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[Accidental Video]
leekspin wrote in thewake_rp
[Orihime sits on the floor, back against the wall, studying the newspaper curiously. She's pretty sure she's the one that likes lasers. It's a weird portrayal, and she's not quite sure what to think about the 'heartbreak' thing, but it's accurate enough. Is this a city trick? Or is it trying to tell them something? It's hard to say with Nautilus sometimes. Either way, she blurts out the truth, speaking to the newspaper in general.]

I do love Kurosaki-kun, but he doesn't feel the same way, so... Maybe I should try this. Is that what you mean, Nautilus-san?

[Her eyes skim down the columns once more.]

It could even be fun. Some of these are hilarious! One person even has puppies for eyes, ha ha!

[Yeah, she knows that's not what it means, but it's funny to think about.]'s hard to choose...eeto...

[She looks thoughtful a bit longer.]

I'll just try them all! And if they say no, I won't even mind, ha ha! How else will I figure out who's who?

[If you placed an ad and you're a guy, you're getting a response. :| RIGHT NOW.]

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[video until it's not]

[Have an immediate, obviously frantic response, Orihime.]

I didn't put that there!

[And seriously, PUPPY EYES? Could you make him feel any MORE embarrassed, Nautilus? Actually, wait, probably.] the paper always this evil? I mean, the Bugle wasn't exactly a heartwarming love-fest either, but usually only ONE person got humiliated by it on a regular basis.

[Coincidentally, that was also him...this place was starting to feel more like home every day.]

N-not that you're evil, mind you, just the paper! You seem really nice and cute! I MEAN, nice, AND cute! Er...

[Yeah, this could go on for a while. Pete, just stop talking.]

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[Orihime just seems amused.]

Ha ha ha! I didn't put mine there either! But it's pretty harmless, ne? It's okay, you don't have to do anything!

[Have a very surprised look on his face when he sees this video and then is personally pinged!!]

O-orihime? [Why is she contacting him?!]

Oh, Mitham-chan! So you were on here too!

[She beams and points to the paper.]

I wanted to find out who people were. How are you?

[raising his ears and tilting his head]


[It's hard not to reach over and pet him. So cute.]

Were you in here too, Chaplin-chan?

[Sanji is surprised, but delighted by the unexpected call from Orihime.]

Ah! Orihime-chan! Seeing your face is like a burst of sunshine to brighten up a cloudy day~! ♥ To what do I have the honor of your company? Would you like anything? Lunch? Dinner? A walk on the beach~? ♥"

[Somehow she's not TOO surprised to see Sanji, and she can guess which one is his since he's definitely 'seafaring'!]

Oh, well...I was responding to the ad, ha ha! So whatever you think is best? You don't have to, though!

... Hello?

[Strange calls at random times of the day what is this.]

[Not enough for her to identify him, sadly.]

Hi! Er...I was calling about the ad?

[Considering how surprised everyone else had been, though, she quickly constructs an easy out to save them both from premature embarrassment.]

It just sounded fun, and I was curious to see who was actually listed, so you don't have to answer it!

[Guess who sounds extremely sleepy as he answers? This guy. Who was sound asleep until his phone started ringing.]

What is it?

[The voice SOUNDS familiar, but the sleepiness makes it hard to distinguish.]

Ah...I was calling about the ad...but it seems I woke you up. Sorry about that! I'll call back later!

Oh hey this was something I actually meant to tag [Video]


[Souji doesn't actually read the paper, on the basis that he still hasn't been able to pay for it.]


[Orihime blinks. Then promptly busts up laughing.]

I guess I should have figured it out after the part about evil mythological deities!

We kind of just got off on the wrong foot...

I mean, what's up?

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