Airachnid, mistress of the dark (blackwidowblade) wrote in thewake_rp,
Airachnid, mistress of the dark

[Video] The best way to a mech's heart is....

[....through blackmail, of course.]

[The video comes on to a smiling, very pleased-with-herself Airachnid.  She'd thought about locking this to Skyfire, but...there are some moments in life that call for subtlety, yes, but this is not one of them.]

[The sky behind her is red, which, she hopes, sets off her armor nicely: she's very, very highly glossed. A girl does want to look good for her big moment.  The jagged chunks of the ruined roller coaster in the west looms beside her, and right at the tallest point, right before the first big, terrifyingly steep drop, is a white-wrapped bundle of webbing.  Astute observers may notice it's Caesar Salazar.] 

Skyfire, darling.

...missing something? 

((ooc: feel free to action it up or video, all's good and threadjacking is encouraged--Caesar needs rescuing! Just be warned, Airachnid has prepared for this, not just in beauty treatments!))
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