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[ Video ] The Return
dramatic lighting time
hand_licker wrote in thewake_rp
[Even at night, the Western District is impossible to mistake for any other. From the tint of the night sky, to the architecture, to the two moons, it's easily the most unique of Nautilus' four districts. But, as the video clicks on, it seems that's all there is to it: just a show of the West.

[Then, in the corner of the screen, there's movement. A man in a long white coat steps out of the shadows of a building, his gaze directed at the two moons high overhead. He's a tall man; dark hair, handsome at first glance. Then the angle changes, drawing closer, and more details quickly become clear. Most notably the thing strapped to his left shoulder: what is unmistakably a human skull.

[And then the angle changes once more, showing his face as he looks up at the moons. Still handsome, sure ... but there's nothing beyond that. No sign of emotion in his expression, or of feeling in his gold eyes. But to those who were in Nautilus when he was here before, his face is likely unmistakable.

[He looks down, then, and raises his left hand before him. After a moment, he speaks, seemingly to no one.]

I understand.

[And the video clicks off.]

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[Someone notices. And someone also thinks this newcomer's choice of attire is...interesting. To say the least. This is a person worth watching, she decides.]

... You.

[Garrus can be pretty good at that whole snarling thing. Whether or not it has any effect...]

[There aren't very many things that actually affect Legato Bluesummers. Not visibly, at least. But it does, after a time, elicit a response. Legato appears on the screen once again – using his communicator now, rather than being recorded by Nautilus.]

Were you expecting someone else?

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Understand what exactly? [She doesn't know you...but she already doesn't like the look or feel of you, stranger.]

Something that has eluded me for quite some time.

[His voice may be easier to listen to, when not paired with the empty serenity of his expression. Or, maybe the effect is the exact opposite.]

[Just have the face of a rather worried looking little girl. WHO WEARS A SKULL ON THEIR SHOULDER?!? Normally the blue hair would have gotten him a curious greeting, but not with clothes like that. Those clothes just scream BAD GUY at her.]

[She doesn't yet realize her book is now sending her image to him.]

[Hello there, little clearly-not-human girl. Legato just stares right back.]

[But he's watching you. He remembers those murders, saw the results of one up close, and he's found out since who was responsible...He's definitely watching you.]

[Accidental Video because Nautilus is awful.]

[Caesar is staring at his datapad in confusion. He has no idea that he's being recorded, speaking softly to himself as he puts a chin to his hand. There's no revulsion yet, because skulls can come from a variety of places.]

Is he wearing a human skull?

[Well, the question wasn't directed at him. And so, Legato simply waits for the human (by all appearances, at least) to draw his own conclusion. Don't mind the staring while he does so.]





[Master pokerface, right here.]


[Legato's isn't so much a pokerface as it is eerie serenity. But hey, that's typical.]

So I've noticed.

[GOD DAMMIT. Oh, he remembers the trouble you caused, buddy. This is NOT what he wanted to see... Especially not with his partner planning on leaving the city shortly and potentially either never coming back or coming back without his Nautilus memories.]

[Wow, that skull is a little off putting. But there isn't much that puts Aerith off. Maybe there's a good reason behind it, who knew?]

You seem surprisingly calm for showing up here. You don't have any questions or anything like that?

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None at the moment. This isn't the first time I've arrived in this city.

(Deleted comment)

[His last memories of Nautilus are strange, distorted by how utterly mangled his mind was. But, as skewed as they are, he can still recall them. He remembers attempting to attack this man, who sounds so very much like Vash....]

Yet, here I am.

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[But GEE GOLLY GOSH isn't Aya about to come home to a mighty surprise when she gets back.]

[...but Sanji watches this feed with a wary eye. With the skull, detached demeanor and all, he's reminding Sanji of the more... unsavory pirates of his world. Dangerous. There was a chance he could be completely mistaken... but his gut was telling him that was a very slim chance. His guard would be up around him, at the least.]

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