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[4] [accidental video]
castyourflame wrote in thewake_rp
[Here we see Zaran, sitting in a little pile of leaves she had collected up earlier in the day. In her hands, she is fidgeting with a few small vines she had picked as well. A small portion of them hangs down one side of her palms while the other, separated into the three vines she is holding, have yet to be woven together. Every now and again, she reaches down for one of the leaves around her to fix it into the pattern. She smiles at her work as she progresses, but the look on her face is one of sadness, and she is talking, seemingly to herself.]

And... it's not like I'll be here forever, right? But do I want to stay?... Maybe I do. I just feel like such a coward. This isn't like me. [She pauses, looking down at the closed book sitting off to her side. The camera, however, is looking in on this event - the feed is not from her communicator.] I do like it here. I like the people. I can't be the only one here who ever missed their home so much.

[In silence, she continues weaving the rest of her vines, then starts to attach the two ends before setting it on her head and reaching out for another set of vines beside her book.]

... Why can I not stop talking today?

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[Hello, Zaran! You get a sympathetic look from Sanji, here.] You're not the only one who's missing their homes, sweet lady... nor the ones they left behind. [He winced faintly, then grinned sheepishly.] It's the work of a shitty reality storm, apparantly.

Might I have the honor of learning your name? I'm Sanji.

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Oh... [Deflate.] So this is a reality storm? I... I see.

Thank you. My name is Zaran.

From what I gather, these things will be over eventually... just not soon enough.

A pleasure to meet you, Miss Zaran.

I... I had been told about them before.

It's nice to meet you, too. So this... this storm. It just... It seems to be making people talk about things they normally wouldn't?

First time I've ever experienced one, myself. It's shitty annoying, 's what it is. And, yeah. This storm's making everyone say what they really think and feel, and it's hard to STOP yourself. You can, barely, sometimes... but you've still got this pressing urge to tell the truth.

What manner of place is this that it can just compel anyone to do something and they... just do it? I've nothing to compare it to where I came from, but this seems far more powerful than anything I ever knew. Not even the stories from the elders mentioned something like this.

I'm afraid I don't know, Miss Zaran. I'm new to this place, too. While some powers some people exhibit may seem similar to powers people back home may have, this place is FAR different than my home, too. I don't know how these storms force us to do this kind of stuff... It's something you'd have to ask one of the older residents, I guess.

This is just my first one, but it still took me by surprise. Next time it won't be such a shock. [She pauses a moment to finish tying off her vine weave, then sets that one aside and starts on another.] Where I'm from, we know people who can curve winds and shift waters, but nothing like this. Was that something you knew back home, too?

[Sanji chews on the end of his cigarette, then nods.] Something like that. It's probably not the same thing as what your people are capable of... but in my world there are these fruits that give people powers, if eaten. There are people that can turn into fire, whose bodies can stretch like rubber, or turn into animals, for example. Only one person at a time, though, can have that specific power. There can't be two people who have the same power alive at the same time.

How do the powers work in your world, Miss Zaran?

Not quite like that. Actually, not like that at all. [And she wonders about telling things like this to another person, particularly one who looks so very Human, but he isn't from her world and... she can't help it.]

We have different races of people where I lived. A few of them, mostly those who weren't Human, could... well... ask an element with which they were aligned to do something and it would. We have to develop it, keep asking until it will respond.

But... I seem to have lost my powers since I've come here. I was told... that is to be expected. I don't like it. I don't always have to use it, but my fire hasn't heard me, and I don't know where I might have dropped my knife. I've looked for it.

[Sanji was no stranger to races that weren't "human". He'd met giants, after all... and he'd heard the tales, and longed to meet a mermaid! He simply nodded, then frowned a little.] I was told that any powers we might have, are taken away by the city when we arrive. Through training and focus, they can come back. Are you one of those special humans, then? Or are you a fairy, a dryad, or an elegant elf, my lady? [His eyes lit up a little. Could she be like such beings from the fairy tales he'd been told. Then he remembered the storm they were currently in, and errked in embarassment.] You don't have to answer, if it upsets you, Miss Zaran!

Your knife... was it a special knife to you? Unique? Did you drop it somewhere here in Nautilus?

[She... really doesn't have much choice! The words just kinda come out, and she's not sure how she feels about this, but it doesn't really bother her too terribly much.]

I... No, nothing like that. My mama was Human and my dada was J'har. He was the one I inherited my powers from, but I still had to learn how to use them. But my knife, it was just a hunting knife. I never left home without it. I could make a new one, but I can't use my fire without a source.

[Sanji winced inwardly, a little ashamed at himself for being so prying. Damn this storm! At least there were other, less personal things he could talk about.] I'm sure there are people here who could easily Bend you up a new hunting knife, Miss Zaran. Barring that, if it's fire you need... there are multiple places where you can get a flame. Hell... [He dug into his pocket, pulling out his lighter and holding it up.] If it's a source of fire, I have one here. Granted, it's a small flame, but it can light a bonfire, if you need something larger.

[Shaking her head, she smiles just a tint.] I... I think I'll be okay. There are plenty of branches here that've fallen to the ground. I could use them for now if I really needed to protect myself.

[That lighter, though, it catches her attention.] That can make fire?... Oh, no, I only need a small flame, like an ember or a torch. As long as the source of it stays lit, I can make as much of it as I need.

[Sanji looks a little uncomfortable at that.] You have no other methods of protecting yourself, Miss? Are you living with anyone? At one of the Welcome Houses, or something..?

[He blinked a little, then grinned. Somehow, her naeiveity was a little endearing. She didn't know what a lighter was? One-handed, Sanji snapped the cap back, then flicked the wheel to spark the lighter into action, producing a small flame to show her how the lighter worked.] Is this suitable to your needs, Miss Zaran?

Oh, no, I've been staying at the Welcome House here. I have my book, too. If ever I get into trouble, I've been told I can call out over it. [She doesn't really like the idea of calling out to random strangers in the city, but most everyone here has seemed to be fairly nice. And she knows Po, and Po seems to stay in the South.]

[Hey, where she came from, the most advanced thing they had was irrigation. Don't judge her!] Yeah, something like that would work just fine. I can make fire with the wood and leaves around here, but that's... That's pretty interesting, what you have there. How does it work?

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