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61st Gear... This is not a valid coping mechanism, Nautilus. [Accidental Video]
naniteknight wrote in thewake_rp
[There is a figure in a black Organization coat standing atop a building in the Northern District, easily seen against the gray of the roof top and the white of the snow blanketing the ledges. For the first few seconds of the broadcast, the hood of the coat obscures the figure's face, but then he turns, gloved hands lifting to pull the hood back...]

[It's Rex, his gaze distant and cold as he looks out across the city, expression unreadable.]

[One hand moves to his collar, fingers looping under cords to draw out a pair of necklaces from beneath the coat. One of them, the shorter of the pair, is strung with bird feathers and beads. The other had four pendants hanging from it: a hand painted charm with kanji on it, a silver tribal-style metal pendant, a silver gear and a steampunk styled piece with wings on it. Rex simply gazes down at the lot passively for a second before suddenly tearing them away from his neck, the cords breaking.]


[He is about to toss them all off side of the building when he pauses, looking once more at the silver gear.]

Hmm, except this. I can still use it.

[The gear is dropped into a hidden pocket. The other parts are then disposed off, tossed carelessly off the roof before Rex teleports away, the feed ending soon after.]

[Six flies to the spot on his hoverboard, stepping off in order to hunt around. However, he's not looking for the teenager just yet. He's not sure what's wrong with Rex at the moment, but he knows that when the kid's back to himself, he'll be upset he threw away the pendants.]

[It takes Six a while to find them, but he succeeds. He slips them into an inside pocket of his suit to keep them safe before heading off to try and find Rex.]

[Rex is still in the Northern District, having moved to the top of Titans Tower where he can get a better look at the city.]

[It's interesting, this lack of emotions. Liberating in a way. He still has his share of concerns, but they hardly linked to any sort of sentiment.]

[That's... kinda scary. Even more so because it's Rex, who always seems so passionate.]

Rex? Are you feeling all right? Did someone leave?


I'm fine.

[His tone is somewhat flat. Distant.]

Doc Magnus left.


[... This is most likely because of Helen's leaving, but he didn't act like this when Starscream left... He seemed so happy when she gave him that just a little while ago. The others were foreign to her, but they were still there for a reason.]

... Rex?

[He picks up a moment later, looking entirely unconcerned.]

Yes, Holiday?

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... That's certainly ominous.

Is something the matter?

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We've lost Doc Magnus.

[Even though he doesn't exactly look broken up about that in the least.]

[Po stares at the video a moment.]


...that new coat is awesome! Where can I get one for me?

[And he instantly breaks out into a huge grin. Leave it to the panda to miss the point, at least at first.]

[ Oh, Po. You don't want this. Rex got the coat in return for something else...]

It's pretty cool, isn't it?

[Congrats, panda. You've gotten something resembling a real expression out of him. But there's something wrong with it, still. The mild smile of amusement on his face doesn't reach his eyes.]

Something like this wouldn't be that hard to bend.


[When the video started, Sora almost automatically assumed that it would be Xemnas - he was the only Organization member in the city that ever ran around with their hood on like that anymore. So of course he's shocked when not only is it not Xemnas, but it's not even an Organization member at all. But Sora sort of recognized him - he knew that it was someone he had seen around the city and the network before, even if they hadn't really talked.

So...what exactly was he doing, throwing out all of that stuff? It seemed strange.

Best way to find out was to ask, probably.]

So, where did you get the coat?

[Well, that was one good place to start.]


[And right there, that's reason enough to be suspicious of this. Because it was a trade of sorts.]

Nice, huh? Just like the one Xemnas wears.

[A slight smile, but the emotion doesn't reach his eyes. No, those are still cold and hollow.]

[ Video ]

[She's already seen some of the responses so far. Its not to hard to sort of see what it might be about.]

You seem displeased that she left the City. Was she a friend of yours?

[Eavesdropper. He can't even manage a frown, however.]

Yeah, she was...not that it matters now.

[Caesar is absolutely and completely baffled. Rex isn't acting like himself at all. He just seems so... emotionless.]

Rex? Are you okay?

[Rex turns cold eyes toward the screen, face a near expressionless mask.]

I've never been better.

Is something wrong, hermano?

[Lots of empathy here, so he won't ask if Rex is "ok"]


[Video // locked to Wally]

Wally. Rex's acting strange, says that he's missing his heart. I thought it might be the coat causing it, but taking it off didn't change anything... Have you ever heard of anything like this?

[Demyx has only come across Rex in passing- but this isn't something he can ignore.]

Hey, um... [damnit he really should learn names] ...are you ok?

[Hn. Not so sure what to make of you. You're supposed to be a Nobody, aren't you?]

Perfectly fine. Never been better.

[Never commenting, always watching. He's not sure he approves of this move on Nautilus' part either, but he knows there are better people to deal with such delicate issues.]

[Probably better to keep your silence and just watch, Death. Otherwise Rex might have a few words for you about how soft you've gone.]

[This guy had been keeping to himself for the most part in this weird city, but this video feed is pretty curious... He'd seen this boy before over the network and this seems like a new turn of events for him...]

Jus' cause ya can' use somethin' don' mean dat ya have to chunk it off a buildings.

[He shrugs.]

Guess I could have taken it all over the junkyard and dumped it there, but why bother? The city will clean it up in a few days, anyway. It's a waste of time and energy.

[Something obviously isn't right here]

Dude, are you alright?

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[Have a smile, Ben. A very false one.]

Never better, Ben.



Now this? This was something that made Xemnas arch a brow in interest. Disregarding the faint notion of concern (if one can call it that) which was perhaps the more natural of two reactions, the Nobody waits before contacting the teenager properly.


It holds no deeper meaning to you. And yet you keep one portion.

...Is there still a sense of worth?


[Rex pulls the hood back into place, tucks his hands into his sleeves and offers a slight bow. Yes...that is actually some degree of reverence he's displaying.]

Yeah, there is... Practically speaking, you could say. The pendent contains something...important. Useful.


[Sanji raised a brow at the broadcast. This certainly didn't seem like the cheerful, friendly boy that had met him out on the cliffs. True, this wasn't any of his buisiness, and why should he worry about some guy? Especially one he only had met briefly? Why should he say anything? If the guy was moody, let him be moody; it had nothing to do with him. He didn't particularly want to get involved in another guy's business. Still, something just seemed so very wrong about this, that left him feeling oddly unsettled.]

.... oy.

[Rex glances at the camera, one eyebrow raised in question.]

Something you wanted to say?