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64th Gear... Fresh air and a freefall. [Video]
Poetry in motion.  You know it.
naniteknight wrote in thewake_rp
[Good morning, Nautilus! The camera is rolling from somewhere high over the city in the Northern District, specifically from a platform up in the branches of the giant tree supporting the Great Library. Up on that platform is Rex, dressed in his usual gear and taking a moment to pull his goggles into place. Noting the camera watching him, he gives it a thumbs up and then runs toward the end of the platform...]

[...and jumps.]

[The camera follows and as they go sailing out into the open air, it becomes apparent just how HIGH up the EVO was just a second before. More than high enough to accomplish base jumping, that's for sure. Out comes the Boogie Pack, the wings and turbines building off Rex's shoulders and revving to life with a steady hum. From there, he arcs up and climbs, spiraling periodically as he goes, heading even higher than he was while on the platform. The camera keeps pace with him, the city below dropping away into patchwork sections, landmarks and familiar buildings becoming small and vague.]

[There is a ceiling to the sky in Nautilus. Eventually, just like the borders beyond the plains and ocean, the city simply runs out into white mist. And it's beneath that upper layer that Rex slows...and then disengages the Boogie Pack. The wings fold away and Rex drops back, arms held out as he free falls back toward the city.]

[It's a dizzying drop, Rex tumbling through the air with the ground spiraling toward him at an alarming rate. He turns and twists, wind rushing past and roaring in his ears. As he nears the point of "no return", however, he begins to regain control of his dead weight free fall. He executes a single somersault before pulling his limbs in and diving. As the ground rushes to meet him, he rebuilds the Boogie Pack, reinforces it with bending and kicks the turbines on. It's barely enough time to make the save, the EVO pulling up and just missing the ground before shutting the wings down yet again. Like coming off a ramp in a jump, he sails out over the nearest main street and activates the hover board. Down he comes and off his goes, the back end of the board contacting the asphalt and kicking up sparks before he shoots off and heads further into the city, crowing triumphantly.]

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... [ She so shouldn't have been watching that while trying to eat. But hey, best way to diet ever? ]

... having fun?

[ She promises not to hurl despite the slight greenness of her face. Eugh, what is food even. Something about /seeing/ the ground spiraling up vs actually doing it makes her stomach rebel a bit. ]

Yep! Figured I could use the rush after the last few weeks I've had. Clear my head, get some adrenaline going...

...well, that's definitely one way to wake up.

[If Peter's fazed at all by the acrobatics, he certainly doesn't look it. Or sound it. Probably because he used to do crap like this on a daily basis]

I take it you're feeling better? Since we last "talked," I mean.

[And by "talked" he means "you put on your best apathetic face and got into an argument with Ben, Dana, and what seemed like half the city."]

Oh, hey.

[Probably didn't make the best impression the first time around. Not that he could help it, but still... Time to try for a better second impression?]

Yeah, a lot better. Still trying to work out a few problems, but there's always something.

Sorry about what happened. You know, before. I literally wasn't myself.

[Ben actually watched the whole thing from atop one of the buildings. Glad to see Rex is back to his old self. Have a grin.]

Show off.

[Ofcourse, now he wants to try it too.]

[Got it in one, Ben. He does love to show off and he hasn't done in it in a while. You all were overdue for seeing him pull some kind of stunt...]

If you got it, sometimes you just gotta flaunt it!

[Besides being dizzying, it's scary how close Rex gets to smashing into the ground. Geez, Rex, would it kill you to be a bit more cautious? Still...]

Schway hobby. Do it often?

[Or just after something like the Nobody incident. Also, is this really safer than blowing up monsters? But, since he's enjoying it, she's not going to say any of that.]

Not real often, but I felt like I needed the rush this morning. Get my heart pounding and the adrenaline pumping through my veins!

I get fewer physical challenges here than I did at home, where my job sometimes involved air drops.

[Death picks up a piece of paper after writing something in his usual print, large enough to fill the entire sheet:]

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[Rex turns on the video long enough to flash a double thumbs up at Death!]

Thanks, dude!

[Sanji was a little curious about that white, empty space Rex nearly touched, going so high. He had no idea what was above the skies, truely, in any world... but he knew a little about the moon and stars -- some constellations, mostly... from stories and rudimentary navigation. Space was still the great unknown. Somehow, though, Sanji doubted it was this white mist thing.]

[Then he watched Rex's decent, feeling a clenching in his stomach. He'd jumped from tall heights before, and didn't really have any fear of heights; you couldn't if you worked on a ship and had to climb the mast to the crowsnest, and the yardarm frequently. But this was beyond high, and Rex cut it really close, too. The kid was quite the daredevil, along with being a show-off. He couldn't help but grin in response to his heartfelt shout, though. Looks like he was feeling much better.]

[Sanji chuckled, roughly.] Show off.

Like I said to Ben... If you got it? Don't be afraid to flaunt it once in a while.

[Besides, it helps make up for the times Rex screws up and ends up face down in the dirt!]

[Sanji's amused grin just widened.] So long as you don't get a swelled head, a little showing off never hurts, I guess.

Ah. It's good to see you looking more like your reckless self again!

Thanks, dude. Nice to know the reckless me is appreciated!

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