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5th Crescent ☾ [Video] Testing One Two Three...
ladymoonkitty wrote in thewake_rp
[Luna is sitting there on the edge of the hot springs. She's sporting a spiffy homemade collar thanks to Phineas's nice present for her. She intended to lock this to Phineas, but she's still learning how to use it. Sorry, Nautilus.]

Let's see...I think I've got it now. Phineas? Can you hear me all right?

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[Luna is a bit surprised to see Dana but then she sighs in annoyance.]

Drat. My apologies. I didn't realize I was broadcasting openly.

Well, how are you doing, Dana?

No need to apologize.

What were you trying to send, anyway? [She takes a closer look at the cat, notices the new collar.] Did Phineas finish the communication collar?

That he did. [Pleased ear flick.] I was just testing it out to make sure I was using it correctly.

Well, the filters can be tricky. At least it's connected to the network, right? How easy is it to use?

Indeed. It's certainly simpler than finding a reflective surface.

[She stands on all fours before stretching out her legs and back.]

It's actually rather simple to use. It'll just take practice for it to be second nature.

And more portable.

How does it work? Voice-activated?

[Video] I have no idea how this is supposed to work. D:

Oh most definitely! It makes it simpler since I'm lacking in the hands department. [She gives a small chuckle at that.]

Mostly voice activation though Bending works as well on it.

[Video] We can probably handwave it?

So now you're not dependent on other people's laptops! And it must be easier than typing with your paws.

Bending works? Hm. [She's now wondering if her Phineas-designed phone also has Bending-activated features.]

It's certainly faster. [Though she is pretty good with computers.]

I've found that Bending works on just about everything around here if you focus enough.

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