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[Video] XL - AT NIGHT.
Xemnas: An Eerie Calm
not_obsess3d wrote in thewake_rp
[Live feed.

It broadcasts the Eastern District, focusing mainly upon a familiar-looking tower, making a statement by contrasting greatly against the dark night sky. But why would it record such a thing? Did someone forget to turn it off? Maybe. And maybe it will turn off by itself, who knows.

Another minute or two passes in the district's silence.

And then the lights suddenly dim around the area. A power failure?

...Not quite.

There is a brief flickering of lights in the background, bright flashes soon dying out as a sound grows louder, rising in tone. Bells. A song. As the first mood-setting notes are held in succession against the chiming of the bells, a deep blue light floods across the seamless white surface of the tower's exterior, with smaller pinpoints of white pulsing and fading with every other beat. Simple patterns are created within the minute of the tune, increasing and decreasing in its complexity, twinkling lights glittering once more as the sounds fade all at once.

Soft chanting can be heard, a mellow atmosphere forming around another layer of light. Two golden lights shoot lazily across the sky above the tower; although nice, they easily pass in a mere handful of seconds.

At the thirtieth second, the tower

To be more precise, columns of red and gold fireworks shoot straight up into the air on either side of the tower as its facade is turns deep red, the smaller strands of light flashing with every dramatic note given by the disembodied choir. Every other bell toll lets the wash of color gradually lighten, tinting away from its original state. And as everything slowly builds up to the last high note, the tower becomes a brilliant white, magical searchlights streaming strong beams of light into the darkness.

All fade out at once, shadows falling over the tower...

...Before light and sound explode on a heavy guitar riff.

A continuous beat keeps the time under the colorful flares that fly and arc into the air, popping and cracking into bright rings and flower-shaped patterns. Every purposeful chime lights up a stained glass window, letting each light fade shortly after it plays through the repeated notes. While it does this, more lights overlay the tower, green and red, yellow, blue and white.

In fact, it plays up the dramatics of the piece, causing more fireworks to fly to punctuate musical step. It does this twice as much the second time around, letting the break in blasts come up as the scenic lighting sets in strong.

It may be a mess, but it is a tasteful mess.

The volume then decrescendos, letting all the lights dim down with it. When the lone piano notes are played, a few of the windows flicker simultaneously, the slower notes distinguished by the topmost panels that follow its delicate tone. The tower generally stays in a blue wash as soft lighting changes its appearance slightly as the song starts building up again, quickly changing back into a deep red when the beat returns with a vengeance.

The electric guitars take over, letting more fireworks rain down and scatter with every accented flair. Flashes of light also accompany the madness, combining with the next round of fireworks sent skyward with the music. Each note builds into the climax, lights and Roman Candles all strategically fired over the remainder of the song and length of the fermata, a wonderful kaleidoscope of color.

The last note finally given, punctuated heavily with the last set of fireworks exploding, leaving more trails of formed smoke in the air.

When everything dies down, the tower is now lit in a fitting white and blue, tracing swirling patterns and lines against its exterior.


= = = = =

Cut to Xemnas sitting inside of the tower.

A brow is arched.

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I see you were thoroughly entertained.

[Sanji just staaaaaaaaaaares at the display. He then grins hugely, and claps his hands together, cheering his delight.] Impressive!

[Oh... if only the others had been here to see that. Luffy, Usopp and Chopper would have been blown away (and it would have taken forever to calm them down, afterwards)!]

[Then perhaps it's good that they weren't there to see this in action.

Xemnas...frowns. It's a look that stays unchanged.

Indeed. It was.



[An almost flat look.]

I am still far from it, Death.

What the hell was that?

A nighttime spectacular.

[ that's... quite a marvelous display, actually. she's quite surprised. but by Xemnas' reaction to it... ]

You don't seem to be into the Christmas cheer. And yet...

[Hello Helen. There's a sigh.]

In truth, I was not aware my tower was to be a part of the display tonight.

[Clap! Clap! Clap!]

[And another one. Xemnas just lets her applaud.]

I am to assume you were also amazed.

I have not the slightest. But I suppose it was...entertaining.

DUDE! Now that was seriously awesome!

Yes. I suppose it was.

[Polite applause.]

That was impressive, though it appears it didn't work quite as you had planned?

I did not plan on having anything of the sort happen tonight.

That was impressive.

[And the wheels in his head are turning. Hmmm.]

Edited at 2011-12-18 02:23 am (UTC)

Yes, it was. At least that is what the general consensus says.

[Craaaazy old Maurice Caesar, what are you thinking.]

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