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[Video] Christmas Dinner menu requests taken here!
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spiral_brow wrote in thewake_rp
[Hello, Nautilus! Sanji's image appears on-screen, and he gives a small wave.]

Hey, I've seen a... few others [a talking panda! Of course, they had a talking reindeer on their ship, so he'd just blinked and moved on]... offering their services, so I thought I'd do the same. Christmas is coming up, so if anyone wants me to cook a feast for them, I'm your man! I'll cook up culinary delights that'll make your tastebuds sing!

[This would be just like preparing banquets back on the Baratie. He had no idea what a Christmas with the Strawhats would be like... it had been nowhere near winter when he'd been pulled from home. He forced himself not to think on it too deeply, and continued to address the city.] I'm currently staying in the Southern Welcome House, so you can come down here to pick it up, or point out where you live on the map, and I'll come deliver it. Just send me your requests!

[He pauses a moment. He still was just learning to bend, and was still refusing to bend up food for fear of failing and wasting it.] I might need someone to help bend up certain ingredients, if they're not available at the marketplace. Particularly meats. I haven't seen any delis or butcher shops, unless someone can direct me to one? I'll taste-test any of the food I've picked up at the marketplace first, too... to make sure Nautilus hasn't tainted it or anything. So... no worries about poison or anything like that... [He'd eventually put two-and-two together, especially after his own little hangover from his slice of cake. And he's apparantly not aware that the device is still recording as he mutters to himself.] Seriously... what was in that cake? That must've been some shitty strong stuff... I don't normally get drunk that fast. Shit must've been over 100-proof.

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OH OH OH! Pick me pick me! I was kinda thinking of doing something with my friends anyway, but cooking's not really my specialty. Thanks a bunch!

I'm Yuffie, by the way.

[Sanji smiles cheerfully at the girl's enthusiasm.] I'd be happy to cook for you and your friends, Miss Yuffie! My name's Sanji. How many are you expecting? What dishes would you like?

Well, there's me, Tifa, Aerith, probably Teresa, and you, if you'd like to join us.

[Hinthinthinthinthint. ...What? He's cute, and Yuffie has a crush on every boy.]

And I'm not picky, cook whatever you want!

[Not picky? Really? Hard to tell, since she's so scrawny-looking.]

Aerith really likes desserts, though.

A feast, you say?


Delivery, you say?

[She steeples her fingers in the classic 'plotting villain' fashion.]

Tell me, human. Do you have any specialties?

[Sanji honestly doesn't know what to make of this! It sounds female, but it's one of those robots... did machines have gender?! Plus, there was just something, shall we say, about this all that just put him a little on edge, and his reply is guarded.]

... I've got the most experience with seafood, but I can cook you anything you want, if I know the recipe. If I don't, I'll learn it.

[He tries to remember what that chromedome had called himself.] ...You're one of those 'Autobot' people, right? I thought you didn't eat human food... [Oh dear. He's only met Sideswipe, and no one ever told him that 'Autobot' was only just a faction name.]

[Oh, come now, human. She doesn't mean you any harm~...well...not much.]

Seafood? Sounds...intriguing.

[That oh-so-sultry smile is gone now.]

Autobot? Autobot? I've given you no cause to insult me like this!

[Huff. Huff. The kind of huff that expects an apology.]

[ There's a Gwen in view here, thoughtful - and ecstatic, but mostly thoughtful. ]

I think there's a marketplace in one of the Districts - I don't remember which one, but I'd be happy to go and look with you. I know it's last minute, but would you be able to make a birthday cake? My cousin just arrived, and his - [ Well, its a shared birthday technically. ] birthday is in a few days. [ Like. Tuesday. AAGGH. ]

I've been to the marketplace in the South, here... but I'd be happy to go with you to go shopping for ingredients~!

[He raises his arms in a happy cheer.] I would be most happy to cook a birthday cake for you, Miss Gwen! [Oh, wait... she didn't say it was for her. He lowers his arms, grinning a bit sheepishly.] What sort of cake does he like? What are his favourite colours?

Great! Thank you, Sanji.

[ True, she hadn't mentioned that little detail about the cake - she probably should though, in case Ben says anything. ]

Well, it's for both my cousin and I actually. We have the same birthday. As for the sort of cake... chocolate - and his favorite color is green.

Have any ideas for what to do with Christmas fruit?

I haven't had much time to test them, but I'll probably make some pies and tarts to start. I might try squeezing some juice out of a couple, see if they'll work in a soup, and and maybe even attempt a dessert sauce. I think I'll also try to make some into jams, and jellies.

Wow, Sanji-kun is so nice! Do you need to use my bakery? I'd be happy to help you cook, it sounds like you're going to get a ton of requests, ha ha!

Ah! You would let me use your kitchen? Orihime-chan is so generous~! ♥ [A worried look then crosses his face.] I do hope I'm not stepping on your toes, in regards to your business or anything! I assure you, I had no intentions of that!

Ha ha, yeah! It's huge, and there's only me working there, so there's plenty of space for you to use. And no, you're not at all!

[She grins sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.]

It's not really a business, since we don't use money here. It's just always been one of my dreams, you know? To own a cake shop! It took me a while to make it, but it's been a lot of fun.

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