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61st Gear... This is not a valid coping mechanism, Nautilus. [Accidental Video]
naniteknight wrote in thewake_rp
[There is a figure in a black Organization coat standing atop a building in the Northern District, easily seen against the gray of the roof top and the white of the snow blanketing the ledges. For the first few seconds of the broadcast, the hood of the coat obscures the figure's face, but then he turns, gloved hands lifting to pull the hood back...]

[It's Rex, his gaze distant and cold as he looks out across the city, expression unreadable.]

[One hand moves to his collar, fingers looping under cords to draw out a pair of necklaces from beneath the coat. One of them, the shorter of the pair, is strung with bird feathers and beads. The other had four pendants hanging from it: a hand painted charm with kanji on it, a silver tribal-style metal pendant, a silver gear and a steampunk styled piece with wings on it. Rex simply gazes down at the lot passively for a second before suddenly tearing them away from his neck, the cords breaking.]


[He is about to toss them all off side of the building when he pauses, looking once more at the silver gear.]

Hmm, except this. I can still use it.

[The gear is dropped into a hidden pocket. The other parts are then disposed off, tossed carelessly off the roof before Rex teleports away, the feed ending soon after.]

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[Yes, that was it. Or as much as he could pretend to manage at that moment.]

She was important here.

I'm sorry to hear that... We seem to be losing a great many people, these days.

[He pauses.]

You're handling it rather well, however.

It's not good for the city.

And yeah, I am. It's so much easier to deal with losing someone when you can't feel anything.

How so--

[He stops, almost mid-word.]

... What do you mean?

I mean exactly what I just said.

I can't feel anything.

It's kind of liberating, actually, not having true emotions. No sentimental ties to anything or anyone. I could say I'd be disappointed in myself for not really feeling much of anything about Magnus being gone, but...then I'd be lying.

I... heard you, yes.

Though I must confess, I'm not exactly sure how you've managed to do so... You haven't been drinking, have you?

After the...cake incident I'll never drink any alcohol on purpose.

[One hand moves to rest over the left side of his chest.]

No, the city's taken my ability to feel emotions.

The city--!

But... why would it do such a thing? That hardly... I don't understand.

I wondered if it would be easier to live without emotions.

[A very slight smirk.]

Given how I feel now? Or maybe it should be "how I don't feel"...I think it is.

So... what you seem to be saying, is that you would rather give up, than attempt to continue forward?

I don't mean to imply that losing someone is an easy thing to deal with... but this seems rather too drastic a reaction.

[The smirk vanishes, replaced with a more serious, if somewhat passive expression.]

I never said I was giving up.

If anything, I think this means I can do more than I did before. How many times did my emotions stop me from doing something? All this did was take away more limitations.

Ah... I must have not chosen the right words. Allow me to clarify, then.

It seems as if you're taking the easy path. Rather than deal with what's happened, you've chosen to ignore it, and any future hardship, entirely.

All I did was wonder.

The city did the rest.

[His mouth then curls in a slight sneer.]

You're not really one to talk about brushing things aside though, are you?

Then I suppose I'll be having a word with the city. Or at least, attempting to.

[He looks taken aback for a moment, before his features smooth into that pleasant and creepy smile.]

I'm sure I didn't imply brushing things aside was the answer either. But if that's what you're reading into it, I doubt I'll be able to change your mind.

Pot and kettle, Hakkai. That's all I'm saying.

[Rex pulls his hood back into place, looking once again quite neutral.]

Why don't you go concern yourself with someone or something else?

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