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[ Video ] ~ An Unintended Confession ~
hardly MY fault
flame_flurry wrote in thewake_rp
[This video is no accident. Axel's quite intentionally addressing the network, even while well aware that a storm is going on. HMM.]

Looks like this storm makes you spit out whatever you're thinking. Not exactly what I was expecting, but hey, it could be worse. All you've gotta do is control your thoughts. At least I've got experience with that, after––

[Abruptly, he snaps his mouth shut. But that doesn't alleviate the urge to tell. Several long moments pass while he obviously struggles to keep himself quiet. In the end, all he manages to do is say something else.]

If there was enough in it for me, I'd kill most of you without blinking.

[A pause ... and a thoughtful look.]

... Huh. That's almost a relief.

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[Well this isn't good.]

Axel, turn off your camera.

[Meanwhile brb while he finds you.]

Why? That almost felt good.

[The video shows enough of the Castle's kitchen that he won't be hard to find.]

[The look on his face is a little shocked]

Somehow... I'm not surprised, the past ten years really seemed to have changed you for the worse, Lea.

[That was... not quite the reply Isa was going for.]

couldn't resist using this icon lmfao

You've got no idea.

[The words are out before he can stop them. Not as planned.]

Well that wasn't very nice. But I like honesty in a man. Tell me, why would you kill most of the people here without a care?

I wouldn't do it without a reason. Unless I had one, there'd be nothing to gain from it. So, why bother?

[Have one absolutely horrified teenage girl.]

What? WHY?!

[Who may or may not realize that she just posted that.]

That is a serious thing to say. Why would you want to kill any of the others who are here?

Didn't say I want to. Too big a hassle, nothing to gain. Got it memorized?

[He could leave it at that, but the urge to say more wins out.]

But when there's enough to gain, I can only think of a couple people who'd refuse to get their hands dirty.

You make it sound as if that's not simply human nature.

Heh, did I? Funny. With the way people have responded so far, you'd think I'd said something unthinkable.

[Just...this face.]

Good to know.

[This very unconcerned face right back.]

Guess so. It's not like being willing to kill if the stakes are high enough is unusual.

[He sighs.]

I wouldn't kill you, Sideswipe.

[Cue one quirked brow, and a somewhat calculating - but not worried, or even shocked - look.] Well, thank you, at least, for giving us a heads-up. Good to know those to keep your guard up around.

You don't normally keep your guard up?

(Deleted comment)
No, you're not.

[And then, curiosity forces another question:]

Did you think you would be?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
[Still in the coat and hood over here.]

That's not unexpected, really.

[Definitely taking note of that!]

Is that right?

[So that's what's going on with this new storm, huh? Instead of commenting on what Axel said, Sora decides to just ask a question.]

...are you gonna go to Helix until this is over?

I'm not planning on it.

[Orihime has to think about a response for a few moments. But finally, she does come up with a satisfactory reply.]

Good thing death isn't permanent here!

[He blinks, then lets out a little laugh.]

Heh, you've got a point there.

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