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[Video] A Curious Question
[human] dramatic posing time
singing_frog wrote in thewake_rp
[Say hello to human-form Hekket, sunglasses over his eyes and a thoughtful turn to his lips. He's sitting on the edge of a rooftop in Helix, looking out towards Nautilus.]

Gee. I must've been busier than I thought, to not notice 'em all go. Sure would've been swell if Nautilus had let 'em stay through this batch of bein'-together holidays. Golly, what a crummy Christmas present.

[As always, the Deva's voice is like music, though this song lacks his usual cheer.]

I don't normally try to work out an Aeon's thinkin', but shoot, it would've been a heck of a lot more fun if they'd been around through this new year. Bad timing, City of Change.

[He sighs, swinging his feet over the open space beneath him like a child.]

If you'll indulge me for a sec, I've got a question for you all. You've got three, maybe four easily reached cities to choose from, as far as places to live. But y'all stick right where you Woke. Why is that?

[ ooc: replies will be a bit slow, due to no proper computer + illness, but I'll get to them as fast as I can. ]

It's simple, really. The North was already called home by my brother, and beyond that, it serves my other purposes quite well.

What sorta other purposes would those be?

Because this place is relatively well mapped out and the other cities aren't inhabited.

[She's trying to hide the fact that she didn't know there were other cities.]

[He laughs. Like his voice, it too sounds like music.]

Well mapped, you say. Golly, that's a new one. Nautilus changes things around so much, only the real established stuff ever seems to stay put.

[There's a long pause. An unhappy pause, if such a thing exists. Because, honestly? Drift hadn't even thought of that.]

[Eventually. (You Devas are patient, right?)]

The ones I want to protect are here.

What would ya do if they weren't?

Do you really think anyone who fought the crazed Deva is going to want to crash in her city? I know I don't.

... So Nautilus sent the others all home?

Welp, that depends. She's gone, but here you are callin' Kalliste hers. I'd say it's high time it was reclaimed, dontchaknow.

As for that big bunch of newcomers.... Most of 'em are back where they were alright.

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[She still isn't happy about the ~*training*~, but she's been through worse, so she looks beyond it for now.]

... I've thought about it, but I mostly stay here because everyone I care about is here.

But, I've known of Helix and Kalliste. There are more around here?

There's Nautilus itself, for one! And I think Pillow would fall in the easy-to-reach 'around here' category for you, dontchaknow.

If you don't mind me bein' even more curious: what if those you care about weren't in Nautilus?

...Had you asked after I first arrived, I would've taken Holiday and Rex to one of those other places immediately. I hadn't been aware at the time such cities existed.

Now, however, there are simply too many people for me to relocate, so I do what I can to protect those important to me here.

[Video // Locked Forever]

Why would ya think of relocating them?

[Huff.] Hell if I know.

Then again, I hadn' checked out dese other cities, anyway. Heard of 'em.

[Also, yes, he has noticed that he wasn't on the train out. Woo. Hoo.]

So, who you be?

[His voice sounds... strange... A MUTANT?? PLEASE BE A MUTANT.]

Not too many folks have checked 'em all out, even if they've been Awake for a while! Sure is a shame.

The name's Hekket. Deva of Music, if you're lookin' for a title. Nice ta meetcha!

[Cue a momentary, confused pause. He has NO idea who this is, plus the information about the other cities comes as a surprise.] There are other cities, in this place?

[A slightly longer, more thoughtful pause this time.] ...Do any of these other cities have an ocean?

Well now, that depends on whatcha mean by 'this place'!

[Amused, definitely. But he doesn't sound unkind.]

As for oceans, the world that Kalliste sits on has all kinds of things. Oceans, too! But no one's been to those in a long time, I'll betcha.

[You, he hasn't seen since training, but no hard feelings. It was something he needed and he knows it.]

Why stay in the North? I don't often. It just happens to be where Wheeljack kept my room. Really, I hadn't intended to stay there at all, but it became habit.

[From the side of the feed, there appears a little sprig, which flits over and promptly facesnuggers him. For a moment, Blurr doesn't speak, though a finger does come up to rub along the leaves not attached to him.]

Mind if I ask why the curiosity about living spaces?

[He laughs, light and just as musical as his voice.]

So many creatures of habit in the City of Change.

[After a little shake of his head, he continues.]

I can see the appeal of Nautilus, sure! Not for the same reasons as most who live there, I'll betcha, but I still see it. The trick is, its downsides seem to way you folks down more than it's upsides can balance out. It's a little puzzling, dontchaknow.

[When Demyx answers, it's obvious that he thought on the question a little bit.]

I guess... well, I dunno. I could say Helix is too hot and Kalliste is kind of creepy by association, but I think it's more that Nautilus is just home. I don't always like the storms and everything, but... I can't really think of somewhere else that would be home.

Home despite it's flaws? Or wouldn't be home without 'em?

My loyalty is to Nautilus. The Deva I first trusted... What remains of her, though fragmented, is still with the Heart of Nautilus. As long as we remember that and Nautilus survives, she will remain.

The people here also need me. What good is a guardian and a physician if there is no one to protect or treat?

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I wonder....

[He trails off, a curious look on his face as he stares out towards Nautilus. It's too long a pause; long enough that it seems he won't speak at all. But then:]

You go where folks need ya, huh?


Describe the merits of the other cities and perhaps I'll choose to move. I have few enough connections in Nautilus and I hadn't planned to stay in a welcome house forever.

Tell me about the city in your recording. Is that where you live?

[He laughs, quick and musical. And as he keeps staring towards Nautilus, feet swinging away, words appear as though he were writing them. Strangely, the text itself seems to hum, like the words themselves are on the verge of bursting into song.]

If you're looking for an introduction to Helix, I'd suggest talking to your fellow Wakened. They may not have a neat and tidy guide, but enough have visited to give you an overview. It'll be much more fun that way!

I prefer this place as I’ve people present to talk to, and---for its fluid nature---it's stable enough.

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Golly, fluid and stable in one.

[He smiles.]

Sure does make itself a mess!

Maybe it's the being together that keeps us here.

That sure sounds like a common theme.

How 'bout for you? Got a personal reason, do ya?


[Well, first thought first, then question.] You have a very nice voice, mister.

[And now to the question.] There are other cities? [Look who's stayed close to "home".]

Why, thank you very much!

And there most certainly are. Golly, you didn't think Nautilus was all alone, did ya?


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