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61st Gear... This is not a valid coping mechanism, Nautilus. [Accidental Video]
naniteknight wrote in thewake_rp
[There is a figure in a black Organization coat standing atop a building in the Northern District, easily seen against the gray of the roof top and the white of the snow blanketing the ledges. For the first few seconds of the broadcast, the hood of the coat obscures the figure's face, but then he turns, gloved hands lifting to pull the hood back...]

[It's Rex, his gaze distant and cold as he looks out across the city, expression unreadable.]

[One hand moves to his collar, fingers looping under cords to draw out a pair of necklaces from beneath the coat. One of them, the shorter of the pair, is strung with bird feathers and beads. The other had four pendants hanging from it: a hand painted charm with kanji on it, a silver tribal-style metal pendant, a silver gear and a steampunk styled piece with wings on it. Rex simply gazes down at the lot passively for a second before suddenly tearing them away from his neck, the cords breaking.]


[He is about to toss them all off side of the building when he pauses, looking once more at the silver gear.]

Hmm, except this. I can still use it.

[The gear is dropped into a hidden pocket. The other parts are then disposed off, tossed carelessly off the roof before Rex teleports away, the feed ending soon after.]

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[Unfortunately, Rex's senses of fun and humor went out with everything else. His shoulders square a little, the mock disappointment visible on his face - the logical emotional response when dealing with failure. The emotion itself is false, however, the imitation of it merely being used as a tool to shame in this case.]

So you were playing with toys instead of training.

And you call yourself a warrior? That's some real fail on your part, Po.

Hey, what are you talking about? You--

[Wait, wait, wait. The Shifu posture? The disapproving stare? The oh so serious tone? You almost had him, Rex. But he chuckles.]

Oh, now that is a good one! Thinking you can pull one over on me. Nice try, buddy! You gotta get up earlier than that in the morning to slide one past the Dragon Warrior.

[Rex merely gazes back, not even a single twitch to the corner of his mouth to indicate he might be fighting back a smile. Although if he was a red panda, one ear MIGHT have flicked just a bit. On the whole, he looks completely unamused and totally serious.]

A word of advice, amigo. [And in that single word is a bit of biting sarcasm.] Work on your bending. Or else the next time I stop by, I'll show you what it means to actually be a warrior via combat bending.

You'll have one chance to impress me or that visit will be the last one.

[He just stares a moment at the video, not wanting to believe what he just heard.]

H-hey, I'm sorry! I thought you were... joking. Because you usually. You know. Joke around. And stuff. I don't want to fight. You're my friend, Rex. One of my best friends here... Whatever I did, I'm sorry.

[He glances off to one side, muttering to himself with a slight look of disgust.]

Joking around... I never realized how much time I wasted doing things like that until now.

[His attention refocuses on the screen.]

Let me school you on this, then... I don't need friends. Having friends means needing a bunch of useless emotional attachments. It's weak. It's not logical. It's limiting. Now that my heart has been taken, I can see what an idiot I was to bother with all of that garbage.

[Po pulls the scroll up close to his face, sending a close up glare across the screen to Rex.]

Garbage? GARBAGE??

I don't know what you've done to yourself. Losing your heart, losing your mind, whatever. But if you think you don't need friends, then you're the dumbest person in this entire city. You think friends make you weak? That's the furthest thing from the truth there's ever been.

Friends make you stronger, because they help you see what you need to improve, and help you change it. And they tell you what you're good at, and remind you even when you feel your worst. Yeah, maybe sometimes you get hurt. Maybe sometimes they aren't the best people in the world. But they're the ones that make it all worth it! And when you do good, when you finally manage to do something that people can be proud of, friends are the ones who make it feel that much better! And when you're hurting, they're the ones that remind you that one day, you'll get better.

Friends aren't garbage, Rex. And the only time you've been an idiot since I've been here is right now. You've brought people together. I've been able to see that, even in the short time I've known you. What in the world would make you want to throw all that away?

[He throws the scroll to the floor, then glares down at the image of Rex on it.]


[For all that speechifying, the most Po manages to get out of Rex is a raised eyebrow.]

Hmm, I see. So this is what it's like to be in Xemnas' shoes.

[A light sigh.]

Half of what you've just said to me is dependent on me feeling anything, such as friends being there when I'm feeling down. The thing is that I don't feel anything. Not anymore. When my heart got taken, so did my emotions.

I still have my memories, though, and I remember what it was like to be in pain. You have no idea how many people I've lost since I've been here. They go away and they don't come back. Someone who was like a surrogate father to me. Another who was like my brother. Friends, housemates... And then yesterday, someone who was like an adopted mother. I wondered if all of it would be easier to take if I didn't have a heart. Like a Nobody. Like Xemnas. [He shrugs.] Nautilus took my heart and now I know.

Everything is clear and logical, now. I can do whatever needs to be done without worrying about how it makes me feel.

[Po shakes his head as he picks up the scroll again.]

Sometimes... sometimes you lose people. And it hurts, it hurts so bad, you think it'll never go away. But if you give up your heart, you give up on how good having them around makes you feel. You were lucky to just have them in your life, even if they're gone now...

...though if you don't have feelings, none of that matters, huh?

But you should just ask one thing. You still have your memories, right? Think back on everything you've done, everything you've been, and ask yourself, could you have done all of that without a single friend?

You don't want to be the guy without a single friend in the world. Trust me, I know.

[Of all the arguments he's heard thus far, this one is the one that makes him stop and think. That raised eyebrow creeps a bit higher before Rex simply closes his eyes in thought.]

[A good thirty or so seconds of silence pass before he answers.]

No. If it wasn't for Agent Six and Doctor Holiday, I would have been killed for what I am years ago.

However, it was rash human emotions that almost cost me my life in the first place. The people that tried to kill me... I guess they couldn't see that I was the cure, the only solution they had to the epidemic plaguing the world.

They used to treat me like a tool and a weapon. They kept me locked in a cell that wasn't much bigger than a walk-in closet. Back then, my own emotions kept me from being effective at what I did.

When emotions run high around here, people lose their minds. Maybe it's time I "took one for the team" and became one of the few who can operate on logic.

[His eyes open.]

I guess that could tell you I'm sorry just to be polite, Po, but I can't feel remorse. It'd be a lie. And I can't miss what I no longer have feelings for. I can't care for anyone who cares for me, either.

There isn't anything except darkness now.

You can't make the right decision unless you listen to both your mind and your heart. I know you know that, deep down. Your memories will tell you that.

But I guess you've made your choice, huh? And no matter what I say, you're gonna go right on thinking that having no heart is better than a broken one. I think you're wrong. Master Oogway said if you have sympathy for others, they will always have sympathy for you. I just hope it's not true the other way around... and you don't lose the people who care about you over all this.

[And he's about to shut off the connection, when he stops short.]

Wanna know something funny about darkness, Rex? It doesn't take a lot of light to make it go away.

And even if it's not the logical way to feel? You're still my friend. And I'm still gonna be here if you need me, even if that doesn't matter to you.

[Rex remains impassive through it all, tucking his hands into his sleeves and listening in silence.]

[When Po is finished, Rex tilts his head to one side, expression one of apparent curiosity.]


All of this makes you the Rex to my Xemnas. The old Rex, anyway.

Huh, I guess the least I can do is show you the same "courtesy" Xemnas showed me - tolerance. So while I can't like you, I'll deal with your existence.

[There is a lot he could say about sympathy for others...even the version of him with a heart wouldn't have believed that, though at least he would have shown sympathy regardless. Much of this seems like pointless debate, however, so Rex says nothing of it. Rather he pulls his hood back into place, the fabric and the shadow it casts hiding all but his mouth and chin.]

Take what you can and be grateful for it, Po. I don't have a lot to give.

Well, fine. Because y'know what? I'm used to being tolerated. So I'm totally okay with that.

[He stops just long enough to take in a quick breath. For a brief second, there's a look of real pain on his face, but the serious look quickly returns.]

I'm still gonna do nice things for you, even if you don't appreciate them. So, yeah. You're not gonna win this one, Re- [He stops, and narrows his eyes.] Not-Rex.

And even though you don't care, I'm still gonna say take care of yourself. Yeah. So, do that. And stuff.

[He cuts the video feed from there and lets out a sigh. He didn't agree with Rex's idea, not one bit. But at that very moment? A small part of him wished he didn't have a heart either.]

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