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[ Video ] - 3rd Spell
YES!, Excited
anodite_spark wrote in thewake_rp
[ It's not particularly early when the post goes up - probably an hour before her class with Raye, during her daily jog. She also neglected to lock the post; Or perhaps she thought it was locked and Nautilus went lolz no. But more importantly, she knew her cousin would be awake for this: ]

Happy birthday, Ben!

[ Just so pleased that he was here for her to be able to actually say that. ]

I have a Bending class with Raye in a little while, but after that I'll head back to the Welcome House. I have something for you - aand we should probably catch up on a couple of things. Important things (tm). Say around 1?

My friend Sanji should be stopping by with a cake by lunch time today too. Don't be late. [ A pause. and she amends that a bit. ] Try not to be late.

[ Oh, and as an afterthought for the rest of the world. ] Nautilus brought my spellbook back too, but most of the spells are missing from the pages. Some birthday present, huh?

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[Just before noon, Sanji arrives at the Northern Welcome House, cake balanced carefully in-hand, and looks around for Gwen. The mistletoe from yesterday is still buzzing about his head, but he's trying his hardest to ignore it for the moment. He has a delivery to make!] Hello? Miss Gwen? I have a cake, made with love, here for you~! ♥

[ooc: For fun, I did a little sketch-up of a cake idea, that you can see here. If you feel it's suitable, yay! It does look/feel more wintery, than birthday, I admit... ^.^;; If you feel it doesn't work, we can just say Sanji made whatever? ^_^;]

[Video --> Action] If you guys want to do a specific posting order or party style lemme know

[Ben had been roaming taking a walk around the North District when he got Gwen's message.]

Happy Birthday Gwen!

[She had a birthday present for him?? Oh yeah he was excited, but then it hit him. He didn't have anything for her, and he hadn't gotten a hang of this bending thing yet. Shiii-]

Oh, uhm, yeah I'll be there. No worries. I'll see you when you get back.

[Suspicious much?]


[Ben was running a little late on his way back, when he saw someone standing there with a cake. He walked up to him]

You must be Sanji, right? I'm Ben, Gwen's cousin.

[ Action (Sanji/Ben/Gwen works!)- oh my zot I hate this new LJ format. Who's with me! ]

[ Having returned to the house shortly before Sanji's arrival, which thankfully gave her enough time to freshen up, Gwen trotted downstairs to greet her friend. And even better, Ben was there. ON TIME even! ]

Sanji, hi! You're right on time. [ ...a pause at the mistletoe buzzing around his head. Snerk. Ahem. Glancing at the cake, she gasps softly. ]

Oh wow - Sanji this is beautiful! It's perfect! Isn't it gorgeous, Ben?

[ooc: Seriously! Wintery is good! That's a cool sketch :D ]


[Sanji grinned in greeting.] So you're the birthday boy, huh? Nice to meet you.

[His grin grew wider, and he dashed over to her side.] Oh! I am so thankful you're happy with it, Miss Gwen! Your approval makes my heart sing!

[ooc: Glad you like the cake. ^__^ And GUH! I totally hate this new comment system. XO A friend seems to have a style in place that makes it work and look like the old comment system, from what I can tell [with subject lines, even?]. I'm going to have to check it out, and ask how she has her LJ all set up... :/ ]

[Action forever] I hate it, but thankfully there's a workaround! Also sorry this is late!

[Ben gave a smile and nodded to Gwen]

Actually it's both our birthdays. [He adds a shrug]

[He's watching you Sanji, his best friend is her boyfriend]

[ooc: There's a tree for each of us on it! Also good job with the color scheme ;) sorry Gwen no Pink XD]

[ I am PRAYING it reverts. ]

[ Sanji was such an interesting guy - and don't worry Ben, Gwen would politely but clearly tell Sanji she had a boyfriend if he tried anything. He's just being nice! ]

Let's bring it over here, to the table. [ It'd be nice if they could have their birthday with their family, but having each other made up for it! ]

[ She was nodding in agreement with Ben's statement, about it being both of their birthday's though. ]

[Me too! D:]

[You'd probably better tell him fast, Gwen. Because he's thinking about asking Gwen on helping to get rid of the mistletoe buzzing around his head.]

[Sanji carried it over to the table as directed, then took a couple of steps back and nodded. He didn't plan on staying around; he had just made the cake for them; this was more business than pleasure.] A cake for the birthday boy and the beautiful birthday girl.

[He paused, then grinned and leaned towards Gwen a little, turning his cheek and tapping it with one finger. He hasn't had any success yet, but... maybe this time!?] Can I ask the pretty lady for a kiss?

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