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[Video] Fifth Cookie
hearthelegend wrote in thewake_rp
[The forest looks anything but peaceful, thanks to the sounds of battle cries and flesh and bone crashing against wood. It's Po, and he's surrounded by several training dummies. His breath is labored, but he looks good compared to the training dummies, which are all scarred from numerous strikes.]

[The panda spins on his heel, and slams his other leg into the body of one of the dummies. He follows the move up with several quick palm strikes, which make the dummy sway back and forth. He spins again and drops low, a sweep connecting with the dummy on the opposite side. He pulls up with an uppercut that snaps the dummy's head to one side, then continues the strikes against its body. A backflip follows, and he turns his attention to the third, sidestepping and blocking imaginary strikes then landing counter strikes, each aimed where a pressure point would be, were the opponent real.]

Is that all you've got? Is that all?

[He's... angry. To the point he's shaking. He lets out a cry and spins back to the fourth of the training dummies, and pulls his arms back. With all the force he can muster, both hands swing forward and strike the dummy in the chest. It never had a chance, and the wood splinters, spraying out across the forest. Po roars, then drops to his knees, breath coming to him in slow gasps. His next words are a whisper, meant only for himself, but picked up on the video just the same.]

It's not fair.

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[Rex watches this, all too familiar with that kind of frustration. Granted, he's not entirely sure what's got Po so riled and given how friendly and gentle the big guy's kind of unsettling.]


[He picks up the scroll and unrolls it, and slams his palm against his forehead.]

Hey Rex.

Lemme guess, the city decided to let me put on a show for everyone...?

Whoa... You've got some serious moves!

[Chie is clearly impressed. But then he slumps, and her expression turns to worry.]

What...? Did something happen?

Yeah, I haven't been able to cut loose like that in a while. [He almost adds that it should have felt better than it did, but he manages to hold it in.]

I'm... fine. Just... uh... stubbed my toe. Getting out of bed.

[This is... unusual for him.]

Po? What's wrong?

Just... having a bad day. Burned my breakfast, just that kinda deal, y'know?

[He... told Chie something different, didn't he? He's not thinking straight right now.]

Wow, you weren't kidding when you said you had moves!

...Everything okay there, Po?

Yeah, I've got a few. And stuff.

And everything's all better now. I, uh... [What did you say earlier, Po?] I burned my toe.

[...darn it.]

[Wow, the panda's a great fighter! ...And quite obviously hurting.]

Po? Is something up?

[She wonders what it could be. The storm's been over for a while, there weren't any other big events, and the only person to go back to Sleep was- Steph. Oh.]

I'm good, now. Just... had to get my kung fu on, y'know?

Because sometimes you just... gotta kung fu. uh...okay there, Po?

[Yeah, you've just gone ahead and reminded Peter about how pandas might look nice and cuddly, but are totally capable of being really vicious, Po.]


[He can't keep the lies straight at this point.] Just... trying to work some stuff out.

...thanks. I, uh, needed that.


...Are you being okay?

[Have a worried jettwin peering at you, Po.]

I'm... starting to get there, I guess?

[He's still hurting. But the fact so many people care? That is helping him out a bit.]

[Sanji's watching with one raised brow... eyes a little wide as he watches the panda move around with stunning agility, speed and power. After the display is over, he grins.] Impressive!

[And he means it, honestly. It reminds him that he needs to get back to his own training.]

[He doesn't comment on the whispered word. Things had been annoying, and awkward, enough during this damned storm, and he didn't want to go about prying into other people's businesses. Especially if he didn't know them well.]

[It's a bit of a relief to talk about his moves. That, he can handle a lot easier.] Heh... thanks. Totally didn't mean to break the training dummy like that... guess I don't know my own strength, sometimes. Gotta learn restraint a little better.

[See this face? It's a very concerned face.]

Po...what's wrong?

I'm just... hurting. And trying to deal with it.

[And he's a little reflective now...] In a really lame way.

[How'd he miss saying hi to this guy? He feels a little awkward with his panda cub trying to crawl into his lap while he...talks to a panda man...]

Hey, you all right?

I'm getting there, I think. I just--

[Waaaait a minute. Is he... is that...]

Whoa. Is that... what I think it is?

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