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makeit_cute wrote in thewake_rp
[The Deva of Flowers doesn't seem cold at all, standing in the middle of all that snow. It's as if the colorful knitted hat, fingerless gloves, and scarf are just there for the sake of fashion. And that might very well be the case.]

Well isn't this place bustling! I see a lot of new faces. And not as many of the old ones as I'd like. For you new peeps, I'm Kergan, the Deva of Flowers.

[She tips her head, glancing to the left before her eyes flick back to the screen.]

So, what, all this snow and no giant snowmen? Tch! You guys can do better than that! [She settles her hands on her hips.] Go out there and make something nice! Let's see this city sparkle, huh?

[Locked to fellow Devas]
Mind filling in the blanks? There's an awful big one I sure wouldn't mind knowing more about.

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I wouldn't mind knowing more about it myself.

Most of these new ones haven't answered the Call. They're here, but it's as though Nautilus has brought them; they certainly haven't come of their own will. We have theories as to why, but Nautilus hasn't seen fit to weigh in.

[After a little pause, she smiles. If the shimmering scarf weren't covering her eyes, they'd probably be seen twinkling a bit.]

New developments aside, I love that hat.

Weird. Why's he being all hush-hush about it?

[She folds her arms in a pouty huff. But it's immediately dispelled after mentioning the ~*hat*~.]

Isn't it adorable? I can make one for you too, have it match your scarf~

Snow doesn't really agree with all of us.

Why's that? You've been here long enough to adapt yourself to something as simple as a snow environment, haven't you?

With a presence such as yours, I think the place has begun to improve already.

After all. Snow is not the only thing that can sparkle.

Aren't you a flatterer!

[Stop it some more~]

What is it you like most about the season?

Not much to tell since the last reality storm, yeh? That had people's backgrounds shifted, as if they came from different worlds. Some Awakened, more returned to Sleep.

The big blank yer talkin' about is one we can't quite fill in. Could be Nautilus gettin' ready for somethin', but 's hard ta say what.

'Fraid that big blank's a wee bit bigger than that! I've been running around existence since...

[Kergan pauses to check something.]

February, about.

(Deleted comment)
We don't really have any answers. Ol' Nautilus is all clammed up, he's not telling us a darn thing!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hello Kergan.
I am not sure I understand what a Deva is.
I hear you are like gods - that you create worlds. You seem very casual, though, and friendly. Very human, if you don't mind me saying. Can you tell me more about your place here, socially?

~ Israfel

[Kergan responds with loopy, bubbly cursive, five-petal daisies dotting her i's.]

That's true. A Deva's primary job is to create. It's what we've been trained for! But we all started out the same way, waking up confused and disoriented.

If you mean to ask whether or not there's a hierarchy, with us Devas ruling over you Awakeneds, there isn't. Sometimes we have to step in if things get too messy or out-of-control, but those of us who aren't busy creating are here to teach. Does that help?

♥ Kergan

How giant are we talking here?

[She taps a finger to her lip. You're new, so your Bending can't be too crazy yet.]

Surprise me!

[Johann is good at feigning politeness when it comes to delicate subjects. Like his abject hatred of snow.]</p>

Hello, I am Michael's older brother, Johann. If you are judging snowmen, I apologize for what is outside of his apartment.

[He'll just leave it at that.]

[Kergan's nose wrinkles. Yeah, she's...not a fan. At all.]

Oh that silly old thing. No need to apologize. It's icky, but harmless.


[All right, fine. Seems Doctor Holiday and Six neglected this little winter...thing.]

How do you kill them?

[Because, obviously, he's gonna need to know.]


You don't kill them, silly! You build them!


What, the snowman Wally and I built doesn't count?

Oooo, you built one already?! Let me see! ♥

Ah~! ♥ If you aren't the prettiest goddess I've ever seen! ♥ I can certainly see why you are associated with flowers, beautiful rose!

[Well, building snowmen and all was more Luffy and Usopp's shtick, but...] If you want snowmen, I shall create an effigy to your beauty!

[Kergan giggles.]

Well, that's not the reason, but you're sweet to say so. Let me see what you can do! ♥

[Another Deva?]

It's... not often the Deva post to the network this frequently...

[Oh, and, uh...]

You know what? I think my yard could use a snowman. [Because she lives with the green Grinch.]

We've been pretty busy lately. I've been traveling for months and months before I could check in. Never fails, there's always some new surprise in store when I get back. Wouldn't mind if it failed every now and again, though.

Anyway, that's the spirit! Go make yourself a nice one.

[video] and I'm the latest ever

[Well, there's someone Sora hasn't seen in a long time!]

I guess we should do something good with all of that snow, huh? Maybe getting enough snowmen up will make Axel feel better about the lawn.

[Probably not, but it still sounds like fun!]

If anyone can do it, I'm sure it's you. ♥

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