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61st Gear... This is not a valid coping mechanism, Nautilus. [Accidental Video]
naniteknight wrote in thewake_rp
[There is a figure in a black Organization coat standing atop a building in the Northern District, easily seen against the gray of the roof top and the white of the snow blanketing the ledges. For the first few seconds of the broadcast, the hood of the coat obscures the figure's face, but then he turns, gloved hands lifting to pull the hood back...]

[It's Rex, his gaze distant and cold as he looks out across the city, expression unreadable.]

[One hand moves to his collar, fingers looping under cords to draw out a pair of necklaces from beneath the coat. One of them, the shorter of the pair, is strung with bird feathers and beads. The other had four pendants hanging from it: a hand painted charm with kanji on it, a silver tribal-style metal pendant, a silver gear and a steampunk styled piece with wings on it. Rex simply gazes down at the lot passively for a second before suddenly tearing them away from his neck, the cords breaking.]


[He is about to toss them all off side of the building when he pauses, looking once more at the silver gear.]

Hmm, except this. I can still use it.

[The gear is dropped into a hidden pocket. The other parts are then disposed off, tossed carelessly off the roof before Rex teleports away, the feed ending soon after.]

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It might return it in a week. Ten days. Something like that. Nautilus gives and takes all the time... You get used to it.

[Though at the moment, he's not all that interested in getting back what was taken.]

Get used to it?

The city's gonna use us like a soap opera an' you got used to it!?

[Someone isn't happy about the new turn of events...]

Possibly. Eventually. Or at least lose your ability to be surprised at what it can do.

Then there's me...and I've lost the ability to be surprised, angry, sad, afraid, everything.

Then we gonna figure out a way ta get it back.

[His expression hardens.]

No, we will not.

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