locked] Excellent work: chain incoming.

[Oh dear GOD.]

Is there something wrong with my jacket? I always liked it...

[If you can consider that oversized, dingy army jacket even close to fashionable.]

[There is EVERYTHING wrong with that jacket.]

[Eyeing the racks, looking for something that'd go well with her normal blue dress and the Gothic Lolita stuff she hasn't replaced yet. Or just something big enough to cover it.]

What's the difference?

The main difference is in the material. These ones [he points to the "Eastern" coats] are suitable for wet weather. Those [and now, to the "Northern" ones] are better suited for wind. I could do a combination of the two, but that would make the fabric less breathable.

Obviously, they all have to be customized for each person. I can't have people walking around wearing the exact same thing.

[Hikaru Hitachiin may enjoy mass production, but he's not about to do it.]

I could give you a ride if you'd like.

And as chilly as it is, a coat wouldn't go amiss if I'm out in my human form I suppose.

I could bend one up myself... but I think it would look rather sorry. [Small grin] I'm not as knowledgeable about human fashion as you are, it seems.

[Excuse him while he processes the idea of getting a ride inside of a sentient vehicle....]

[Video] This is Plurk Approved Awful.

[Caesar is walking home from the library for lunch and reading through his messages when he sees this.]

Huh! Those are some nice coats.

[Unfortunately, the one that Caesar is wearing looks eerily similar to Six's. Except it's a lighter green and only goes to mid-thigh. Yeah. Six bended a coat for Caesar when he needed one and Rex wasn't around. Caesar's never really paid attention to fashion.]

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[Video] :D (also, chain)

[... Oh no.]

[Johann addresses the camera from a short distance, just enough to see the long sleeves and short shorts of his fabulous space spandex.]</p>

Thank you for the offer. Seeing as I'm short on winter wear here, I may take you up on it.

[ Video ] 1/idk how many

[Hikaru takes one look at that outfit and YELPS.]

[Israfel will be lurking at a polite distance, waiting for Hikaru's attention rather than trying to shuffle through the coats on her own. She can see this guy takes his work seriously.]

Do you have something in purple?

[Definitely a wise decision. When she does speak up, he turns to her with a bright smile.]

Of course!

[Excuse him while he starts whipping a few off the rack, of all different shades and cuts.]

These are the ones I have on hand. If you find a cut in another color that you like better, I can easily change it to whatever shade you'd like.

Cool! Are you a fashion designer?

I sure am!

[... And this kid has a bizarre head. WOW.]

Hikaru Hitachiin's the name.

[Sanji looks over the coats with a critical eye. They do indeed look very nice. As he's now found his way to the southern welcome house and all, he's managed to wash up, and ditched his desert garb, dressed now in his usual blue pinstripe shirt and suit. He finds himself missing his coat he wore on Drum Island, with this cold weather, but any of those would be a very nice replacement.]

They look good. What do you expect in return? I’m currently at the southern welcome house, but I intend to move over to the east.

[That outfit, sir? That, he can work with.]

Oh, I don't expect anything in return. No one should have to put up with all this cold just because Nautilus decided to Wake them up while they didn't have a coat on.

[Host-mode is so go. Tamaki would be proud.]

[ Hrm. She could use a coat, actually. ]

Awfully courteous of you. I'll stop by in a little bit and pick one up, if you really are just giving them away.

No catch?

None at all! Though I'd certainly love to get your name, first.

[Such a good Host, he is.]

I can help you lug some of those over. Huh! You do nice work.

Of course! I am a Hitachiin.

I think I'll be fine as far as transporting them goes. One of the ... [what are they? not "robots"...] ... Cybertronians offered to give me a ride.

[ aww, that's nice. it's good to see that people are working together. Helen has her own stylish coat so there's nothing needed here. she may be a scientist but unlike Caesar Hojo some others, she tends to pride herself a bit on fashion. ]

That's very considerate of you.

[He could totally improve that coat. :| Buuuut he guesses she's not in dire need of a new one. Unlike so many of these people.]

I consider it a much needed service.

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