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[Video] Backdated to yesterday
You no like me when I angry
fastaskenyans wrote in thewake_rp
[Why hello city, have a Wally. Wow, he's mad. That's unusual for him]
Ashura, Devas, anybody! How do you help bend a heart back? I don't even know if it's possible, but I can't just sit around doing nothing.

[Locked to Nautilus itself. Because he's pissed.]
What the hell are you doing? I don't care if you have "plans," Nautilus, give Rex his heart back.

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... I know how it feels, too... But... running and hiding does not help the situation! It- [BREATHE, WOMAN. She pinches the bridge of her nose for a few seconds, trying to stop shaking so that she won't RAGE in order to hide the fact that she just wants to cry.]

... It just hurts the people that's left... if there is anyone left...

I'll talk to Six... He might have better ideas or- or something. Caesar, too. I'm-... I'm scared to try letting Raye get through to him. If it doesn't work...

We'll think of something. Yes.

I know. [Too well.]

But don't lose hope, kay? We'll get through to him somehow. Even... if it takes a long obnoxious amount of time.

[Her lips twitch into a little smile.]

I know... And we will.

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