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Thomas: Determined
ohcruelworld wrote in thewake_rp
--ome on, give it here-- [There's a momentary fritz and the sound of paper before the feed turns on, catching a glimps of dark and teeth and a very distorted viewpoint. And in the corner of that clear point of vision, there's part of a certain castle master tugging at the device. A lot of growling goes on.] --Reinbach! Give me the journal! How did you even reach my desk-AH!!

[The perspective changes again, blurring, landing somewhere to the side, showing a happy but oblivious corgi panting as Thomas half-sits, half-lies there on the ground. It looks like he's outside of Budehuc's main manor.]

Ugh...Did you really have to do that? [The corgi barks.] I don't understand you sometimes...

[As the angle of the feed changes again, it is righted, showing Thomas' face. Somewhere in the background, Koroku and Pluto run by, barking at...something.]

I-I suppose I should apologize for not being able to say something earlier about the arrival of all of the Newly Wakened. I've been a little...distracted.

H-however, my name is Thomas a-and I do welcome all of you here a-and I hope everything has been sorted out. Mostly. But if you need anything, the Southern Welcome House is open for anyone who needs a place to stay for a while.

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[Action, if that's okay?]

[Sanji wanted a breath of fresh air and a smoke, and found himself wandering around the castle's grounds, and noticed the tug-of-war between the young man and his dog. He listened to the man's address to the network, then approached.]

Oy, you okay there...? Are you the guy running this place? [*jabs a thumb back towards Budehuc*] I just arrived at this place here yesterday... told newcomers were welcome here. Hope you don't mind I helped myself to a room..? The name's Sanji. [He pauses a moment, then offers him a hand up.]

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[Action, which is totes okay!]

[Oh hey, don't mind if the castle master blinks before taking Sanji's hand.] Yes, that would be me. Thomas. Th-thank you...

[He gets up, journal in one hand as the other lets go, dusting his jacket and pants off.]

And- oh! Oh no, I-I don't mind at all, Sir Sanji. I just want to make sure you and any others staying here are okay with the arrangements.

[Sanji just chuckles, and stuffs his hands in his pockets once Thomas is standing.] Hey, just Sanji. None of this 'sir', stuff. You'll make me think I'm an old geezer or something.

I'm finding everything okay. The room's nice. Way better than what places I ducked into where I arrived. [He winces faintly at that memory.] So long as I have a place to sleep and wash up, it's all good. The kitchen looks decent, too. I plan on finding a place in the East eventually, but until then, thanks for letting me stay here.

If that's what you prefer, then I'll keep it in mind.

[Hearing this makes him smile.]

I'm glad you're finding everything to your liking, Sanji. It's the least I can do, and it would have been a waste if I didn't open Budehuc up like this.

What're they barking about?

I have no idea. Considering what's been happening of late, they may just be a little overexcited about the company Nautilus is bringing in.

Wouldn't surprise me. Man, this has gotta be the most newcomers I've ever seen.

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It's been a while for something like this...'s so sudden.

Hello, Thomas. I'm Dana, one of the new arrivals.

D'you know much about other buildings in the Southern District?

It's nice to meet you, Lady Dana.

The buildings? Um...many of them use to belong to past Wakened.

Just Dana.

Are they in good repair? And- are there any that hold special memories for people still here?

All right. Dana.

I believe the Monticello and two of the tree houses are being kept. I don't think any of the other places have been cared for of late, though.

[He pauses. And, as he replies, he can't help but give a weak laugh.]

I-I'm sorry - I feel like you're posing a trick question. I'm sure there are still a good number of Wakened that have memories attached to these places.

[Voice] or action IDK i think he's living there

... Out of curiosity, are you distantly related to the Fereldans back home?

[Voice] or action It can be action, yes, you're living here with Alistaire, right?

[He blinks.] Huh? F-Fereldans?

[action then] yes as far as I know o/

Yes. Alistair's people.

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