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[Accidental Video]
Nicci - Cautious
fromdarktoself wrote in thewake_rp
[The feed comes on to show a likely familiar blonde.  Much like her first arrival she's once again got blood down her face and chest, the dirt on her mixing into mud from what was likely a nasty faceplant, and her chest is bare, the top of her red dress tucked around her waist.  Though this time she's given the dignity of not being flung through the gate from the back of a galloping horse.  She was, however, running, and upon finding her target suddenly gone, she slides to a stop.]

[Confusion and something akin to panic flashes across her face as she looks around, taking in the red sky, and gruesome trees.  She steps back, looking around, a hand going to her chest as though checking for a heartbeat.  She turns about, revealing the thick, angry bruise forming across her back; likely some broken ribs there.  She finally plants her back against the gate as the feed cuts.]

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[voice to action; brit is now on time]


[Rather than waste time, as the feed's cut, V will teleport to that gate, arriving beside it, if six or seven meters away; a non-threatening distance.]

Miss. I may be of some assitance.

[The voice makes her jump, but the man appearing not too far away has her turning towards him, fist raised... The only indication that something was supposed to happen is the brief look of shock in her eyes, which she quickly buries. Ignoring her half-naked state she keeps her eyes on this masked stranger.]

Where am I?

Nautilus, otherwise known as the City of Change. We're in it's Western District, if you'd prefer something more specific.

[While the mask makes it difficult to tell where V is looking, the angle of his head suggests he's focused on her face. Despite whatever she'd tried to do to him, he approaches the woman, shrugging out of his cloak as he comes closer. He stops at a conversational distance and offers the cloak at arm's length.]

I'd like to make a loan of it.

[The mask does make it hard to tell. She stands her ground as he approaches, and actually looks mildly surprised by the offered cloak. Obviously her state of undress isn't going to serve any purpose here. She accepts the cloak, and will pull her dress back up into place once she's covered. Besides, the black is a much preferable color to the bright red dress she's currently wearing.]

Thank you.

[She hesitates a moment, almost feeling silly for asking, but she's not sure what other explanation there could be.] Am I dead?

You're welcome.

[Now her gives her a brief scan, assessing the blood and mud.] I very much doubt it. The dead usually arrive uninjured.

[She might look vaguely familiar, but not enough. And looks too confused to be a resident Dana hasn't met yet, so probably a new arrival. In the red-sky, dangerous Western District.]

Hey! You're in a dangerous area, you should get out of there as soon as you can. I'll send a map, so you can find your way. [Which she does.]

[Nicci turns about for a moment before spotting a book on the ground. There's....a picture on it. This is unlike and Journey Book she's ever seen. She slips up to it, kneeling just long enough to snatch it up, before moving her back to the gate again, so nothing can sneak up on her.]

Where am I, exactly? And how did I get here? [She sees that link, and isn't sure what the different colored text is meant to mean.]

You're in a city called Nautilus; it called you here. I've also got a guide with more information. [Have another link. Dana hasn't realized that the new arrival might not know how to use them yet.]

[Nicci assumes she'll have to meet the young lady for said guide...]

"It" called me here?

The city. It's sentient. And it has a bad sense of humor, which probably explains why it dropped you in the most dangerous district.

You don't look like you're in good shape. Do you need a doctor?


[Sanji's eyes go wide at the state Nicci has arrived in. He is... momentarily distracted by her bare top, a hand whipping up to clasp at his nose. THEN he notices her bruises, and all the blood... and his hand drops, at first looking completely horrified.] Ahh! Miss Nicci! What has happened? Are you okay?! [His eyes narrow, glaring in anger at whoever would hurt her.] Who were the bastards who did that to you? How dare they?! I'll teach them never to harm a lady! [His expression grows concerned again.] You should get out of there; the West is not a safe district for a lady to be in! You need medical attention! There's a hospital in the Northern District. Is there anyone there to help you? No, wait... I'll be there myself! You just stay safe, Miss Nicci!

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[She's done found the book, but she does not recognize Sanji, sorry. At least he'll get a fresh start with her? Perhaps things will go better.]

[She looks a little surprised and confused that he knows her name. He's...certainly not from the city, and most certainly not part of the army... She ignores her half-naked state, she's like this for a reason after all.]

[She can't help a small smile at his proclamation to teach the bastards that hurt her not to treat a woman in such a way, though.] I'm afraid you'd have a hard time teaching these particular bastards. [She gives him a curious tilt of her head, amused and...a little touched that this stranger seems so concerned for her.] How do you know me?

[With him..? Doubtful. He is, however, grabbing his jacket and starts to slip in on, in preparation for running to the Western District.]

Che... If I ever do manage to learn how to visit other people's worlds... I'll definitely be seeking them out. [he mutters to himself.]

[At that, Sanji blinks in surprise.] Ahhh, Miss Nicci? You don't remember me? [He immediately looks crestfallen, and bites at the collar of his jacket, tears in his eyes.] Oh, horrid day! The elegant Miss Nicci is not only injured and in such a state of disarray...! [And topless, to boot! Sanji pauses for a second to swoon, a goofy, perverted grin on his face before recovering himself. Almost. His eyes still do keep drifting down, and he has to keep snapping his head up to look at Nicci's face.] But the beautiful Miss Nicci has forgotten me! Such heartbreak~! [he wailed melodramatically.] Alas, maybe it's only to be expected... How can I expect a goddess to remember such a mere, humble mortal such as myself?

You would find yourself seeking out an army. [Still, his determination to "avenge" her is touching.]

[Yyyyyeah, second chance ruined. She manages not to roll her eyes at him. Though her topless state was meant as a distraction, one to hopefully buy her time and potentially save her life, it is one that is no longer required. She pulls up the front of her dress, slipping her arms into her sleeves.]

[Several comments cross her mind, some of them dismissive, some downright mean, but she pushes them aside. While most certainly a pervert with little true respect for women, it's...clear that his concern for her well being is genuine.]

No, I don't remember you, I have never been here before. [And if she can get home she doesn't intend to return either.]

[Sanji scoffed a little.] I've fought armies before. [Well, at least a full unit of Marines. That counts, right?] They're all just a bunch of cowards, if they would all assault a single lady, such as yourself!

[He did pout a little as she pulled her dress back up, but at least he could focus completely on her, now. He exited the Southern Welcome House's doors, and started off at a run for the Western District. He frowned in confusion.]

But... you have been here before. During Christmas. ... I didn't imagine meeting you, did I? Then again, you are as lovely as a vision!

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